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Dualities causes creation!

Updated on June 21, 2016

Eternal wisdom...

Senses never yield lasting happiness!

To remain unattached is a greatest strength of man. There are many attractions which obstruct his peace and happiness. Clutching the world for fulfilling your desires will surely land you in troubles! Everyone in this world seeks joy. None want sorrow. Yet no one enjoys perennial joy. This is the dilemma of life. The very perception of joy by the mind shows its ignorance. Only the intellect, inspired by the self could clarify the nature of the fleeting pleasures, we often undergo. They are like the flashes of lightening. It could be observed only for a few seconds. Has anybody in the world enjoyed everlasting happiness at any time or at any place? The obvious answer is negative. The creation itself is an illusory one. How anybody could derive lasting happiness here? All the above show that we are not aware, ‘what is real happiness which is lasting forever? This could be obtained only in the Eternal realm of the creator!

Rivers merge in sea ultimately

The faulty senses!

We are blessed with five senses of perceptions like vision, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. These are possible with the aid of sense organs, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the skin and the tongue! Since our birth as babies, we enjoy all the above sensations through the sense organs. In spite of many years of enjoyments, we never become content and say, ‘enough of these pleasures’. We want more and more varieties of colorful sceneries, melodious songs, perfumes of different flowers, silken touches and multitudes of tasty foods to satisfy the tasty buds! Hence it is very clear that the desires are ‘insatiable’. Many of our forefathers lived on this earth and enjoyed the carnal pleasures offered by the senses. But, everyone departed with discontent and none seems to be fully satisfied about these earthly joys! Finding that the pleasures are momentary and transitory, many holy and pious people set on a different kind of search! They were looking for something which will yield everlasting happiness! After hundreds of years of intense penance in thick jungles, they found that the inner Self is the repository of eternal bliss! They spent many years to know the self and merge in it. They understood intuitively that we have to reach back the source from which we parted long ago! It is the same case with the ocean, sun and rain! The surface water of the ocean evaporates due to the rays of the sun. They ascend as clouds in the sky. Once they are cooled, they pour as rain! Rivers and streams are formed with copious rain. Ultimately all the river systems of the world reaches back to the oceans!

The prime force and the sky!

One more truth was ingrained in the rivers merging in the sea! Till its merger, the quality and taste of river water was different. The flowing waters of rivers are potable. Once the rivers merge in the sea, it loses its name and form and acquire the form of the sea. Also, the sea water is salty! In a similar manner, each individual has to merge back in the universal self and lose his individual identity of name and form! This is the philosophy behind the merger in god, which is otherwise termed as Self-Realization or “Moksha” or “Nirvana” in various religious beliefs. These esoterical truths can be inferred and the truths cannot be proved physically! As butter in the milk, god resides in the creation! Atheism and Theism are like ‘darkness and light’. Where there is light, there won’t be any darkness! The presence of one is the absence of the other. We cannot separate light from darkness! But both will not be present at the same time! A deep cave which remains dark for thousands of years could be lit by a small candle! The candle light is just enough to disperse the darkness prevailed there for thousands of years! This is the power of Light over darkness! In fact Light can be equated to Wisdom and darkness to ignorance!

The duty of the true preceptor is to enlighten the mind of the disciple! The mind is like a cave remaining in darkness of ignorance for thousands of births. It is due to attachments and infatuation, the mind remains in ignorance. The Ego and desires acts as thick veils over the light of the self which remains enveloped by the qualities of the mind. Hence it is imperative that one has to go beyond the dual mind, in order to realize the self within! The creation was possible because the mind is dual. Two equal and opposite forces are needed for creation. Both positive and negative charges are required for generation of electricity! Hence the static (Shiva) need the energy (Sakthi) to enact the drama of creation and cosmos! We may view this in a different way. The sky is motionless, void and it never reacts! But inside the sky which is ‘nothing’, everything happens, all movement takes place! Creation, sustenance and destruction happens within the sky but the sky is absolutely unaffected by anything! During the world wars, many destructive bombs were used which had a devastating effects on the atmosphere but the sky was unaffected. Many rockets are flown into the sky; many supersonic jets crisscross the sky. But the sky is absolutely unaffected. It remains the same forever from the beginning of creation! In a similar manner, the prime principle remains static while the dynamic force activates everything from microcosm to macrocosm!

Wisdom flows!


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