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Dying is Natural Beginning

Updated on November 10, 2009

It's Ok To Die Because We Don't Really Die


You must get your own knowings through your own experiences, we can term altered states of awareness or relaxing into meditation. The only thing that is fact to a person is what you felt, saw and heard and lived through, and once a known, it cannot be contained but flies from the heart to the lips and into the air. What I wish to impart before I leave this plane of physical existence is that spirit is in roles, in a movie here. And a movie has a beginning, a middle, and an end so we don't dance to get to the end of the dance. Chuckles, an alias  given to me by a friend, now experiences a serious moment.

It's fascinating says Spock and I agree. Make sure you enjoy your role, then you will have a measure of success and a boomerang on your willing hands.
Allowing yourself loving expression appears to be a huge part of leaving this world with a sense of satisfaction. Never be afraid to love as passionately as you can allow yourself but never make your passion a coercive burden for another.

So death is the end of one movie. The art of forgiveness actually is scientific. It means releasing the role you played in the movie, and maybe you played a fool, maybe you were a king, but releasing is the same for both personages regardless of their accomplishments, or their failures within a material world or their status.

When you release and surrender your role there is something we used to call God which takes care of you, in fairness and justice and in deep, compassionate lovingness, which to feel it once is to cause your heart to break into a thousand pieces of longing to return from whence you journeyed. There are many enlightened beings, who could be called parents watching the Earth at this time.

We would understand God to be a parent as well; and what parent could ever forsake it's child? True it happens. Yet if a parent has forsaken a child it is a distorted type of love or a selfish love. We are here to discover compassion, an unconditional love which is like God, for God puts no conditions on your return to God, or to say Eden, a state of consciousness. When we think of our struggles here towards enlightenment, we can also conclude that life on this planet is a form of tough love. In Spiritland, we might say it is quite unconditional, yet in ELS, (earth life system) it is very tough, yet doable.

  So too, there are parent spirits on the other side making sure you get where you need to go according to what you believe you deserve and they never wrest from the child the toys of his thoughts he/she chose.
I have seen or felt God to be more like a warm blanket, alive with grid marks to follow, always watching, always allowing only the freedom which I was able to conceive I could have and be. I was never alone when I walked here and neither are any.

Death then is but rebirth into an area you are familiar with once you get your sea faring feet and adjust to a new sense of time, a new way to move through a fluid environment.  The person who wrestles with suicide is the spirit remembering it's home and wishing to return often enough.  It is not wise to give into suicidal thoughts, for that one will but delay the inevitable time walk into matter and repeat what was missed the first time that he assigned himself or herself the task of the physical incarnation journey.

He but misses his own aspirations laid up in his higher perfect self, his subconscious well spring of knowledge. His own godliness, where there was no work to do on those parts of himself that are weak in lovingness. We always chose to be in these roles and to leave satisfied after our work was done, which can turn into play, the same.

My children were born to their own purposes which was intertwined with mine. I watched over them, making sure not to crimp their style, now they do the same for me in my later years.
We three are dreamwalkers if I may borrow a term.  There are many, many dreamwalkers here in the time of the shift in consciousness, which after all, is merely a choice to shift, and shifts in awareness can occur in any time framework the Earth plane provides. By time frameworks, I will mention here, that the past and future co-exist in movie frames with the present. Linear time is an illusion for our benefit to participate in ELS.

My children had a dream of the future. The world was still here. We did not blow up the whole thing. Humanity had built a structure for a conscious death walk. Which remember, is merely spirit releasing, forgiving it's role and trusting to the universal God and laws, we are taken care of, we are evolving into the ability to live and let live in joy and harmony. It just takes time, the dream we live out.

People lined up to make their exit. I was with them. I had planned it so from my higher self. I was happy that in this life, I would enter death completely conscious of what I was doing. I no longer chose accidents so I could exit. I was far too conscious to be victim to what I did not know consciously. We were the happy older ones as we but entered rebirth into our home after long lives of living, we had learned laying our bodies down did not mean laying down our true selves which held the truth of who we were and that which we loved, and which loved us enough to let us go and return within our choice. Humanity simply had provided a bus for the trip home as fearfulness was no more.
Fear was not, as there was nothing to be afraid of when joined with the One from whom we had been born out of. It was God realization, which instead of an end, produced even more choices to our wonder.

Counselors abounded everywhere in this new world and we became unto one another counselors, for nothing that was said would go unlistened to, and so we pulled each other up to grace this way, through perfect love. None were allowed into this special structure unless they passed the stringent tests we ourselves had created. Life must be appreciated fully before you can safely lay it down without being thrust back through the womb. There was no such thing as an accident.
  You put your token in the bucket as you entered the building; the token of gratitude. It was always a better thing to have a wretched life even, then to have never felt the sun on your face or tasted a snowflake on your tongue or had your heart broken from a lover and mended by the same love that went between. Each of us would realize life was not a prison but a grand explosion of purpose to experience and then release, and of course to learn we did love each other, we but had to remember home, where it was easy to love because the other was none other than yourself appearing in a different body.

My guides nodded their heads in agreement. When times got tough they said, the tough get tougher, yet only by trusting, that madness would not prevail, but sanity be restored to the sonship (us) through a gesture of hope, or a touch of the hand during a quiet moment of sorrow. One by one we would all end up in the same place together and lay our disquieted dreams to rest and all the reasons why would not matter at all when held in the embrace of our true home.
Home at last. The choir is now practicing what has already occurred.
The sound is overwhelming in the heart area. Live well and prosper says Spock. We are one.


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    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 8 years ago from Arizona

      thanks for the read and response Mike. it's good to know we can touch people on the internet. it's a fine community.

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Wonderful Hub....Laughing Rain. You are a very wise woman. I think of the song from Jesus Christ Superstar that says TO LIVE YOU ONLY HAVE TO DIE. There we go. Life is ongoing because we don't ever really die. Thanks for sharing this hub.