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ET's and UFO's in bible and koran

Updated on October 9, 2010



Chariot of the Gods

behold the truth

The sources I will present will come from the Bible (include Apocrypha books) and Koran. Indeed this also comes from many other places as in Hindu, Zulu , Amerindian and so forth. Did God create besides earth humans other life forms? Yes, these are angels (made from light), jinn/fire angels (which sometimes bible can confuse hence it uses 1 name for both angels of light and or fire) with bodies most likely made of porcelain (turns greenish when withered (God's punishment the the 1/3) like reptilians), and humans that are not from the earth but look the same as the earthly ones even with different ethnicities. God gave all of them knowledge which in turn they gave it to man. Chariots that fly are UFO's and both good and evil (they imitate God and the chariots) use them. They can travel through air and outer space thus the battles of heaven heard of in the Bible when satan disobeyed God. The main players of the chariots are humans who are mostly good and the mostly bad jinn/fire angels (reptilians) with Nordic allies.

What info is on these other humans? they live on 6 other planets (mainly) like earth, thus we get the expression 7th heaven. In bible its mentioned with a hint but not too clear. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.--- hint, notice heavens is plural. Genesis 1:26 talks about creating humans in general. Genesis 2:7-8 he created Adam, but he specifically is for the rulership of the earth and God prefers his seed. Now i'll skip to the Koran at Sura 65:12 "God is he who created 7 heavens and the earth of similar number." which talks about the galaxies which can be numerous. Sura 55:33-34 talks about space travel. Sura 42:29 states a future prophesy humans will know aliens. i've always wonder how scientist like DR Michio Kaku figured out about space travel and wormholes (short cut) if they never been in space. this is in Koran Sura 70:1-4 mentions "Maarej" which means travel a long journey , which is through something that looks like a shell in space.

What about the bad ones who imitate the chariots and in allegiance with Satan. basically these are the weird guys of legend with help from the Nordics who can be good or evil. They are Jinn who live under the earth. They are also afraid of God and really don't want to fight his forces so they create robot like life forms (like greys) to fight for them. The Nordics were the only human types to switch over to the dark side. This is documented in the Apocrypha book called the "Book of Enoch." They were called the Watchers, where they taught man all types of evil and pagan-like functions away from God. 8:1 Azazel taught men to make swords...8:3 has their names and what they taught, like Kokabiel taught omens. Which seeing this cause God to make the great flood to wash away the menial life forms. In chapter 3,4 and 5 of the book tells the story. These were the Nordics, possibly nordic-reptiod hybrid. Chapter 7 "Enoch stays for a while with the Watchers", 17:1-8 describes him going on the UFO and flying around, and 17:1 "...when they wished, they made themselves look like men" meaning possible shape-shifters.

Part 2 of the bad ones is in Apocrypha book "The Cave of Treasures" which is linked to works of "Life of Adam and Eve" which is Satan's usage of a flying chariot with more, i'll explain the more, to the Garden of Eden/Paradise. Satan didn't come back to the Garden but he used a snake under mind control, he has technology too, to tempt Eve. The snake came by a chariot. The snake half ate the talking bird Eve was playing with so it can take over (mind control) and do its commands of deceit. That's how the snake "talked" to her. this is in chapter "Satan's attack on Adam and Eve"

Maybe that's why many sci-fi movies are coming out with a hostile invading force when in reality these are the humans. God and Magog (who don't understand speech) is the only hostile force but for the time being they are stuck from the wormholes and can't get loose, from sura 18:92-99, until god sound the trumpet and that barrier breaks. but more than likely the humans will be here in mass first.

more alien stuff

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    • drbillfannin profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta

      I appreciate where you are going with this, but I found it difficult to follow. I attribute that primarily to your writing style. I suppose I need more exposure. I would have liked more content. All told, still an interesting read.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      8 years ago from West By God

      Hmmm this all reminds me of beneath the earth that I have in my hub about Agartha ( ). Interesting isn't it? There is alot of information on the hiways and byways and all sorts of things in the Bible on


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