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Evolution: A Dangerous Cancer to Pervert the Witness of the Church.

Updated on November 16, 2018
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Humanism Has Declared War on Christians and Many are Totally Unaware.

The world's humanist view.
The world's humanist view. | Source

The Bible is the Humanist's Greatest Enemy.

The TRUTH! | Source

Choose your view!

Joshua 24:14 "...choose you this day....but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD". If you believe that the world's way is better; go for it. If you believe that God has the better way, then get to know the wiles of our true enemy and remember, "..we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but...". The two prevailing views of morality within the world are 1) the humanist - where morality is relative and 2) the Christian - with a defined and absolute view of morality.


  • There is no God, therefore no judgment. Psalm 14:1
  • Mankind is the author of laws. Proverbs 28:26; Jeremiah 17:5-6
  • From a Ken Ham quote, "Evolution is the scientific justification for rebellion against God.


  • There is a God. Genesis 1:1 and following.
  • God is author of all laws. Matthew 4:4
  • Creation displays the attributes of God; to convict of sin (Romans 8:18-20); to convince the believer (Psalm 19:1-14) and to call the true believers to worship (Psalm 33:6-8)

What we believe morally and in practice is based upon our view of creation to an extreme degree. In the following seven areas of life, it is most evident: 1) our laws; 2) marriage; 3) business; 4) racism; 5) public morality; 6) value of life and 7) the meaning of life.

Laws Based Upon Biblical Principles.

Is it absolute or is it relative - that is the question?
Is it absolute or is it relative - that is the question? | Source


The humanist - Since there in no true higher power, then the source of all laws must be man alone. Laws then would become totally arbitrary to the culture; whatever works for their culture may not work for ours, but that is okay. But notice if you please, that it is the strong and not necessarily the majority that establish the laws to which you are now subject. It is kind of a survival of the fittest mentality and as we speak, governs most of this planet. And being relative, no one is accountable to anyone but themselves or to the stronger who will eventually supplant the incumbents of the current power.

The creationist - there is a God, and His Law is absolute and eternal (Psalm 119:89; Isaiah 40:8 & Jeremiah 23:29). The Law demands obedience (James 2:10) and is the basis of all judgment (1 Timothy 1:8-11; Ecclesiastes 12:13-14). Mankind is subservient.

Evolution Hates a Biblical Marriage.

A man and a woman...only.
A man and a woman...only. | Source


The humanist - man and woman or women; man and man; woman and woman; man or woman and most anything else. If it works for you, don't let anyone say anything different, for it is all relative.

The Christian - God per Genesis 1:26 & 2:21-25 ordained the first marriage and according to God (Genesis 1:31) it was good. Ephesians 5:31-32 adds that a marriage is a representation of Christ and His Church, the Bride.

Are you starting to sense a flavor that being relative is akin to being antichrist?

Follow the Money.

The Suits!
The Suits! | Source


The humanist - the ends justify the means, survival of the fittest / strongest / quickest / prettiest / slickest and any other adjective you could come up with. Being in business for more than 40 years has taught me many lessons, such as: if you can't keep up, you're gone; force early retirement and replace with the younger; brow beat employees into unethical practices; skimp on quality or quantity; give less for more and my most hated favorite; outsource to companies foreign or domestic that knowingly will circumvent our current laws to insure the company's innocence in their shoddy products or services.

The Christian - as an employee we are to serve our employers (1 Peter 2:18) as if we were serving Christ and as employers to treat all employees with complete fairness (Colossians 4:1). We have been called to work hard and to enjoy the fruits of our labor in Ecclesiastes 5:18-19. Also remember the admonition to the lazy; if you don't work, you don't eat.

Evolution is the Basis for Racism.

Racism - A Learned Trait
Racism - A Learned Trait | Source

Racism?? - You Betcha!

The humanist - let us see what evolution hath wrought!

  • Man - from several sources, several species of man in different evolutionary development.
  • Natural History Magazine - April 1980 issue page 144 - Stephan Gould wrote "Recapitulation provided a convenient focus for the pervasive racism of white scientists: they looked to the activities of their own children for comparison with normal, adult behavior in lower races." Definition of recapitulation - evolution within the womb. It came from a study showing that the embryo in the womb started out with gills and then later evolved into a humanoid. This study and its author was later debunked as bogus but remained in many text books for an extended period of time.

Think about the term "mongoloid", suggesting the Mongols were a lower class of humans.

  • Natural History Magazine - same issue page 129 - Henry Osborne wrote, "...the Negroid stock is even more ancient than the Caucasian and Mongolian...the standard of intelligence of the average adult Negro is similar to that of the 11 year old of the species homo sapiens."

Are the aborigines a sub-human or is their cultural structure less developed or enlightened? Romans 1:20-25 will shed some light on questions like this concerning many people groups. Sadly racism expresses itself in various shapes and colors. Nazi Germany was one of the world's most racist countries in existence and color was not the issue nor is the increasing attacks upon Christians worldwide a color issue. Look at all of the doctor's waiting room magazines known for their incredible photography of peoples and places, yet these are some of the strongest proponents of cultural racism on the planet.

The Christian - our God is not a respecter of persons (Psalm 138:6; Acts 10:34; James 2:8-10 and 1 Peter 1:17) from one man He created all men. All men are sinners, all men need a Savior and there is no partiality with Him. It seems so simple but why do our churches appear to make it difficult?

What is Your Standard for Morality?

How can you make a right decision based upon a wrong idea?
How can you make a right decision based upon a wrong idea? | Source


The humanist - relative standards of dress, pornography, alcohol, drugs, incest, self, etc.

  • If it gives you comfort, pleasure, it increases your energy and creativity: go for it. This is called pragmatism.
  • God, if He exists and they know He doesn't, is distant, impersonal and of little comfort.
  • They are one with trees, the sky above and the mud below, dogs and whatever.
  • I'm OK, you're OK and doesn't depend on what you believe as long as it is not Christian.
  • This is a real and active faith that there is no God and thus no accountability.

A question I like to ask an evolutionist is: why do you wear clothes? Our Bible states that Adam and Eve were naked and it was good. There is only one, that's right, one answer why we wear clothes. It is because sin distorts everything. The evolutionist even put non-relative limits upon themselves; I wonder from where that comes.

The Christian - God set the standards for our health, peace and happiness. Galatians 5:16-24 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 Though recently I have been in churches where you can see as much flesh as you would see on the red carpet at a movie's premier showing.

This is Not a Woman's Body.

Baby at 16 weeks!
Baby at 16 weeks! | Source

Value of Life

The humanist - abortion, euthanasia and other forms of destruction of life. The originator of the recapitulation theory, Ernst Haeckel, intentionally defrauded the scientific community by altered drawings and distortions in presentation and coined the term embryo. Though proven to be a liar, isn't it interesting what we still call the developing baby. It is easier to kill an animal.

The Christian - For God so loved... Genesis 9:6; Exodus 20:13; John 3:16 and the whole sum of the Scriptures. Life is extremely precious.

You Would Think the Decision Would Be Easy

The Impassible Gulf
The Impassible Gulf | Source

Meaning of Life

The humanist - fear, despair, hopelessness, suicide numbed by the doctrines of reincarnation, nothingness and false paradises where earthly pleasures still exist. I have been to far too many funerals for those without Christ including my own siblings and parents. They all have one thing in common; they lie about the deceased future and most everyone present knows it to be a lie. They find some comfort in numbers and hope in a loving God that will overlook their shortcomings and foibles of this life and grant them a new lease on life. Sadly, there are many that are defiant to the end with the purpose of dragging as many with them as possible. They also think there is safety in numbers and whatever hell may bring will not be as bad as all those stupid Christians portray.

The Christian - heaven and eternal life. I was at a believers funeral yesterday, where I heard crying and laughter, but mainly joyful praise for having had the opportunity to be a part of the life that has gone on to heaven's shore. We can leave a living legacy of Hope, whereas the lost leave a legacy of hopelessness. 1 Peter 1:3-5; Romans 8:18-19; Revelation 21:1-7 Remember, we do not grieve as those without hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13

The bible is either perfect in its entirety and to be trusted in its entirety - or - if flawed in any part is not to be trusted in any part. Beware of all who say they speak for God (Deuteronomy 18:20-22) and caution to any one who would change that which is written in God's Word (Revelation 22:18-19).


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