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Evolution - Enemy of the Cross!

Updated on January 12, 2018

A Temporary but Necessary Detour

In future blogs, God willing, I include a featurette that I will call "The Creation Corner", where I will challenge both Christians and skeptics to come to their own conclusions from the available evidence. REMEMBER, both creationists and evolutionists have exactly the same evidences from which to draw their conclusions. But first, I felt it necessary to address the "Christian" community to awaken them to the war that IS being waged against us in the here and now; it's final culmination will be during the 70th week of Daniel.

As the "joyous atheist" John Bozarth wrote: "The day will come when the evidence constantly accumulating around the evolutionary theory becomes so massively persuasive that even the last and most fundamental Christian warriors will have to lay down their arms and surrender unconditionally. I believe that day will be the end of Christianity."

Be prepared; do not go to a gun fight with a knife!

Is Revelation Relevant to You?
Is Revelation Relevant to You?

FOUNDATION - I The Bible is the Word of God

Do you really believe the Bible to be true and accurate? Your answer will determine more than you can imagine. Where do I stand?

  • Men were directed and moved by the Holy Spirit. 2 Samuel 23:2; 2 Peter 1:21
  • The Word is inspired, not the men for they the willing pens in the hand of God the Holy Spirit.
  • The Word is infallible: forever settled in heaven (Psalm 119:89); it will never pass away (Matthew 24:35); it is pure and perfect (Psalm 19:7-8).
  • The Word is alive for it enlivens the mind (Psalm 119:130); it is the Creator of the universe (Hebrews 11:3); and by this same Word, the universe will be destroyed (2 Peter 3:5-7).

By The Way: What Exploded?
By The Way: What Exploded? | Source
All Things Beautiful
All Things Beautiful | Source

FOUNDATION II - Total Incompatibility

Let's compare models: the biblical creationist (BC) version vs the theistic and evolutionist's (TE) theory.

a little side-note: the only difference between an atheistic and a theistic view of the universe is the letter "a".

  • Death: TE - from the beginning - survival of the fittest. BC - with sin came death to both man and to creation (Romans 5:12; 8:19-22).
  • Mankind: TE - we evolving into higher beings. BC - along with death, God cursed the ground (Genesis 3:7) and that creation would suffer corruption and decay.
  • Do we need a "new" earth?: TE - we need to take care of our "mother"; nature. BC - all things will be restored (Act 3:20-21); the old will disappear forever (Isaiah 65:17; 2 Peter 3:10-12).
  • Were animals originally vegetarians?: TE - No; survival of the fittest again. BC - all animals (Genesis 1:29-30) and not until subsequent to the flood was man given the okay to eat meat (Genesis 9:3).
  • Is creation finished?: TE - we are still a young earth with a long way to go. BC - it is finished (Genesis 2:1-3).
  • Where did man come from?: TE - from "goo to zoo to you." BC - dust. It is here that many theistics equate dust as "chemical soup". I wonder what they equate with Adam's rib becoming Eve?
  • What does man physically become after death?: TE & BC - they agree; DUST! Again, I wonder how a "theistic" believer can justify a figurative chemical soup and literal dust?
  • Was the initial creation good?: TE - by definition, elimination of the weak and unfit along with death and the struggle to survive do not picture "good". BC - creation reflected the character of God and we know from Matthew 19:17 that only God is good. Besides, God said it was good in Genesis 1:31.
  • Is Genesis literal?: TE - the evolutionist says, of course not. The theistic one says it is only symbolic. I take it to mean then that "God created" in Genesis 1:1 is only symbolic? BC - if it does not mean what it says, then NO one has the right to say what it does mean.
  • Can one species (kind) become another kind?: TE - all you need is time, lots of time, chemistry and chance. BC - per Genesis 1, everything was created after it's own kind. There are many varieties but fixed boundaries exist. All scientists today operate under a classification system based on "kinds". The evidence for any "in-betweens" does not exist, though many have dedicated their lives in the search. The famous anthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey summed up their life's work in the search for early man with this statement; "the sum total of the evidence we have unearthed in our career can be contained within a single coffin."
  • On the order of creation: TE - a "big bang" of what and where IT came from, who knows, then the sun from which evolved the earth as a molten blob, then fish, then plants. BC - the earth came first and was covered with water (Genesis 1:1-2; 2 Peter 3:3-6), then light. The sun did not come into being until the 4th day between plants on day 3 and fish on day 5.

Great Ancestry
Great Ancestry | Source
Sin Opened the Door
Sin Opened the Door | Source

What about a closer look at man?

  • Did mankind descend from ONE man?: TE - men evolved from several different directions, the proof being that there are people on this earth who have not evolved as far as others. BC - one man, Adam; one rib, Eve. Sin came through one man and now all men need a Savior.
  • Was the first man an intellectual void?: TE - grunts, sticks, square wheels, fire, etc. BC - per Genesis 2 & 3, Adam had a very complex language as he conversed with God and gave ALL the animals their names. Moses is the one who recounted the events of creation but was not an eyewitness. This should lead us to understand, that this was a well documented event known to the world's early inhabitants. Adam's offspring were very talented also being the originators of metal working, music instruments and the development of cities.

Most of the world is in the dark when it comes to the "evolution" of man: in that a Pandora's box has been opened and has fueled much of the racism that has affected the whole planet. Every conquering nation has set themselves as a superior "species" over those conquered; the Nazi's of WWII being one of the latest examples. This is just one of a litany of examples of racist beliefs and we do not need to look too far from home. This will be addressed further in part II.

The Ark and the Flood
The Ark and the Flood | Source

Finally, what about a global flood?

  • The first answer from an evolutionist would be no, or local at best and that the fossils have been laid down over millions of years. Now here is where the theistic evolutionist has a major problem: if the flood was global, and it was, one of the outcomes of the catastrophic event would have been the destruction of the fossil records of the preceding millions of years. Whereas:
  • The true creationist holds to the global flood as a fact with the proof lying in the present fossil record being as Ken Ham (my paraphrase) puts it; "millions and billions of dead things found in strata lay down by water all over the world."

This is only the beginning!

In my next blog, I will discuss the final aspect of my foundation of why I believe in a Creator God and demonstrate how it affects every aspect of our personal lives. This includes our laws, marriage, business, racism, morality, the value of life and the ultimate meaning of life. The more that we awaken to the Truth, the more useful we will be to our families, our churches, our communities and our country. We first, need to make a personal stand before we ask others to follow.


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