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Each Day Compel Me Anew - Poem

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 06/30/09 - Poem

As I lift my head, tired worn & weary ~ Rise to face the day, dark, dismal & dreary.
I know that God, will guide my path ~ Protecting me, from satans wrath.

Before I go out, & face the day ~ I kneel down, to Him I Pray.
Praying God, this I ask of You ~ That You be glorified, in all I do.

Once readied I amble, out the door ~ Knowing I'm clung, to God at my core.
Once outside, all I can see ~ A world of hurt, spread out before me.

Die to one self, & live to serve others ~ An abundance of, lost sisters & brothers.
I see their hurt, & have felt their pain ~ My Faith in God, I hope they gain.

What I have in God, I talk about ~ but I do not yell, nor do I shout.
Live your life, to serve Gods Glory ~ Thats the point, of this story.

Isaiah 6

 Two days in a row now I've had devotionals take me to Isaiah 6, first was the Daily Bread and then my year long Study / Devotional Mens Bible. As I read it a few times, and the Bible Devotional assignment was to keep reading it for awhile, until something "clicked" I guess. But I'm kind of there, Here Am I - Send Me. I mean that truly sums up how I feel and where I'm at,


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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