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Each Joy is followed up by inevitable grief!

Updated on December 3, 2015

From minerals to man, God exists.

Wasting human life in animal pursuits!

Every sane individual in this world is aware of this great truth. Pleasures and happiness is not a continuous affair. It is the decree of the Divine for a reason. If man is subjected to joy forever, he would have forgotten the very aim of human life. We are not here to enjoy the carnal pleasures of the senses and satiate our baser instincts. Though the body has no value and contain foul things inside, yet man can reach human goal through a human form only, by utilizing his discrimination and thinking faculty!

There should be constrain in human behavior and actions. He is not a wild animal or a bird which seeks food and water. He has higher evolution in aim. Of course, for living in this world, food, water, cloths, shelter and sleep are very essential. But, man should not rest with this baser aims of life. He has parted from the Divine and hence he has to go back to the Divine. For that supreme aim, he should be disciplined, and control his sensual instincts sternly with one pointed focus on the Divine realization. For many of us, it is not known how many births we have taken previously. In fact, human life is the result of evolution from the minerals to plants, from plants to insects, birds and aquatic and land animals. May be it might have taken a million years to reach the human form. Even in the human form, it would take another million years to shed the baser animal nature to evolve into a true human. Even after that it may take many births to ascend into highly evolved souls like sages and saints. Thus each one of us might have spent already several million years on earth and waded through minerals, plants, birds, beasts and finally into human form.

If we observe the human life on the whole, many people still exhibit baser animal propensities like killing, hurting, snatching and fighting. In a way we may consider the terrorists as the primal evolutionary beings who just crossed the animal births and entered the human form. Hence it is natural that they are not able to adopt to the finer qualities, human should possess. A lion or tiger or cheetah or jackal promoted to human birth, naturally exhibit such properties only though they are in human form. Hence we find lot of inequalities in the qualities of human species on the whole. Whereas the animal species retain their primal qualities even for millions of years since they act as per their instincts and they don't possess a mind to think or discriminate in their killing sports.

Hence Darwin and other scientists are not wrong to arrive at the facts of evolution of species in the longer run. The scriptures point out to the fact that man is a combination of animal, human and divine qualities. But the divine qualities are hidden by mostly animal qualities. Man must be taught lessons on morality, human values, divine destination and non violence. He should adopt Truth and righteousness as the basic qualities. He should not consider 'others' as separate from him. In fact, all the so called 'others' are essentially Divine origin. Hence Sathya Saibaba used to address the audience as "Embodiment of Divine Atma". This is the basic truth of every being in the worldly. Outwardly he may exhibit demonic tendencies but inwardly he is one with the Atma within!

This is the basic teaching of all major religions in this world, be it Bible or Quran or Zend Avasta!. Each country has a great heritage and culture which was preserved in the past. But, due to the onslaught of materialistic points of views, practiced by Western countries, even youngsters from India started following the alien cultures which gives prominence to wealth and comforts. Those who migrate to Western shores thought that amazing "dollars" is the only way to happy life. We have witnessed the sad plight of US and other countries during the economic crisis. Many leading banks crashed bringing the entire economy of a big nation to totters. Since every nation is globally linked in the financial sector, the crashing of dollars brought down many budding economies.

Hence we must be aware of the grand aim of human birth which is the consummation in Divine spirit. Instead, we are all wasting our time in acquiring wealth and properties which are irrelevant spiritually. The moment one leaves this body, he can not take a handful of sand even. None will accompany him in his further journey. Only the merits and demerits acquired during the previous births will haunt him during further births. Hence be alert about the priorities of life. Lead a moral life following the tenets laid down in each religion and achieve the grand aim.


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