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Earth Angels

Updated on July 21, 2013
Angel of Earth
Angel of Earth | Source



The angels are very busy helping us to not only heal ourselves, but they are also busy cleansing the environment in which we live. One of their main tasks during our present evolutionary period is to raise our vibration. To explain this in greater detail I have decided to add some information which I received in May of last year which is becoming more relevant as time goes on.

“In the beginning, at the time of our separation, we grieved for the loss of you because we could not hold your density. Our frequencies were attuned like a tuning fork and you could not exist within the infinite as us because of a strong desire to experience all that there is on the earth plane. The separation then began. We now come to individuals on the planet that connect with us, at our desired frequency. It is hard for you humans to keep the channel open and often we find that the channels are temporarily sealed that we wish to pass the information along. We have to therefore choose other avenues to alert you and we appear to symbolically have wings as depicted in the scriptures and in art but the wings only resemble your need for time and space. There is no such thing as time in our vibration of love. We are constantly trying to show you humans this by making watches and clocks stop but you do not seem to understand. Time is meaningless, it is density. Once again we remind you of your abilities to slip in and out of the frequencies like us using only linear time and space time which is not the same as earth’s physical time.”

One thing that is very interesting at the moment is that it almost appears as if time is speeding up. We have got to a stage where we are chasing our tails so much that sometimes we find it hard to just stop and be in the “present” which is the angels’ gift to us! The angels say in order for us to connect to them, we must learn how to be still once again and be in the now. “The mission on earth is nearly complete and we are working to raise the vibration consciousness as a whole. Whilst the earth may appear dark, individuals have more light in which to spread. We need you to help us with our mission to spread the light we are betwixt the earth dimensions working as you earthlings say interactively, to bring the information forward which is necessary for the change over”.

Another thing which is very interesting is that as humans interact with angels more and more and learn of the beautiful gifts open to humanity, they will find it easier to manifest blessings into their lives. We will soon find it easy and common place to manifest things that we want in our lives with the help of the angels. Cosmic ordering will become common knowledge especially with children. The rainbow, indigo and crystal children know how to cosmic order naturally and will lead the way by showing the older generation how it is done. Call in the Angel of Manifestation to bring bright blessings into your life. Not only are angels showing me where to park now instantly, but they are also sending me people with half used car parking tickets!

Angels of Wisdom

The Cherubim angels bring wisdom to us by spreading light from the God source. They are also the guardians of the heavens and stars. I often see their sweet little faces peaking at me and I can tell you that they also laugh at us a lot like children especially when we get things wrong!

There are also Angels of Clarity which bring vision and illumination and Angels of Intention which relate very strongly to desire energy. Ask for these angels to come to you when you want to gain insight into something or start a new project along with the Angel of Strength as they are here to help you.

How to call in the Angels of Wisdom (gold/royal purple):-

Angels of Wisdom

I now move through my life lessons with ease

I acknowledge new learning as I see

new opportunities appearing in my life

with synchronicity and understanding

Help me understand my path more clearly

and release the things that no longer serve me

Ø Remember call the Angels in through belief and desire

Ø Keep requests in the now

Ø Use a clear crystal for clarity

Ø Know that the angels have heard your request

Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angel is with you all the time and if you learn to develop a conversation with your angel, the messages will become much stronger.

Ø Angels appreciate us calling them by their name .

Ø They do not have free will like us as they are God’s messengers.

Ø They are God’s servants and as such they are obedient messengers and do not bend rules!

Ø They cannot go against the freewill of another individual.

Archangel Metatron and his significance.

Metatron is a very different Archangel because he was originally thought to be the Prophet Enoch and he was basically transformed into an Archangel by God. His name comes from a Latin name Metator, which means guide or measure. He is the head of the world of creation which feels very appropriate as we learn to manifest (create) blessings into our own lives.

more to follow:-


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    • profile image

      Kathy Mc Erlain 6 years ago

      Lovely post Jennifer, keep up the good work. Too much information can be over whelming I feel that the message you presented was just what I needed. That we are being looked after spiritually. Peace love & light

    • profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 6 years ago

      Right thanks. I do not claim to be an expert so it doesn't offend me. Jennifer

    • profile image

      ShadowKing! 6 years ago

      Cherubims are not angels. The English word "angel" comes from the Greek "aggelos" and it is synonym with Hebrew's "malak". All three words mean "messenger". Cherub is singular for cherubim and transliterated as "kerub/kerubim". It means "to be near" and is always associated with God's presence and they act in the manner of personal security like a "bodyguard" or "security officer".

      So angels--malakim/aggeloi--are divine messengers and hosts (soldiers).

      Cherubim--kerubim--are divine security officers and hosts (soldiers). It's irrelevant for me to go into other definitions of other heavenly beings.

      I'm not attacking you in a negative way. I'm just explaining the Hebrew and Bible rendering of the two words. An angel isn't a cherub because a cherub, according to the Bible, has never delivered a message to a human. When people turn the noun "angel" into an adjective "angelic" they erroneously apply the duties of an angel to other heavenly beings. If angel means "messenger" and equally "ambassador" then the word "angelic" denotes that a following noun bears the responsibilities of a "messenger". Angelic doesn't mean "spiritual" but rather "of or like a messenger".

      The Bible is clear that cherubim are always in the presence of God sort of like the Secret Service are nearly always in the presence of the President. When they do leave the President's vicinity (in the line of duty) they usually are going to INVESTIGATE some act against the President's life or to SECURE a location the Pres is going to. In Genesis, two cherubim (Secret Service agents) were ordered by God to SECURE the Garden of Eden where the tree of life (Holy Spirit) was.

      Logic asks: if cherubim are angels why doesn't the Bible just read "two angels"? Why the specific use of "kerubim"? It is because the Holy Spirit of God (tree of life) was to be SECURED from Adam & Eve making contact. Cherubim are personal guardians of God (though an Almighty God doesn't need protection) and God designed them as such.

      Angel, cherub, & seraph refer to specific and distinct spiritual beings. When they are classed together the Bible refers to them ALL as "multitudes," "holy ones," or "hosts." Multitudes refer to their numerical population. Holy ones refer to their originally created mindset and heart. Hosts refer to their militant call of duty as the total army of God. In regards to "hosts" the Bible mentions a spiritual "commander of the LORD's army," and the holy ones as "warriors".

      Again, I'm not degrading your work but merely pointing out the flawed conception that cherubim and seraphim are "angels". True, angels number more than the other spiritual beings but the others aren't angels--messengers, errand runners, ambassadors (which are both messengers & errand runners with elevated status).

      I didn't provide scripture proof because I didn't want to overly fill the comment space. But if you want biblical verification on claims within, just ask. Bye, bye, Jen.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      A beautiful hub. Yes angels are always with us guiding and helping along the way. We have to be open and accept them. Thanks for raising awareness angels.

      Sweet wishes Rhonda

    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 7 years ago

      I have been aware for a long time...but there have been times that I forget my angels are there. I read this a week ago and since then I have been more open to noticing things. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 7 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Thanks for this lovely commen Sherry!

    • sherrylou57 profile image

      sherrylou57 7 years ago from Riverside

      The guardian angels are with you but the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. Speak to the Spirit of God. Welcome to Hub Pages. Keep up the writing! Blessings being sent your way!