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Easter Sunday: Celebrating My First Anniversary on Hubpages

Updated on April 7, 2012

Sent: Sunday, April 8, 2012 3:25 AM

“From: HubPages Editor

To: …

Sent: Sunday, April 8, 2012 3:25 AM

Subject: Quirinus: You just hit your 1 Year Anniversary on HubPages!”

How it came to happen that I am actually celebrating my first anniversary on hubpages today, Easter Sunday, is a mystery to me. But that is what the email from the HubPages Editor I received shows, as indicated by the email header quoted above.

As you might have read on my landing page, I have a penchant for synchronicities, and most any phenomena covered by Jung’s teachings. The two events happening unintentionally together on a significant day in Christendom makes me want to free-write on random thoughts that may give the situation a deeper meaning.

Some Thoughts Arising From My Easter Silent Sitting

· To write on celebrating Easter. At this point, it was entirely far from my mind that I would be celebrating my hubpages anniversary.

· Celebrating the Great and the small. This is to deal with Jesus triumphant resurrection contrasting with our small victories in daily life.

· Pope Benedict’s message to little boys in Mexico

I almost had not come up with those ideas, nothing to write about, considering that I had a very difficult time getting up from bed, feeling it to be a lazy Sunday morning. But I thought it is Easter, all the more I should exert extra effort to carry out my usual rituals, especially my silent sitting meditation.

Celebrating Easter

As Christians, if we look deep in our hearts, this is one occasion in Jesus’ life where we are given a sense of the unfathomable love and power He has over the universe and over our destiny. He has risen from the dead so that one day, we too will follow in his footsteps and have our physical form be resurrected to live with Him through eternity.

“Early in the morning on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb. She saw that the stone had been moved away, so she ran off to Simon Peter and the other disciple (the one Jesus loved) and told them, “The Lord has been taken from the tomb! We don’t know where they have put him!” At that, Peter and the other disciple started out on their way toward the tomb. They were running side by side, but then the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. He did not enter but bend down to peer in, and saw the wrapping lying on the ground. Presently Simon Peter came along behind him and entered the tomb. He observed the wrapping on the ground and saw the piece of cloth which had covered the head not lying with the wrappings, but rolled up in a place by itself. Then the disciple who had arrived first at the tomb went in. He saw and believed. (Remember, as yet they did not understand the Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead.)” –John 20:1-9, NAB

Questions Regarding the Event at the Tomb

· Why had Mary Magdalene been chosen to be the first witness?

· Why had John the Beloved hesitated, letting Simon Peter go ahead inside the grave?

· Why was Simon Peter the one who first took an objective stock of the situation?

· Why had the resurrected Jesus rolled up the covering for the head in a place separate by itself from the wrappings?

· Do these questions have a personal significance to this synchronicity I am experiencing on Easter? Do these questions have a personal significance to my readers?

Celebrating the Great and the Small

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." – John 16:33

Even Jesus acknowledges that life in this world can be difficult and He takes the next step in reassuring us by overcoming our human limitations even before the challenge comes into our present reality. Without Jesus having first overcome the world, the challenges that we regularly face would be well over our heads to surmount. He has made our loads lighter. All we have to do is the footwork part.

We ourselves should also acknowledge that sometimes life could become a very challenging struggle. We just need to understand that starting out with the smaller challenges, we develop our spiritual muscles to deal with the more complex ones. And this is the way that God has laid out the challenges in our lives. It has been said that He sends these challenges to those He loves, to strengthen our spiritual muscles.

No matter great or small our accomplishments, acknowledging them is important in increasing our sense of self-worth. And the better self-worth or value we assign to ourselves, the more we are able to value others.

The Hubpages editor’s email, today regarding my first anniversary on the community, suggests: “Perhaps you can treat yourself to a fun magazine today - or buy that book you’ve wanted to read!”

Maybe I’ll do just that!

Making It a Celebration

Not waiting for Easter, Christmas or one’s Hubpages anniversary for that matter, there are so many things we can celebrate on a more regular basis. We just need to make a reasonable budget for how much we will be spending on the celebration. There may even be ways of celebrating that do not necessitate spending.

· You were able to get the entire family together: cook the family’s favorite pasta

· You were able to get up from bed and go to work on a Monday: get yourself a shot of your favorite coffee at the friendly corner coffee shop

· You were able to show up to your commitment for one straight week: treat yourself to your favorite tuna salad sandwich

· You were able to finish your hub on time: take an extra weekend nap hour

· You were able to honor your commitment for one straight week: set aside money for your favorite hobby. For example, you enjoy biking, you can use the weekly incentive to save up for your new mountain bike.

Honor God above all. Honor yourself. It is in being able to honor ourselves that we are able to honor others.

Pope Benedict’s message to Little Boys in Mexico

Considering that the thought regarding this message arose during my sitting, it must hold some significance on this day and hub. What the message was, as mentioned in a priest’s previous homily:

“God wants you to be happy.”

Easter is about being happy and celebrating that God, through his triumphant son Jesus, has done and continues to do all his glorious deeds, because He loves us.

Easter is Jesus sharing his love and triumph with us.

Easter is being happy that God loves us so much.


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