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Easter and Prayer for God’s Mission

Updated on March 24, 2016

The Stone Was Rolled Away


It All Builds to This

Easter is this Sunday! This is by far my favorite holiday. This year for Lent I feel like I have grown closer to God and I appreciate this season even more. All the praying, fasting, confessing, repenting, and reading has helped us all, I pray, to experience God in a new way. I can say for the first time in a long time, I’m ready to celebrate Easter.

In this hub, we are going to look at the Resurrection. Since I am the “Prayer Guy”, I’d like to look at the ways the Resurrection shapes the way we pray, especially for God’s mission. This is going to be great! So, go ahead, sit back and read this over with God. I’m sure He will be speaking to you and I hope to hear from you on what He is saying.

See His Hands


He is Alive!

In my last hub, I stressed the idea that Jesus died. That is a fact we need to understand if we are going to understand the Resurrection. I wonder if God had Jesus dead for three days to help us realize that He really was dead. That He really was the sacrifice for our sins. Equally important is that He is alive today. I will say that again, He is alive! Jesus is with you and me, believers of, and followers of, the risen Jesus. I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I think about him being alive.

In 1 Corinthians 15 it says that death has been defeated. It also says that Jesus’s Resurrection proves that His death was valid. Do you understand that? His death indeed did what it was suppose to do. I had a Pastor who said that on every Easter you need to read 1 Corinthians 15. I will go one step further and say, read and then pray about what you are reading.


I don’t think it was an accident that the first Easter happened during Passover. Passover is from the book of Exodus. It was when Israel sprinkled blood on their door and the angel of death passed over them when he came to Egypt to pass judgement. With the death of Jesus, we can have His blood covering us and then get to skip the second death. What a deal! I love how God lines things up.

Easter really is the second Passover. Not only is Jesus the sacrifice. HE IS ALIVE! We get the blood and the Savior! It is almost like having your cake and eating it too. This gets me thinking, Jesus wants more people to be a part of His kingdom. Since He has shed his blood already, wouldn’t He answer your prayers for the salvation of friends and family? I’m praying for revival, how about you? All this revives me, how about you?

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (He is Not Dead)

Peter and John Check out the Empty Tomb


Empty Tomb

There is one thing that each of the four Gospels have in common at the end. That is the empty tomb. In each one the stone covering the tomb is rolled away. Besides reading 1 Corinthians 15, I also suggest reading each gospel account of the Resurrection. Don’t get caught up in the differences in each account. Instead, focus on what is the same, that the stone was rolled away so that we can see inside.

Thomas needed to see Jesus for himself to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. And he was a man who spent time with Jesus. Sometimes we need to help others to see into the tomb-like Peter and John. Going to Jerusalem may be hard for you to do right now. But there are ways that you can help others “see into the tomb.” What I’m suggesting here is to learn ways to share this Gospel-this really good news. I have an app on my phone so that I’m ready if God is leading me. What are some ways that you have learned to share the Gospel? Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel.

Get Into a Position or Prayer

Pray Early and Often

This is so key to God’s mission going forward. Spend time praying for God’s mission. This could be praying for someone in particular or asking God to randomly show you who to love. Don’t stop there, pray again. And when you have finished, pray a third time. Praying is more about agreeing with God for something He wants. And he wants none to perish.

Revival is coming! Are you praying for revival? Keep praying!

What resurrection story is your favorite?

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