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Easter memories!

Updated on March 31, 2013

His supreme sacrifice on the Cross!

The Supreme Spirit of Jesus!

To day being the Holy Easter day which kindles lofty memories in my mind. The compassionate One has walked on earth around 2000 years ago. He sacrificed his blood and life for the sake of humanity as a whole! We can never delve on the motives behind great minds. We tend to look at him as the son of carpenter Joseph and the dear darling of mother Mary. He was compassion incarnate. None could gauge him except John who baptized Jesus with the Holy spirit instead of water! John waited anxiously for the arrival of the great One. He knew it intuitively and he had read it in the scriptures too. At that period of time, most of the people were leading their life as per the dictates of the wavering mind. Hence none were really happy! Many starved for a morsel of food whereas the rich were thriving in lavish luxury. They treated the poor with utmost contempt. The priests were the most powerful one after the King. The temple or church was used for barter and trade. None realized the sanctity of the temple of God. The scriptures were misrepresented by the priests for gaining power and wealth. It is at this juncture, Mary got the revelation of the coming events from the holy angels. She will bear the son of God! It will be immaculate conception and it has nothing to do with Joseph. But he will be the father and guardian of the Divine child.

His birth itself was shrouded in mystery. He was born in a stable on the way to another town based on King's order for enumeration of the people. But the Divine birth was noticed by three wayfarers who were mysteriously guided to the place of the birth of Divine child! They offered their salutations and presents to the Divine One. None knew anything about the child. Joseph was poor and he earned a few coins by working as a carpenter. Jesus as a boy helped his father in the trade for some time. Sometimes he will sneak away from the home. Mary used to worry a lot about the missing boy. They used to search him here and there. At last they found him near the temple of God telling the people Truths that are contained in the scriptures. He was questioned by the so called priests and he gave valid answers mostly in parables. At one time he chased the petty traders from the precincts of the temple. He said, "Temple is meant for prayers and fasting. You are spoiling the sanctity of the holy temple! His words were based on Truth and hence none could defy or question his authority!

He knew that the people are misguided and none has so far tried to correct them. He knew the real problems that was stalking the people at that time. He knew the remedy too. He preached the people in parables. When people imposed their faith on Him, he cured their diseases instantaneously. The blind got their eyesight back, the deaf started hearing, the dumb was restored speech. the lame was able to walk when he blessed them. Finally, he roused the dead "Lazarus" as though from sleep. He multiplied food to feed around 5000 people! These miracles enabled many to follow him and his great sermons. He asked two fisherman brothers to follow him and said, 'enough of catching fish, now catch the people!

Finding that his glory and fame reached high scales, the priests started deliberating the ways to finish Him. Jesus submitted himself like a 'lamb', though he could have averted those great mishaps. His only intention was to atone the sins and ignorance of the people at large.He was crucified inhumanly but rose on the third day, the Holy Easter day" with his body! To the doubting disciple, He has shown the wounds of crucifixion! What a sublime life? He was pure, holy and innocent throughout but atoned for the sins of humanity with His blood and flesh! The world realized His greatness only after His ascension. His teachings have become immortal for ever. Let us bow to the great Spirit which adorned the form of Jesus, on this holy Easter Day!. This is the memoir, I type on this Holy Day!


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