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Eating In Dreams

Updated on August 22, 2016


Before I go ahead to tell you what I know concerning the true cause, result and solution to eating in dreams, I have to expantiate on the real meaning of dream in a very brief way.

Your dream is the instrument God gave you as you come into this world. Its main purpose is restore your health through the immune system. Your dream, as the spirit of the Lord revealed to me is the DNA /RNA of your body system.

If a living human being can control his dreams, then he wouldn't have to spend so much on his health any more than to just eat well.

Your dream is your power, both bio and spiritual. It is the cause of all that happens to you in the physical. It does not repeat itself in the physical all the time but will always be the starter of whatever happens to you. God uses dreams to guide and direct you boldly, health wise and spiritually.

So, what I mean to say in conclusion is that your dream controls your physical, and your physical controls your dream. If you have a dream, something you did physically caused it and if something happens to you physically, then your dream caused it. Have you had a dream you need interpretation to? Then post it on the comment portal of this article or if its so personal, you may call or text +2347067550237.

Cause Of Eating In Dreams

Now I will tell you why you eat in your dream. But you must be aware of the spiritual meaning of food intake. Food represents the riches and opportunities you have acquired in this life time. Your food rejuvanate your life and based on that you are able to enjoy your work which brought you success and prosperity. For short, your food are your riches acquired. And you, are the microcosm of the microcosm of the world around you. You are miniature god living among his creatures, but still sleeping.

If you then find yourself eating in your dreams, it simply means that the inner god is being fed at the expense of the outer God. The outer God had provided for the inner god. But the inner god have failed to reciprocate.

You refused to help people in need. The orphans, clergy men, widows, etc. You even failed to pay your tithes. You believe any man of God asking you for tithes and offerings is a scam! Why do you think God asked the levites - men of God, not to work? Is it because they are lazy and prefer not to work? My friend, let me tell you, some of them are more professionally qualified and educated than you.

All those sins you committed while ammassing wealth for your self, God wants to renounce them and you are refusing Him to save you from the spirit of cacerworm mentioned in the book of Malachi 3.

Every creature has the natural desire to eat. And if you refuse to feed them when God provides for you, and you believe in saving up for the future which does not exist, I pity you for this and I pray for you to come to the wisdom of God in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

Result Of Eating In Dreams

Let's now talk about the results you will definitely experience if you eat in your dreams. I am sure my reader here will agree with me that if not all, some of the experiences mentioned here are what you are passing through presently.

1. If you eat in your dreams, you will discover that mysteriously, your resources are sapping away as if an invisible intruder is drinking you dry.

2. Your health state will deterorate and you will find that you have been spending so much on your health or that of your family member's.

3. You will acquire much more debt than profits in your businesses.

4. You will be refused financial help because of the mark of the anointing and kingship on you. If you ask your friends for money, they will mock you as a micer who has money but does not want to spend his money but friend's.

5. Money may be missing from your custody and if you are superstitious, you may attribute the missing money to witchcraft oppression against you.

6. You will have conflicts with loved ones because of the micer label given to you.

7. And lastly, you will be living in danger of losing your life or the life of a loved one.


Remedy To Eating In Dreams

Here now is your remedy or solution to your persistent eating in dreams. You will have to correct your attitude to giving to the needy so that you will balance your life's issues. Many are very selfish and cannot afford to give but to acquire until there is no more room to store their loots.

If you must stop eating in your dreams, then I counsel you to perform this holy ritual, even in your lack.

Mix about 3 handfuls of table salt with water in an earthen pot. Place this on a burner and boil. As the vapour rises to the clouds, read Psalm 29 over 3 times and pray for forgiveness and restoration with a promise while you are in fasting. When the salt becomes dried, then put off the fire and let the pot become cool. Then proceed to any clean place and break the pot to remove the dried salt. Then use this salt to cook a special dish for friends and those around you. This is a fellowship offering. Let a clergy preside over the feast and ask participants to pray for a renewed blessings towards the offerer of the gift. Then let the food be served for all to eat.

You are here by warned that the use of alcohol as a drink in this feast must be avoided, otherwise your situation will become worsened.

After all done, you should give the clergy his own gift too. Now you must be have a dream during or after this spiritual work. Let me know your dream so as to give you what God is saying concerning the reunion and the new covenant you have with Him.


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