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Ebay Bans Metaphysical Items

Updated on August 23, 2012

New Ebay Rules

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It is not too often that something of this nature inspires me to write an article about it but in this case I felt the desire. As a long time ebay seller it pains me to see such a hot category go and for so many good spellcasters be put out of business.

I just read that ebay will be banning metaphysical items on August 30th, 2012. I can't believe it. That has been an integral part of their marketplace for a very long time. Granted not all spells, curses, etc. work but it is clearly stated they are for entertainment purposes only and shouldn't be used in place of legal, medical, financial or relationship advice.

Some believe ebay is banning the occult items due to the fact they are occult/witchcraft which essentially is banning items of a religious nature. Yet they haven't banned their religious items. If they are going to ban items of a religious nature then they should ban all of it. But of course, the churches and religious fanatics would never hear of it and I guarantee if ebay even tried they would quickly reverse their decision.

In my opinion, this is all based on pressure from religious fanatics who are facing the upcoming election of trying to demean anyone who believes differently than they do. This is no longer the country of freedom. It is the country of doing what others, mostly the religiously elite, deem we should be doing. Our children are not being brought up to believe as they see fit, to think for themselves. They are being taught to believe what the churches and religious leaders and anyone pushing their agenda says they should believe. That is not freedom. That is mental and religious control that we are told is religious freedom. The only religious freedom we have in this country is to believe in christianity and nothing else and to hate and condemn the gays and anyone who doesn't worship the way the church says worship is to be done which is falling down in front of an alter in front of everyone so they can witness your salvation and repentance. And then salvation is only granted if the congregation thinks you have truly repented. If they don't believe you have you are still condemned.

In what capacity were they granted the permission by God to judge? When were the congregants of churches granted the title of God. Who made them God? As my Mom would say. When did they get the authority to judge?

God help us if our salvation relies on mere mortals to grant it. And that's exactly what has happened in this country. We are not judged by God. We are judged by human beings who attend church and think for that reason they have the ability to judge others.

Much of what is going on in this country right now is based on the fact the religious leaders believe they are losing control. In essence they are losing money.

In Michigan and I'm sure many other places too, they are buying 40 foot billboard signs to bash President Obama and his support of gay marriage and abortion. Once again, as always with every single election, it is not about the goverment and our mounting debt and poor economy, it is about the religious fanatics agenda and playing these bashing games that accomplish nothing.

If the person we elect as president is just religious enough then all of our debt will cease to exist and the economy and all of the rest of societies ills will come to a screeching halt. Yeah right, on what planet? Who came up with that imaginary fantasy game?

These societal ills and fighting have been going on for thousands of years and will continue for thousands more if our planet lasts that long. And it is all based on a book that very little was actually inspired by God. In fact none of if may have been.

And if it was originally inspired by God then man and his gossiping minions did as they do today and twisted it to say what they wanted it to say. That's the way it works today, people's words are twisted to say what the gossiping leader wants everyone to hear.

I doubt it was any different 5000 years ago. In fact it was probably far worse as people had less to keep them occupied.

As for ebay, I doubt much of their decision was based on reputation or business because let's face it they are a business and they want to make money. They are losing alot of money by banning this category. And I seriously doubt a big conglomerate such as themselves would be too worried about a few people complaining that some of the spells they purchased didn't work and most of these people(buyers) don't truly believe in spellwork anyway.

From a legal standpoint they have nothing to worry about so what's the problem? Is it that ebay finally caved to religious pressure to ban something the churches consider sinful and unrighteous.

If I were ebay I would worry about all the negativity they are going to rack up from all those spellcasters they put out of business.


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    • OldWitchcraft profile image

      OldWitchcraft 5 years ago from The Atmosphere

      I understood it was not items, as in physical products (I just bought some pretty "scary" stuff a few days ago), but services.

      Do Christians offer equivalent services? I don't know.

      I can tell you this, though - Ebay's famous payment processor PayPal launched a diabolical plan to destroy independent authors and small independent publishing houses of digital erotica back in February. On the exterior, the motives seem similar, although the timing of the attempt to ban erotica was pretty convenient for the release of 50 Shades of Grey. They killed two companies and destroyed livelihoods until the No. California ACLU stepped in.

      Does ACLU in No. California know about this latest attempt at flauting the 1st Amendment, I wonder?

      I will be linking to this article from my article on "Should Witches Tolerate Christianity"... (and the consequences of doing so.)

    • Amanda Gee profile image

      Amanda Gee 5 years ago from Cameron, Missouri

      I honestly think if they ban one form of religious items, they need to ban all. I'm pagan, and I have no problem with other religions and I feel everyone has the right to live as they please. Yet, if they want to push one religion away they need to ban all of them.