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Eclectic Artisans-A Handmade Wiccan and Pagan-Marketplace Supporting The Pagan Community

Updated on October 14, 2014
Eclectic Artisans Pagan Marketplace Logo
Eclectic Artisans Pagan Marketplace Logo | Source

What is Eclectic Artisans?

Eclectic Artisans, the name is catchy, but what is it, and as a pagan, why should I know about it? Eclectic Artisans was a concept that came into fruition back in January of 2012. The idea stemmed from Hugh Carey, the companies founder.

"I realized that there wasn't a place online for people within the pagan community to be able to come together in a centralized location in order to showcase and sell unique, hand crafted ritual tools, spell supplies, magickal components, and witchie items, that we as pagans enjoy and use," said Hugh Carey. Sure, there are many places to choose from online for Pagan artists & creators to sell to the general public, but depending on the marketplace, you end up getting buried within the competition. There are so many talented people who make beautiful hand crafted products geared towards the pagan community, and more often then not, they don't have a place to shine. Well, that is where Eclectic Artisans comes in to play.

We have created a platform, by pagans, for pagans, that gives talented people who create pagan/wiccan themed items, a place to shine. Since Eclectic Artisans is a marketplace specifically created for the Pagan, Wiccan and New Age Communities, the people who showcase their items within our marketplace end up getting seen by the actual people who are more apt to purchase their items. That is half the work of having success with selling such niche items online.

Our goal is to continue to be a trusted source, where both perspective customers and talented vendors can benefit from an outlet that provides quality, handmade wiccan supplies and pagan themed items.

Hand Forged Sickle Bladed Ritual Boline
Hand Forged Sickle Bladed Ritual Boline | Source

What Makes Eclectic Artisans Unique?

EA is unique because it isn’t just an online store. Eclectic Artisans ties together the concepts and benefits of an online marketplace, specialty shops & stores, small businesses, brick and mortar shops and consignment shops-all together in one, to provide a resource for the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age & Metaphysical communities. This is done as a means to provide a central resource to a very specific community that was lacking the specialty and quality of an all-encompassing & affordable one stop marketplace, that with an internet connection, people of this specific community is able to access from anywhere.

We Support Local Artisans! A map of just a few of the local artists we support.

New Jersey:
New Jersey, USA

get directions

Wicked Castings, By Chris Orapello

Pinellas County, FL:
Pinellas County, FL, USA

get directions

Eclectic Artisans Office Location

Riverhead, NY:
Riverhead, NY, USA

get directions

Bubbles and Blessings

Holiday, FL:
Holiday, FL, USA

get directions

Enchanting Designs

New Port Richy, FL:
New Port Richey, FL, USA

get directions

Old World Ways, By Grey Bear

Bartlettsville, OK:
Bartlesville, OK, USA

get directions

The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

Santa Rosa, Ca:
Santa Rosa, CA, USA

get directions

Enchanticals Perfume

Sunland, CA:
Sunland-Tujunga, Los Angeles, CA, USA

get directions

Peter Paddon's Crooked Art

Bedford, TX:
Bedford, TX, USA

get directions


Omaha, NE:
Omaha, NE, USA

get directions


All you have to do is Register, Sell, Ship and Get Paid

Solid Bronze Altar Tile
Solid Bronze Altar Tile | Source

Criteria For Approval

Eclectic Artisans allows anyone within the United States, who is 18 years or older, to join our marketplace to sell handmade items, that would appeal to our customers.

  • Each Artisan must be 18 years or older to join and sell.
  • Each Artisan must live in the United States
  • Each Artisan must sell handmade/handcrafted products.
  • The person requesting to join must be the maker of the items being sold.
  • Each item being showcased on Eclectic Artisans must be an item that would appeal to the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Metaphysical & Magical communities.
  • Each item must meet the quality standards of Eclectic Artisans as a continued effort in being a purveyor of fine goods for the magical & mundane.
  • We look for items that are unique as well as items that bare the fullest intent of being created with passion and a high standard of quality. We compare your item to similar products as well as your input provided to us when answering the questions asked in the first part of the registration process (see above). We use the two photos submitted in the first part of the registration process to help with approval process.

* You can register at any time by visiting our homepage or by clicking HERE. *

After I Register, How Will I Know If I Have Been Approved?

Once you have registered, please allow us up to 48 hours to get back with you. Not every person who joins Eclectic Artisans will get approved. Once you are approved, you will be able to start adding products to your shop at your leisure.

Handmade Smudge Fans
Handmade Smudge Fans | Source

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the costs associated with selling on Eclectic Artisans? Eclectic Artisans takes pride in offering an affordable way to sell your items on our marketplace. Eclectic Artisans only gets paid when you sell an item. Eclectic Artisans receives a "consignment" fee on the item(s) you sell. Also there are...


  • How Much Is The Consignment Fee? Eclectic Artisans consignment fee is 25% of the price of the product sold. I.E. if you sell an item for $1.00, Eclectic Artisans receives 25 cents. Once you ship the order, you will be paid on the next vendor payday. Based on the example above, if you sold and shipped an item that was listed for $1.00, Eclectic Artisans will remit payment for $0.75 cents + the shipping costs.
  • When Does Eclectic Artisans Receive Their Consignment Fee? Eclectic Artisans takes our portion of the consignment fee out of what is owed to you on vendor payday.
  • When Do I Get Paid For My Sold Items? Eclectic Artisans pays vendors on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Eclectic Artisans only pays vendors for orders that have been shipped. An order is considered shipped when you have submitted a tracking # for the order to us. Vendors are able to remit tracking #'s through your vendor portal which you have access to when you have been approved to join and sell.
  • How Do I Get Paid For My Orders? Eclectic Artisans prefers to pay you via Paypal. You can opt to be paid via direct deposit as well. (payment method is chosen during registration)
  • Am I Reimbursed For Shipping Costs? Yes, Eclectic Artisans will remit payment to you for the cost of shipping in which the customer chose during checkout. We ask that you ship your items via the method chosen by the customer. All orders are required to have tracking, as we only can pay vendors for shipped items.
  • Can I Sell Custom Made Products, or Made to Order Items? Yes, we encourage it! We will work directly with you to allow for your made to order items reflect appropriately within your products page. We have software that allows you to give customers the ability to use drop down boxes, check boxes and note boxes in order to create a custom item based on the customizable features you allow.

You can view all of our FAQ's Here.

An Eclectic Array of Magical Items For Your Home and Garden

Embed videos of your product(s) within your shop

We make it possible for you to even imbed videos of an item you make within your shop page. All you have to do is reference the link of the video when you are adding items to your shop and we will place it for you! We are always looking for people that make instruments that people within our community appreciate such as drums, rattles, shakers, and even Native American Flutes.

Awesome Hand Crafted Items

Hand Crafted Book of Shadows
Hand Crafted Book of Shadows | Source
Isis Headband By: Artisans of Old
Isis Headband By: Artisans of Old | Source

Help Us Become Better Suited For You!

What Items Are You Likely To Purchase When Shopping For Pagan or Wiccan Products?

See results

In order for a community to succeed, its members need to support one another. We look forward to continue to support the pagan community with our unique win-win approach through our unique outlet.

— Aeden Blythe

Let us know if you have any questions.

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