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Slavery. Economic; Social. (Sophisticated Slavery of the Modern World.)

Updated on August 13, 2017
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John spent years traveling. He has seen first hand the mistreatment of people (persons) deemed inferior. Man's Inhumanity to Man. Subhuman.

Economic or physical.

Slavery is always inflicted. Slave Masters always go to extremes in doing their best to JUSTIFY their actions and possible lack of ethics. Justifications are many including blaming the folks being mistreated. Who may or may not have been complicit in the situation. People being taken advantage of.

The New present day Enslavement. Sophisticated.

Slavery!! What is it??

The dictionary gives more than one definition of "Slavery" but the basic meaning of them all is the using of one or more persons, Male or Female, to enrich yourself at their expense and in a large measure to steal or in some way to limit their freedom. The majority of the world agreed to outlaw "Slavery" over 100 years ago. There is now a "BUT" in our modern world. There has been developed some new forms of the curse of slavery, which the Slave "masters" will justify with "statements" such as "It is good for Business;" "They brought this on themselves" or some other trite saying. This to satisfy their own sense of being righteous, and to lessen the guilt of, shall we say the sin or of injustice. There are many forms of slavery practiced in the world to-day and with apparent immunity. (May Be Because We do Not take time to Look at them.) Slavery causes suffering and a certain loss of freedom and much of the dignity and self worth of the person being enslaved. Their Humanity is ignored and completely disregarded. Ordinary Folks are discounted except as collateral for the wealthy slave masters. We need Change. We (NEED) a reawakening and new enlightenment. We need to really take a good step in thinking. A second or third look at our system.

Slavery we acknowledge.

Forms of slavery that we do recognize are "Human trafficking" used in the sex trade and other forms of the sale of human beings. Then there is the refusal of many big companies to pay a wage that is conducive to a good and just living for their employees. Then there are the "Banks" with low interest rates and their many (sometimes Large) fees, a few of them very high, being thought up by them that make sure they always get a large share of your income when you save or to make deposits of money into your account at one of their branches, and when you do make withdrawals of your own money from that account. I see Credit Unions in the same order, but different name,.

Use made of???

This though they are using your funds to earn interest from various investments and loans made by them. Then we have the "Credit Card Companies" who charge exorbitant rates of interest to make certain that as many as is possible will keep paying them forever and have no concern for the Welfare of the person being squeezed out of their freedom. These rates of interest are to be nice "Usurious" and exploitative to the extreme. Our so called (Government of the People) by the people, For the people (is very) in partnership with all of these methods and do not have the guts to develop regulations to ensure that all members of society have protection from these forms of predation. These (Predators) may or may not have the realization of what they are doing, this I doubt. However "Slavery" is alive and flourishing in the 21st century. We, the silent "Majority" of the world's people, should demand that our respective "Politicians" take note, recognize and address this issue. This is all part and parcel to a just and safe world. Beams in our own eyes and fences round our own ethics or lack there of does blind us to the moat or a speck in another persons eyes. We can solve the slavery problem but we must have the will to do so politically and as citizens. Until we look at the many forms of injustice practiced with complete immunity, by our own western society, we should not even press other societies to make improvements to their (Human Rights) issues.

Who sides with the ordinary Joe or Jane.

The defenders of Human rights in Western Society are Church and religious groups for the most part. Those, (Our Politicians) are trying to (SHUT UP) by telling them what they are to think by government. Schools and Colleges are being told what to think and what they will be allowed to teach. We've removed prayer from the public school systems because a small very percentage of the population said they were offended by the presence of prayer. There has always been a solution for those who did not want to take part in the prayer and that was to excuse oneself from the venue or just to leave the venue till after the session of prayer was over. That did not satisfy the probably less than one percent that did not want prayer and so we have allowed the minority to dictate to the majority. This state of affairs has filtered through into all aspects of our social society and systems. Minorities could have been accepted and tolerated without changing systems and laws to allow the minorities to dictate to and dominate the majority of citizens.

Subjugate the Majority rights.

While it is wrong for any part of Humanity, to be excluded from the social mores. It is equally wrong for the majority to subjugate their beliefs and social rights to that of the minority. All of the changes that have allowed the minorities to dominate the majority and to dictate to them how they shall or will live and think has been subtle and not so subtle. While all of society has rights and also the right of acceptance, these rights should always be balanced in order that all will feel that they are equally listened to and do deserve equal treatment by all members of society. So that we can become a more just and equal society with full acceptance Of all our Brothers and Sisters, members of society. We have to get to an area where no one can be left out and where prayer is not denied to those who wish to pray and those who do not will just simply leave the venue if that is their intent. They can always return when prayer is completed. They can also make use of the time if they so wish to do something else that may or may not be constructive. We have to accept and fully understand that the exercise of our rights must be carried out with Balance and responsibility. One person's rights does not overshadow another person's Rights.

Freedoms taken.

As you can see there are as many different methods of stealing our freedom as there are miles to the moon and more being thought up every day. They are now doing their utmost to regulate what we are thinking. They are trying to limit our religious freedoms and what we can say privately and publicly. We are not allowed to disagree with any form of lifestyle. We are not allowed to joke with and about each other or someone may report us for hate mongering. And so on and so on. It is now wrong to call an actress an actress, she must be called an actor which was originally meant to describe the male member of the faculty. The chairwoman of a group must not be referred to as such. She, though she is a she, must be called the chairman though they will accept chairperson. Why have we allowed this idiotic state to profligate and remove or curb our freedoms in the interest of so called political correctness. A Woman is a Woman and a Man is a Man. Whatever position they occupy deserves our respect no matter whether they are the boss or not. Aside from position any person whether Male or Female, does have to earn respect generally by giving it and that is no matter whether Female or Male. This is also no matter their sexual orientation. Let us treat each other as equals and with respect and love and in the intent of reducing (All Forms Of Hate in our Respective Social Circles) a society built on Love, Hope, and Acceptance of all. Acceptance and Inclusiveness, without altering definitions to please the few but to be guaranteed by the majority. We must get a long way from the current atmosphere of imposing our will onto others. Be open to discussion or good conversation to build strong acceptance and just equality.

They asked for it.

A big argument put forward is that the current victims of modern day slavery or economic slavery is that the victims have been complicit in their own enslavement. Does this statement hold water or any liquid of clear thinking. I would say there is a partial truth to it. But and this is a big BUT it does not completely or even in a minor way justify the treatment or usury pushed on a large number of our citizens. No one ever visualizes being enslaved, by any manner or means. Lets face it, we have problems with our ethics and the ways we use for justifying many injustices. I was once told by the powers that be that a discriminatory Law was not in any way discrimination "That it was simply an inequity built into the system". What is the difference?. The minister of employment and Immigration, at the time, thought I was stupid.


While it is true that people who are victims of this modern day enslavement have been to a degree complicit in their own mistreatment (Enslavement) there are other factors that we have to consider. The institutions who cause the most pain have quite a few high powered sales persons with no conscience, and little consideration as to the results of their actions, whose job it is to persuade people to sign up for this or that card and offer enticements while shading out of the picture the real costs in joining in the program. There is also a measure of need in the person being sold or bought into this enslavement. A big item in the measures of injustices and enslavement in modern society is the refusal of employers to pay a living wage. That is a wage that will meet the needs of the employee and that of that employees family. A fair living Wage!!! This is not a consideration of our modern employer. As I overheard in a conversation taking place at a table beside me in a restaurant. This was just after ``Mayor Robinson`` of Vancouver Stated that the city would from now on be paying a living wage to all employees and contractors working for the city would be required to do the same. The Statement I heard made Beside me ``hit the nail on the Head``, it was this and I quote (If we pay them a living wage. It will be less for us.) Unquote.. Where did our ethics and principles go. The greatest test of a good leader is the welfare of the people he or she leads. A good leader is there to serve not to be served, We are supposed to have built western society on christian Faith and principles where have those ethics and principles gone. Another quote I overheard was (WE must realize that "Business" is "Business" and "Religion is Religion". The two don't mix.) We cannot and must not attempt to have different {Morals and Ethics for Business than we do for life outside of Business} our Morals and our ethics should be uniform in all areas of life.

The market Argument. What it determines.

Another justification that is put forward to justify the injustice is that the market determines the price of any unit. Is that possible! I would question the statement and the reason is that all the market will determine is ``How many units will sell.`` What determines price is the QUESTION (How much can I get for this product or unit?) So in a way the price is tied to the greed of the person. I've heard of 100% and 200% markups. Also business now leasing space for retail are now asked to share their profits with the company leasing out the space. This on top of the rent they are paying to lease, which can be high, depending on location. This is in a lot of cases the determining factor in whether the business remains in business or not.. I look at this policy as a way of getting more for less.

Injustice and Enslavement in Society Are a Linked Unit.

We have a constant search by the Wealthy Business Community to Reduce and limit the workforce and to get more production out of those left working. They wont pay higher wages and in some cases have reduced what they pay. Thus in any case they get more for Less. This policy only results in higher profits and not lower prices. So the injustice and enslavement dominoes. We have increased poverty and a stricken Middle Class. Slavery exists in multiple formats to-day. Can you, when you Think about it, Name a few.

Slavery is alive to-day in myriads of forms. We will continue to ignore this "FACT" at our great "PERIL" There will, if this malady is not addressed, be ramifications for our society and to our civilization. All forms of "Modern day (Slavery)" must be fully addressed immediately.


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    • profile image

      John Paul W 

      2 years ago

      There is also our respective elected Governments that give Tax Breaks to Big Business and the Rich and Super Rich,with no real justification, using the statement "This will encourage the Production of More Jobs". Never at any time in History has this policy ever created or encouraged more jobs. but it does Increase the Bottom line. It has never stopped the reduction of the workforce as the Rich look for more and more ways to reduce the Numbers Employed. Then place more of a burden on those that remain with the threat that they too can be dispensed with.


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