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Economic revival alone can never bring happiness!

Updated on April 12, 2016

Threats to humanity

Turn to God when things go worse!

What is the present condition of the world? None will say, it is good or favorable. Every moment, some mishap takes place in some corner of the world. Innocent women and children are assaulted in the name of religion or jihad. There is total disruption of governance everywhere around the globe. Everyone is concerned about the sad plight of the people around. Who will help them, who will protect them, who will save them and where is the ray of hope? Here I have to contemplate on few things. The leaders of various countries think that if economy is corrected, then every thing will be well off.

Few decades ago, we had flourishing economic conditions in few countries that had huge trade surplus and the value of their currency was buoyant in stock markets. If this is the condition for well being of citizens there, then we would have heard about increased welfare activities for the poorest of poor in those countries. Sadly, this has not materialized. Rather, the surplus wealth went into the coffers of many MNCs. Yes, their Directors and share holders pocketed the result of economic buoyancy. Is it not foolish aim of the leaders to aim for economic buoyancy rather than fulfilling the dreams of poor citizens who live below poverty lines? It is a mirage and deception by the leaders.

Few people thought, that the Communist countries are better equipped to share the surplus resources of the state. On the contrary, the media depicts hidden corruption cases of many leaders of those countries. It is not money which is going to fulfill the needs of the people. First of all, the huge barrier between the superrich and the poorest slum dweller must be reduced. This could be possible not by any rules or laws of the states, but by the transformation of mindset of people themselves. The government can never bring economical parity of all citizens. The policies of communist countries are laudable but their implementation is riddled with the monstrous corruption in all public offices. In fact, the rules engender more corruption. People in their anxiety to utilize the welfare measures dolled out by the government, approach the people who are authorized by government. The lure for money is difficult to cast off. Everyone needs money to purchase the basic needs as well as services.

The disparities in earning power definitely create depression in the minds of poor. They naturally envy at the life style of the rich. They too desire for such life style. Hence some people try to earn by illegal ways subverting the laws of the state. Hence the quest for more money enables more corruption, illegal and immoral activities in every sphere of living. Then, what is the remedy for this problem. These remedies are based on moral values. Man need to develop compassion in his mind. He should practice non-violence. Greed is the greatest hurdle in society. It is the greed of many Western countries which indulged in colony rule in many poor countries. Many countries suffered much due to colony rules by many other powerful countries.. Many African countries suffered due to colony rule, slavery, apartheid and stark racism related problem. Their economy has been ruined by looting by many western countries. First of all, the discrimination of rich over the poor is the root cause of all troubles in the world.

But, times are changing. Every action begets equal and opposite reactions. The most powerful countries of the world once, now are in deep misery due to onslaught of terrorism from the most dreaded terrorist groups. The leaders of those countries are breaking their head to contain the terrorist activities. But these terrorists have not risen suddenly. It is grouping and regrouping techniques adapted by them from one war zone to other. They have fortified their positions secretly and become a threat to world peace. No country today is immune to terrorist threats.

Terrorism was nurtured by government themselves once. Now they have become a huge demon who challenges their mentors once. The major threat, all the leaders are facing is ‘protecting the atomic weaponry from falling into the hands of those groups. This reminds me of a proverb, “scratching the head with a burning log! We may imagine the gruel situations now. The only alternative is to turn for the protection of the Almighty with the silent prayer, “Protect us from utter destructions!

Recognize and accept diversity!


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