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Ecumenism Down In Virginia

Updated on February 24, 2011

Ecumenism Down in Virginia?

Down in Virginia, we are told that a local church loaned its facilities out to Muslims because the latter’s congregation was too large for their current space provided by their mosques. Under the spirit of ecumenism and until the construction of a bigger Muslim mosque is completed, the Virginia church folks saw it fit to lend a helping hand, even quoting scriptures… which supposedly give support to such ecumenism. Now, the question that begs itself is if these same Muslims down in Virginia would have done what the Christians did… were the situation reversed? The salient fact is that most in the Media gave their assent to the unity between Muslims and these Christians in Virginia, which is reason enough for me to look upon the situation with jaundiced eyes. First, it was correct for the leaders of that particular church to do what they thought their interpretation of their Bible told them to do in that situation, but the Media and others should understand that many Christians, include me, would not have done so - and it is not because we are racists or intolerant.

This is the new tactic many on the left are using to attack Traditional Christianity – branding us as bigots and being intolerant because we see Political Correctness as the Trojan horse… vying for equal time on our pulpits. They are not satisfied to practice their personal take on their faith within the confines of their choosing, but they want to come to traditional pulpits and dictate how to interpret scripture. Believe it or not, if any Traditional Christian pastor were to allow a Muslim to practice his or her faith in the church, it would be tantamount to idol worship - Governor Mike Huckabee was castigated because he implied this. We are not making up our take on the interpretation of scripture out of whole cloth… nor do we play favorites…. I am an avid fan of Glenn Beck, who is a devout Mormon, yet if he were to come to my church and wanted to elevate Joseph Smith to mirror the respect he is paid in the Mormon hierarchy, Mr. Beck would not be allowed. Is this because we hate Mormons – of course not!

I have no quarrel with Muslims with their ways of worship, but if said ways conflict with my take on the Christian faith… then, as such, I could not have done what was done in Virginia. We complain only about those Muslims who say that their interpretation of certain tenets of their faith permit the killing of those with whom they disagree – just like how those who perverted Christianity during the crusades were wrong. My Jewish brethren, who suffered perdition during World War 2, while the Papacy was in close proximity, had a right to suspect those then who called themselves Christians. In the interim, I am constantly amazed that my grandmother, who would have been rightly and divinely convicted for being a ‘Jesus Freak,’ or a Gentile for Jesus would be considered a ‘hater’ because she gave no quarter to Political Correctness….


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    • profile image

      Asad 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago

      No - you read it right, but if you notice that I said that the church was within its right to do so, but why disparage those of us who wouldn't have done so because it would have gone against the teachings of many of us who are Traditional Christians - to us loaning our church out to anyone with a different beliefs, even the Dalai lama, would be akin to idol worship... it is also why I used the Glenn Beck reference...

      -Verily Prime

    • sueroy333 profile image

      Susan Mills 6 years ago from Indiana

      First of all, let me say "thank you" for expanding my vocabulary. Now, thanks to your hub, I know what "ecumenism" means!

      I'm not sure, however, if this church from Virginia just loaned out its building or if they combined worship services. If they were just loaning out the building to non-radical muslims, I'm sorry that I don't see the problem.

      I may have read this incorrectly, though, so please feel free to set me straight! (I'm often twisted, so a good straight-setting wouldn't hurt me any!)