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Education in human values!

Updated on November 4, 2012

Love All Serve All!

Human Value system!

Stark materialism! Has it brought any joy or peace in human society? I was wondering why people turn a deaf ear to philosophical thoughts. Probably, they are not aware that deep wisdom is contained in philosophy. Rationalists may think that philosophy deals with spirituality. NO. Philosophy prepares every human being to lead a dignified and contented life. He benefits himself and makes others also happy by his disposition. Deep insights are available about life on earth in philosophy. It enables people to face life courageously and joyfully.

A philosopher is aware of the sudden twists and turns, the life offers. He never takes anything for granted. He is ready to face any situation. He knows that the so called pleasure brings pain as an aftermath. Hence Saibaba has said, “Pleasure is the interval between two pains”. The main reason for people’s dejection and depression is the unrealistic values they assign to materials.

In an early post, I have suggested that man loses his value as he assigns more values to other things. He is unable to understand his real worth. It is not the degrees or status in society or political acumen which gives value to man. “Human Value” is a deep subject which is not connected to the aspirations of society. Society may value money, property and position as great. But real human values are “Truth, Righteousness, Peace, True Love and Non-violence. Why I affixed ‘True’ to Love? Yes, to day love is treated as affection, infatuation, flimsy attractions etc., everywhere, people want ‘returns’ or reciprocations. Today, Love is based on selfishness and it breeds the Ego. The wars that were fought so far are for wealth, territories and for woman. Industrialization has brought all evils in society. Now ‘Oil’ has become a scarce commodity. In fact, Superpowers are fighting with one another for the sake of control of Oil wealth. The wars that happened in Middle East countries are mainly for the control of Oil industries. Hence during the wars, the first causality is oil fields. What prompts the war? It is pure shameless greed and jealousy. One Nation is jealous of other Nation. Everywhere, there is cut throat competition. Families are blown apart due to money problems.

Copying the Western culture, Indians too start worshipping money. They want to live alone with their spouse and children. No entry for elders. Hence “Old age homes have become a reality in every metro city. There is no dearth of money. But there is dearth of affection and love. If this is the trend, how their children will respect or honor them when they become old. This is the result of materialistic way of life. Joint family system has almost vanished in cities. Only in some rural households, they practice joint family system. Most tragedies happen in nuclear families since there is no counseling by elders. They do not have experience or wisdom. They take rash decisions which ultimately ruin the family and children. Hence “Value based education’ is the need of the hour in the world! People should be taught to adore the human values rather than material values. Children must be taught about ‘brotherhood of men’. They should be taught to Love all without any discrimination. They should be taught the values of ‘sharing with others’. From childhood they should be taught to respect the elders, parents and teachers in society. They must understand the value of Truth above all. Any education devoid of human values are bound to boomerang on the society later.


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