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Egg-citing News: A Resurrection Craft That Shares the True Meaning of Easter

Updated on June 1, 2012
Have You Heard the Egg-citing News?
Have You Heard the Egg-citing News?
He Is Risen!
He Is Risen!

If you are looking for a craft that will help children understand and share the true meaning of Easter, then look no further. Kids will share the wonderful message of the empty tomb with everyone around them.

For supplies, you will need the following:

· Large Plastic Easter Eggs

· Lint Clay, Play Dough, or some other foundation for the scene

· Green Tissue Paper, Easter Grass, Glitter, or other Grass

· Paper Egg Carton

· Small Flower Stickers or Pictures cut out from magazines, greeting cards, etc.

· Tacky Glue

· Scissors

· Sticker Paper or Labels

· Computer and Printer

To prepare the craft, open each plastic egg and fill the wide bottom piece with a foundation. We used lint clay, but homemade playdough or even floral foam would also work. If you use clay or playdough, fill the bottom of the egg to about ½ inch from the rim. Allow the clay to dry completely. If using floral foam, cut it to shape and glue it into the bottom of the egg, allowing to dry.

Cut apart a paper egg carton, separating the cups. Cut a half circle opening in the side of each cup as shown. This will be the tomb. From the lid of the egg carton, cut circles that will be about the right size to cover the openings, as well as circles large enough to cover the bottom of the egg-carton cups. These will be the stone that is rolled away and the bottom of the tomb.

Using a publishing program on the computer, create stickers or labels. One sticker should read “Have you heard the egg-citing news?” The other should say, “He is Risen!" Make sure to size them appropriately to the size of the egg. If you are working with young children, cut the stickers out in advance. You may also want to cut out pictures of flowers ahead of time.

Gather children together and give each child an egg. Allow them to glue grass inside the bottom of the egg on top of the foundation material. In the example, glue was spread over the foundation and then covered with tissue paper squares that had been wrapped over the eraser end of a pencil. Glitter, easter grass, and green confetti are other options to use for the grass. On top of the grass, have each child glue one of the egg carton tombs, being sure to push the back of the tomb all the way to one edge so that the opening is visible. Glue on the “stones” cut from the lid of the egg carton, off to one side of the opening. Help children choose and cut out small flower pictures or give them stickers to create the “garden” around the tomb.

On the outside of the egg, place the label “Have you heard the egg-citing news?” On the inside, place the sticker that says “He is Risen!” In the example, it has been placed on the tomb itself. It can also be placed inside the top of the egg so long as it is easily visible when the egg is opened.

Advise children that the glue will not completely dry unless they leave the cover off of the egg, so they will need to open it up and let it dry once they get it home. Remind them to share the message with everyone they see on Easter and every day!


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    • adawnmorrison profile image

      adawnmorrison 5 years ago from The Midwest

      Thank you so kids loved sharing it with the family and it was a great witnessing opportunity for them.

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle Schultz 5 years ago from United States

      That's really cute! You are very creative!