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Ego: Is it who we are?

Updated on June 21, 2016

Our Ego is a highly sophisticated mechanism which consistently attempts to cast its veil of deceit over the luminous and enlightened nature of our Soul. The ego's ultimate goal is to convince us that it is a genuine reflection of who we are. It cunningly presents itself through false thoughts, feelings, and deluded beliefs about the true nature of reality. The ego is extremely crafty and devious much like a youngster always attempting to get its own way. We must always be aware of the influence of the ego and the potential destruction it is attempting to cause. Most human beings travel along their entire journey of life believing they are exactly what their ego tells them they are. This is in fact the most destructive and distressing delusion of them all. We are certainly not our ego! We are not the thoughts or beliefs that the ego manipulatively plants in our mind. We are perfect spiritual beings consisting of a pure and enlightened Soul. Unfortunately, we too often allow the voice of the ego to tell us differently.

Let us briefly look at the distinct qualities of the ego as compared to the Soul, or pure essence, of our beings.

  • The ego creates separation; the Soul is united as one with the entire Universe.

  • The ego creates limitations; the Soul knows no boundaries.

  • The ego is governed by illusion; the Soul knows nothing but the absolute truth.

  • The ego has infinite external desires and demands; the Soul always has everything it needs.

  • The ego dwells in delusion of the past and the future; the Soul eternally inhabits the NOW.

  • The ego thrives on pride and power; the Soul is naturally humble and all-loving.

  • The ego worships intellectualism and complexity; the Soul is wise and desires simplicity.

  • The ego obscures our true essence; the Soul is our true essence.

You were blessed with free will and always possess the freedom of choice when deciding which path you wish to travel; the path governed by the devious and manipulative ego or the path illuminated by the wise and peaceful Soul. You can certainly continue your incessant and frenzied search for happiness outside of your self, or you can follow the calm and gentle guidance of your Soul. Rest assured, it is indeed feasible to escape the suffering and chaos that your ego persistently creates. We can definitely resist this coercive force that drags us into the world of delusion. I urge you to commence your sacred journey of freedom and awareness Right NOW. Go forward, without hesitation and fear, and align your personal path with the Universal principles of the Soul. Quiet your ego and dive head first into the blissful realm of your deepest and purest self.

** Author Footnote: (When you first begin the process of detaching from your ego it may appear very difficult. The ego is very adamant about its control and it's biggest fear is to die or to be silenced. The ego will come at you with fierce determination in order to substantiate its dominance and remain in control. To fight against this onslaught will intensify its attack just like any other type of war or battle. Thus, to fight head on is not our preferred strategy. I've learned, by experience, in order to win this battle we must befriend the ego and let it know that we respect it's presence I simply have a calm and firm dialogue with the ego letting it know the Soul will be taking over. My conversation goes something like this, “ Hello ego I feel your presence and respect you, however I will not be needing your help today and I really don't believe any of the lies you tell me. Goodbye ego.” Then I go on with my day. Believe me you will have to have this brief conversation on a regular basis and sometimes constantly throughout the day. Just be persistent and you will see and feel the benefits and eventually the influence that the ego has on you will decrease. Your Soul's greatest desire is to come out and play without the annoying 3 three year old child jumping on its back and screaming and crying to get its way! The ego can now take its ball and run home. Namaste! Enjoy your Soulful life!


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