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Elder Holy Mount Hwang 100 years

Updated on November 29, 2013

Praise God that Elder Holy Mount Huang was 100 years old on December 15, 2012 and the True Jesus Church in Toronto celebrated his 100 birthday with about 200 members. Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom sent her congratulations with a signed copy of her photograph. The Hon. David Johnson, Governor General also congratulated Elder Huang on his 100 birthday. It was indeed, an auspicious occasion and all glory to God, the Almighty.

The church is really honoured that God had seen fit that Elder H. M. Huang reached the ripe old age of 100 years. The church is growing with many children and we are looking for a second church in Toronto. May God grant us His will to expand in the near future.

Arrival of Elder Huang

He and his wife, Futan Huang arrived in Toronto on September, 1978 and was the second minister of the church in Toronto after my father who was the first minister in Canada. The church in Toronto was the first True Jesus Church in Canada. Elder Huang was previously working in the hill country of Taiwan for many years and he joined his son Jackson who migrated to Toronto with his wife and three children.

He thanked the congregation profusely for the occasion in giving thanks to God holding up high the photograph of the Queen. His speech was lively in Mandarin and at least 10 minutes in length. Those who did not know Mandarin could only guess what he was saying. Whatever was said, was appreciated.

Elder H. M. Huang was still preaching until he was 98 years old and he spoke to the congregation on the pulpit for the full hour. Being an independant person, he was living on his own until he was hospitalized this year (99 years) and went to live in a home for the aged.

Elder Huang and his wife have 4 children, 3 daughters and a son, 12 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

Those Present at the Party

His son, Jackson, Shiow-Yueh daughter in law, daughters Jeng and Maggie (L.A), granddaughters Lucy and Conrad Cheung, Polly and Victor Liu (3 children), Julia Hsiao (1 child) and grandson, Anton (China) were present at the party. Bro. Robert and Sis. Josephine (Montreal) and 6 visiting members (Sabah, Malaysia) also were present to congratulate Elder Huang. The congregation of Toronto made up the rest of those present.


In 1969 there was political unrest between the Chinese and the Malays in Malaysia and many Chinese were killed. Some went back to China, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. Dn. Zacchaeus Wong and his wife Lee Yeng decided to emigrate to Canada to join their children and came to Toronto on October 30, 1973.

On the first Sabbath the family of seven had their first Holy Communion.

God had chosen Dn. Zacchaeus Wong to be the first minister of His church in Canada. Praise the Lord God.

Elder H. M. Huang led the church since 1979 since the demise of Dn. Zacchaeus Wong . He came after the first church was bought during Dn. Wong's period but the government had not given recognition to the church. It took the government two years before it finally gave assent to the church. The first few meetings were held in Dns. Nornie Wong's condominium until the building was bought. When there were twenty members, an application was sent to the government.

Members List - 20 First Members

1973 Dn. Zacchaeus, Lee Yeng Wong (5 children), Estella, Nornie, Julie, John, Tuck 1975 Ngan Ching Jung (HK) (baptized 12/8/75), Sophia Ho (HK), Daniel Tsui (HK) 1975 Peter, Christa Yaw (2 children) Tamara, Natasha (UK) 1977 Shi Ngi Chung (Sabah) 1977 Jackson, Shiow Yueh Hwang (3 children), Judy, Lucy, James (Taiwan)

First Ordination - 1981

On August 9, 1981, Sis. Nornie Wong was ordained a deaconess by Elder John Yang in Toronto. She had been living in Toronto since 1968.

The First Church Property

The first church owned was in a condominium building lasted only a short period because the people in the condominium complained of excessive noise due to our prayers and the church had to leave and the property was sold on January 2, 1981.

Before the church was recognized by the government, meetings continued in the recreation room of where Elder Huang and his wife lived in the Dundas/Sherbourne area. After some four months, the church was asked to leave.

Renting Property

The next move was to rent the recreation hall from the United Church on College and Bathurst Streets. We had meetings on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons for about 4 years.

Second Church Property - 369 Harbord Street, Toronto

When the United Church wanted to convert into condominiums, we started to look for a more stable place to congregate. Praise the Lord, we found 369 Harbord Street a suitable site. The previous church could only accommodate about 82 people. It belonged to a Hungarian minister who passed away.

369 Harbord Street was a good looking church with coloured glass windows and the pews were in red velvet . We were there for about 11 years and then we had to look for another place to worship.

Deacons in 369 Harbord Street. Toronto

Dn. H. M. Huang, Dns. N. Wong, Dn. H. K. Ho, Dn. Apollos Lee and Dn. K. C. Tsai

TRUE JESUS CHURCH, TORONTO 69 Sunrise Avenue, North York
TRUE JESUS CHURCH, TORONTO 69 Sunrise Avenue, North York

Third Property - 69 Sunrise Ave. North York, Ontario

The Church moved into 69 Sunrise Avenue on December, 1995 and may the sun never set on this location. All glory to God.

Preachers Who worked in 69 Sunrise Ave. Pr. Philemon Tsen, Pr. K. C. Chang, Pr. Luke Hsieh, Pr. Timothy Yeung (present),

Deacons Elder H. M. Huang, Dn. K. C. Tsai, Dn. Apollos Lee, Dn. Fritz Chen, Dns. N. Wong

The Wong Families Coat of Arms in Canada
The Wong Families Coat of Arms in Canada


Earlier in the year, the Wong families were awarded the coat of arms to honour 150 years in Canada. The surname "Huang" in Mandarin is the same as "Wong" in Cantonese. Hence, Elder Huang comes into the Wong Families in Canada.

Tony Wong, Staff Reporter (Toronto Star) wrote, "The Canadian Heraldic Authority has granted permission for the Wong Kung Har Wun Sun Association (also known as the Wong Association of Ontario) to have its own unique family symbol.

The Canadian Heraldic Authority, part of the office of the Governor General, has the power to grant armorial bearings in Canada.

Since the first member of the Wong family disembarked in Victoria in 1858, the Wongs have made an indelible contribution to the development of our nation,"Boudreau said in a letter to the association.

It also symbolizes the melding of different cultures that defines our multicultural society," the letter said."

God has blessed Elder Holy Mount Huang with long life, the Queen of England congratulated him and so did the Governor General of Canada. To crown it all, the government of Canada had also awarded the coat of arms to the Wong Families of Canada. Blessings upon blessings to Elder Huang to see the church grow in size. Praise and thank the Lord.

Elder Holy Mount Huang 100 years old

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