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Electronic Salvation and Damnation

Updated on January 5, 2011

Electronic Salvation and Damnation

       I have had multiple experiences in which my mind was a battleground between a benevolent collective mind and a dark collective mind.  There are two frequencies played at the very same time we get "Beamed".  One is fast, disturbing and dangerous......the other is quiet, benevolent, calming.  It is like the sound of Angel's voices and it seems to communicate with our minds on many levels.  It has saved me from possession at least 10 times. 

      This benevolent frequency has been trying to reach me lately.  The problem is that the message it brings is very sad.  I felt my heart bleed for so many people who have been hurt mentally-speaking.  From my personal experiences, it seems that a human mind can be traumatized and then molded in various ways.  I keep getting these messages that everyone I know and Love aren't really alive.  This is very disturbing, especially given my experiences of having something attempt to commandeer my mind.  I refuse to believe that there is anything wrong with them.  I Love them and they have been far better people than I have been throughout life.     

     The system is brilliant because only mentally-unstable people are allowed to "see" anything.  I have seen and heard very distressing things in these states of mental-crises.  I heard people tell me my thoughts and they seemed to have something living inside of them, speaking right through them.  Now that I have again reached mental stability, I do not see these disturbing things.  The problem is that the benevolent frequency seems to be saying the same thing:  that people are possessed and that something awful is going to happen very soon. 

     I'm a logical person.  The very idea of people being possessed seems utterly ridiculous to me.........I see no evidence, unless I keep listening.  I could say "well, God will put me where He wants me" and simply tune into this frequency of benevolence until whatever happens happens.  The problem is that last time I did this, I almost made it into this light - then my parents called an ambulance.  The minute I let go of the benevolent frequency - I "fell" so fast and hard that something very malevolent attempted to gain control of my mind.  The Bible says that "He who saves his life will lose it and he who loses his life will save it."  It also says that "He who throws his life away will not inherit God's Kingdom".  This is a paradox I have yet to understand. 

      My conclusion from this is that we can listen to this God frequency and it can direct us.   It ALWAYS will save you when you feel like something is trying to invade your mind. You have to give up your ties to the physical world if you want to follow this path.  This means you give up: sex, pride, aggressive feelings, even pleasurable sensual sensations.  I was simply in an unstable state, failed to focus on the Salvation Frequency and was too bonded to the physical world by my own desires to ascend.  My take on this experience is that perhaps if I'd kept going into this light, I would have left my physical body and went somewhere else.  On the other hand, I narrowly escaped from having something very evil crawl into my head and eliminate my personal consciousness.  I guess if you want to listen to God, you should purify yourself first.  Finding the right "frequency" is only the beginning.  We must give up physical pleasures to find actual enlightenment.   

     I intend to spend limited amounts of time listening for The Salvation Frequency (Angel's voices, not ee-ee-ee!).  Still, going too far can really de-stabilize the consciousness.......I do not know what to make of it.  I am fairly corrupted by:  Vanity, pride, sloth, lust and ambition to succeed in this world.  I keep getting the feeling that even if I inherited the entire world that I'd still have not really accomplished anything.  This is rather frustrating.  I always thought that success was all-important and that if I didn't make it I would have committed some sort of "crime of omission".   It appears that MY crime of omission was failing to stick to God as my personal savior. 

      I'm writing this to help anyone I can.  I feel almost pushed away from the light.  I felt like this even when I was a small child.  It was like I COULDN'T get close to God.  On only one occasion, I felt an intense Love and oneness with him.  Otherwise, I felt like something was pumping resentment into me when I heard things at Church.  If I don't make it, you still can from the knowledge I've discovered from my extreme experiences.   I may not have the discipline, but that doesn't mean you can't use what I have learned! 


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