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Understanding Astrology Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Updated on August 26, 2011

Written by: Jaclyn Popola

Most people are familiar with the zodiac and how their sign defines personality, dictates days or determines compatibility with other sun signs. There is also a moon sign to tell you which house of the zodiac the moon was in on the day you were born. The position of the moon is said to have a great influence on your emotional side and the way you operate within a relationship. But every zodiac sign belongs to one of four main elements: Air to breathe, Fire to warm us from the cold, Water to cleanse us and quench our thirst, and Earth to live on. These elements describe the four personality types associated with the zodiac. In addition to describing basic character traits, the astrology of the elements is amazingly accurate at determining how two people will get along (an Air with a Water, for example) and whether they will have a negative or positive effect on the other.

EARTH: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo -- (Sensation)

Earth signs are patient, reliable, realistic and down-to-earth, naturally. They are solid, loyal individuals. In a relationship, Earth signs are stabilizing forces, natural mediators who stress structure and organization in order to achieve balance and harmony. Earth signs foster growth and are born nurturers who love to see the results of their tender loving care, be it with people, animals or plants. They realize the importance of unconditional love and support. They love life, take pleasure in simply being alive, and like to be surrounded by beauty. Typically, Taurus is stubborn, Virgo is a hard worker, and Capricorn needs to constantly surmount new challenges.

AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius -- (Thinking)

Air signs are intellectuals who tend to think on a different level than the other elements. Their thoughts flow freely and their ideas contribute greatly to any philosophical conversation. Air signs are fanciful thinkers whose thoughts soar as fast as airplanes. However, because they are so preoccupied with indulging and analyzing their own thoughts, it is easy for their overactive minds to block them from achieving true inner peace and harmony. This is why meditation is so important for this element--deep, controlled breathing is needed to achieve higher levels of relaxation. Geminis are flighty, Libras are balanced, and Aquarius are humanitarians.

FIRE: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries -- (Intuition)

Fire signs are the passionate, confident signs on the zodiac spectrum. Their energetic personalities and enthusiasm for life lights up any room and acts like a beacon for those in the dark. Because of their bright demeanor, people tend to flock to Fire signs. When used in moderation, Fire signs are passionate lovers who are extremely outgoing and a lot of fun to be around. Life with a Fire sign will never be boring. However, an over-expression of fire can easily turn into aggression as these signs are quick to temper. And when Fire begins to rage, he will quickly consume everything in his path. Typically, Aries is the flirt, Leo is the King or Queen, and Sagittarius has an unquenchable wanderlust.

WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces -- (Feeling)

Water signs are extremely flexible and adaptable. Water flows freely and can manipulate itself to fit into any surrounding, over rocks and around bends. It pours forth to others, allowing others to feel her pain and suffering, or vice versa, to offer the sincerest empathy and compassion. Water is uncontrolled, however, and can be very difficult to reign in and discipline. If uncontrolled, water signs will stay on turbulent paths which will cause her to be moody and unpredictable, ebbing and cresting like rough waves. While Cancers and Scorpios have a hard exterior to protect them from their own vulnerable sensitivities, Pisces does not. Cancers are fiercely loyal, Scorpios are dark and mysterious, and Pisces are the mystics of the zodiac.


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    • constantia11 profile image

      constantia11 7 years ago from haelen

      Great article. One thing. If you think you are a taurus you are a aries. Astrology should work again with the real astronomical facts.

    • profile image

      marsailles  10 years ago

      Good informative article. A related area might be

    • profile image

      F_Gallente 10 years ago

      Great informative Hub. I think people miss the whole point of the moon all the time from what I've seen, and even for me an astrologist for years it's spooky to see how much we fit into our zodiac elements and the traits of those elements. Keep up the great work with this hub!