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Did you know Elijah wrote a scroll on End Times ?

Updated on March 31, 2012

Comparison between Elijah's writings and the Bible

Many years ago I was privileged to be shown writings from various scrolls via many translator's books written on the subject, I also had access to photos of the original scraps of parchment. I made notes of these and took copies, which I occasionally refer to when I need a little more information on a particular subject God has written in His Word - The Bible.

Recently, I decided to go through the whole of the Bible scriptures and pull out everything that relates to the Gt Tribulation. I was pleasantly surprised at all the various Bible books, that actually pointed to this subject, that I'd missed in previous research of Bible 'End Time' scriptures. This lead me to pull out my Scroll writings to re examine those on the Great Tribulation and End Times.

I have many Scroll Writings on this subject and would take too long to go through them all, however, I have picked out the information that Hashem has shown me to be relevant to believers for NOW!

I shall write just the relevant parts without explanation as I trust the reader will pray to God for understanding (through the revelations of the Holy Spirit) and wisdom to appreciate and digest the meaning! A learned Holy Spirit -filled believer would have no difficulty recognising the links of Elijah's writings to those End Time writings found in the New Testament, particularly The Book of Revelation.

Elijah warns us that the King of North increases wars but the King of the West is the King of peace.

King of West kills King of North...Egypt bloodshed.

A worthless peace treaty to saints (is offered). He (antichrist) says 'God is one' and honors priests. He exalts holy places in Egypt and appoints priests there. He says 'there is one language only'.

When you hear "peace and joy exist" be ready!

Syria and four kings will do battle with three, (they will spend) three years looting and plundering in Egypt. Persian King is worshipped as a righteous King for three and half years. In the 4th year the false messiah appears, saying he is christ, and stands in Holy place. He performs miracles, healing ...

He (false messiah) will stand in holy place and command the sun to fall 'Be Dark' and it will. He will make lame walk, blind see... But he cannot raise the dead. He has no power over souls!

This false messiah is described by Elijah as a Little Pelec, (means little horn which is symbolic of a very small, kingship). He is able to change to fit into certain situations i.e. simulate a chameleon. Elijah describes the false messiah as having a scaly skin and protruding eyes slit up to his ears. This is symbolic maybe of a person who is able to change or camouflage himself. Elijah also says that the false messiah's face does not change. Elijah says this false messiah can change his look into an adult or a child. This shows a power to change his body into whatever he chooses. Sounds far -fetched unless you are familiar with the concept of the fallen angels that came and took human wives and gave birth to creatures half human and half demonic! These offspring have been cross breeding ever since -producing superbeings! To continue Elijah's writings...

Elijah writes: A REBUKE TO THE PEOPLE!

Why do you sin and multiply sin, provoking God to anger? Do not love the world nor what is in the world. The world's pride and its destruction are the devil's. The devil has decided to prevent the sun from rising over the earth and prevent the earth from giving produce, wishing to devour men! But God has compassion and will send his son to rescue us, he changed himself into a man. (See the comparison? the devil will aways try to similate God's powers. Yeshua came as a man from a Holy Spirit being and the devil tries to do the same by changing his appearance as mentioned above. Satan tried to do the same with his magicians and simulate Mose's miraculous plagues brought on through God's power, however, the magicians had limited power as satan is limited!

The Lord says, " Those who are his, he will put his name on their foreheads and a seal on their right hand. Satan will NOT prevail over them. They will not hunger or thirst, nor will the 'powers' hinder them any longer. They will walk with the angels to the city. (The seal is the seal of ownership as God's beloved child and those with Yeshua's name on their forehead is guaranteed salvation'. Isn't that wonderful!!!) (Again remember the cross references in the scriptures i.e. Revelation, andthe false messiah's mark of the beast - KNOW THE DIFFERENCE AND BE ALERT! His mark will be his name 666 which is symbolic of humanism and everything profane! There will be no guarantees for salvation, only death and the abyss for all eternity!!!

To continue with Elijah...

Deceivers will multiply at end times, adopting teachings NOT of God, setting aside God's law, people who's God is their own belly!

The Lord instituted 'fasting' as a benefit to man against passions and lusts which oppose you. To stop evil one from deceiving you. He who fasts will never sin (as we are covered and made white as snow)

Let him who is Holy -Fast!

Holy fasting forgives sin, heals sickness, cast out demons, exerts power up to the throne of God, as an ointment, a fragrance as a remission of sin through Holy prayer.

ISAIAH 58: 6 tells us how to truly fast...

Is not this the kind of fasting I (God) have chosen:

a) to loose the chains of injustice

b) untie the cords of the yoke

c) set the oppressed free

d) break every yoke

e) share your food with the hungry

f) provide the poor wanderer with shelter

g) clothe the naked

h) do not turn away from your family

Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I....

Do away with :

1, yoke of oppression

2. pointing the finger (condemning others)

3. Malicious talk

4. Work at looking after the hungry and oppressed then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday. The Lord will guide you always. He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. ...If you keep from breaking the Sabbath and from doing as you please on my Holy Day, if you call the Sabbath a delight and the Lord's holy day honorable and not go your own way or speak idle words then you will find your joy in the Lord...The mouth of the Lord has spoken!


To conclude:

To follow up this hub with aBible study I recommend you look at the verses given below regarding the devil darkening the sun. The reader must appreciate that the devil is the prince of this world, therefore he dictates the events in the world for his purposes. His goal is to take dominion of the world and the people in it. Logically (satan is very logical, psychologically adept and cunning) his goal is to depopulate the world of its God followers and rid the world of those who do not fit into the evolutionary categories required (simulating that of Hitler's Arian people). Satan intends (as did Hitler who was Satan's experimental puppet) for the survival of the fittest to be his key population, anyone else will be eliminated (as in the holocaust - only worse). To achieve this he creates a world of famine anddisasters - humanistically, that is using Mankind's natural greed and desire for power. However, we know that ultimately God will take over and produce his own disasters and famine but this will be as retribution not to reduce the population to achieve power and control over human beings. God allows choice and freedom whereas satan offers imprisonment and subjectivity.

The events of the Great Tribulation are developing rapidly, we can see how it is shaping into satan's full control- many people dying through hunger, deprivation and disease, many are dying from wars, The globalization of the world is moving towards each nation becoming totally under the control by finance, debt, specific currencies, and specific duties of each nation to provide a specific product i.e. aluminium, textiles, bananas, this explains the time coming when only those marked with the beasts mark will be able to buy and sell. They will eventually have to comply with regulations regarding import and export of goods -so that you will have to buy certain goods only from a specific nation and not manufacture the goods yourself- there is to be a world bank, a one world religion and a one world leadership.

We have discussed that the devil (satan) has control over the sun - the latest news seems to confirm this when we hear of Chemtrails which have the affect of changing the weather (environment) so that crops and people are infected with certain chemicals dangerous to health. This is still under investigation but look up about chemtrails on U Tube.

Because of the times we are in we have to expect the unexpected no matter how ridiculous it may sound- we are after all dealing with "dark forces and unseen principalities".

However, remember God's promises of protection- God is FOR mankind and he will be our fortress during the times of trouble! That is why he sent Yeshua!

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Many Bible verses refer to the sun darkening but the ones below are when God intervenes at the very end! I have included a few verses which pertain to the same period i.e. Isaiah 24: 18 doesn't mention darkness of the sun but about the earth shaking. and goes to verse 23 where it mentions the sun is ashamed.

1. Revelation 6:12, 6th seal is when God is at work - The great Day of Wrath!

2. 1 Thess 13: 29 Yeshua's return,

3. Joel 2:10 and 3:15

4. Isaiah 13:10, 24:18, 24:23, 34:4

I will finish with Enoch who wrote down what God spoke to him when Enoch was 'walking with God'. " When the stars fall, sun and moon darken this immediately precedes the second coming of the Lord, the 'born again' will be a great army, multitudes behind him (Messiah Yeshua)."

Remember and note this - if you are born again - you will not see the lord's 2nd coming from here on earthunless you are ordained to be a Tribulation saint (left behind but converted to accepting Yeshua as your saviour during the Gt Tribulation period.) Those who are 'born again' before this Great Tribulation will be with the Lord as part of the great army mentioned above.


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    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 5 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Wow what great hub with much profound meaning! I feel I can learn much from you!