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Eliminate Resistance on Yourself

Updated on February 9, 2015

So many people put resistance on themselves and their goals and dreams. They know what they want in their heart but they feel that what they want cannot happen.

Your thoughts determine your reality. If you think that something can happen then it will. If you think that you can't get what you want then you won't. Listen to what you are telling yourself because what you are telling yourself is determine what kind of future you are having.

Do you ever notice how sometimes you get the guys you do not want and the guys you do want won't give you a chance? It's not because there is something wrong with you and you are only attracting guys who aren't a good fit for you. It is because of the resistance. You are placing no energy on guys that you do not like. You do not go out of your way for them or try to attract them. The guys that you like you constantly wonder if they like you. You put all your energy on getting their attention that you are actually putting resistance on them. If maybe you get to know them and go with the flow you could actually be in a relationship with them.

Don't go around day after day wondering when things will get better. Do not focus on your problems as soon as you get up in the morning. Instead state an intention that today is going to be your day. Today is going to be the day that you will meet the love of your life. Today is the day that you will get your dream job or a promotion at work. Today is the day that you will get a healthy report from your doctor. Today is the day that you win the lotto.

Anything and everything is possible. All you have to do is believe. It takes faith and trusting God and the universe that everything will fall into place just as it is meant to. Don't worry about the how or why something is not happeneing yet. If you focus on why something did not happen yet then it never will. Just keep on believing and let the universe and God deliver the outcome the best way possible.

Take a mind to quiet your mind. Close your eyes, lie down or sit in a comfortable position and just relax. Imagine a life where all your dreams are comming true. How does it feel? Imagine yourself with the guy of your dreams, talking and laughing. Imagine yourself driving the car you want. Imagine yourself working at the job of your dreams. When you imagine yourself living your life the way you want to the universe will deliver it to you. If you could see it in your mind you could experience it in reality.

Pay attention to how you are feeling inside. How you feel inside is how you will feel on the outside. Don't just say "I could get any guy I want." Believe that you could get any guy you want. Make a list of all of the things that you are grateful for. Do whatever you could to get on a good vibration.

Pay close attention to your thoughts. Sit down in a comfortable position with a piece of pen and paper. Close your eyes and relax. Write down the first thought that comes to mind. Is it a good thought or is it a bad thought? If it is a good thought keep writing those good thoughts until the paper is filled. If it is a bad thought throw the piece of paper away and start over with a good thought. By you throwing away the piece of paper with the bad thought you are releasing your ngative thinking and making room for more positive thinking. Then when your good thought list is done read it in front of the mirror.

You could have the life you want. You just have to believe it. You have to know that without a doubt in your heart you could have what you want and it will come true. Take limits off yourself and be open to all of the wonderful things that can happen to you. Then when you are ready you will recieve them.

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