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Embracing Me Review

Updated on July 18, 2012

Embracing Me

Chango Baptist Feast for the Orishas.
Chango Baptist Feast for the Orishas. | Source

Embracing Me Review

During slavery and even after slavery black people were restricted from practicing anything that was African. They were punished and many killed trying to retain their African heritage. One such instance includes the vilification of African Orisha Worship, and it's practitioners discouraged by severe penalties, including death. Over time and as a means to discourage Yoruba practice Orisha worship was aligned with black magic, and the devil.

Nevertheless, the practitioners continued under strict secrecy; masking their beliefs in Catholicism.

Today we see the practice out in the open, and it's myths and misconceptions dispelled. This video is an award winning documentary short that helps to clear up our misconceptions of Orisha Worship.


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    • OldWitchcraft profile image

      OldWitchcraft 5 years ago from The Atmosphere

      This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

      "They seek god; I seek the truth," he says. Everything he says here is true. The reason the tyrants tried to destroy African-based religion both in Africa and everywhere else, was out of fear of its power. They found out about its power the hard way and no matter how much they say they have faith in their one god, they are afraid of it.