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Empath: Blessing or Curse?

Updated on December 19, 2014

Sympathy and Empathy

Being sympathetic and empathetic are two incredibly different processes. Sympathy is generally expressed when we feel for others because they may be going through hardship. Empathy however is when we can relate to the pain being experienced by the individual, as opposed to simply understanding the act of "going through hardship".

For example, let's say your dog has past away and the event has deeply saddened you. Your friends may offer their condolences perhaps by saying "Sorry for your loss". This is generally a sympathetic expression.

Let's say one of your close friends has also just gone through the loss of his or her dog and they come over to comfort you. This act would be considered 'empathetic'.

When we have empathetic emotions towards someone or something, the idea that we 'feel' for someone else can be very powerful for certain individuals, more specifically; the Empath.

Vibes: Good and Bad

Have you ever heard someone say, "I get bad vibes from that person" ? Many times we use 'vibes' as a term to describe how comfortable we may feel. Being that our universe is simply made up of particles floating together, it's no wonder that the term derived from our subatomic vibrational makeup.

We are all different in terms of our biology, as well as our nurtured experiences in life. This is why we deal with people and situations in varying ways.

Is it possible that some individuals are more susceptible to vibrations than others? In the case of the Empath, some suggest this may be so.

Curse or a Blessing?

As an Empath, many individuals will look to you for advice, comfort, or simply to have someone to confide in. This however can be perceived as both a gift and a burden for the intuitive individual...

When people wish to confide in someone, whether it is to vent, or simply express the way they are feeling, there is an exchange of energy going on. Every time you interact with someone, you are exchanging energies. Those who confide in others are generally looking for a 'boost' or 'recharge' of energy. It is normal for us to need a boost every once in a while, but for highly intuitive people these 'boosts' could mean a serious depletion of their own energy.

This is where the 'curse' aspect comes into play. We all know those individuals who feel the need to empower a situation, conversation, or even empower another person. Some types of people even try to make you feel bad for them for having gone through a certain trauma or event. These people have been characterized as 'psychic vampires' even if they have no intention of directly draining ones energy.

While most people would simply 'tune' such an individual out, empaths find this task incredibly difficult. As a highly intuitive person, you may feel almost every blip and spike in the vibrations around you.

To best describe these people, imagine yourself in an automobile. As most vehicles have rubber treading on their tires, we'll pretend these are like 'most people'. Empaths however would be like a vehicle with no tread on their tires, in which they feel every bump and crevice in the road.

Tips for an Extra-Sensitive Being

While there is no guide in terms of being an empath, there are tips and tricks to make your life easier. From my own experiences, I have some advice which I have found helpful.

1. Remember this is YOUR life: It's easy for empaths to absorb other's vibrations and therefore it is easy for empaths to 'lose' themselves. It's incredibly important to stay grounded at all times and remember that you were put on this earth to live your life, and not anyone else's.

2. Avoid the 'Bad Vibes': Even if it may mean avoiding interacting with people whom you believe to be friends or family, your health is much more important than satisfying their need for energy. If they are true friends, they should respect and understand your choices. Try to stay away from places and people that make you feel uncomfortable and or 'less' of yourself.

3. Stay Grounded: As an Empath, one of the most important pieces of advice would be to always stay grounded. You can do this through breathing, meditation, listening to music, any form of internal focus really. Personally I find meditation to be the most effective form of grounding, however there are many different ways available.

4. Express Yourself: A great way to stay grounded, is to express yourself in as many ways as possible. We are inherently creative beings, put here to create! Whether you enjoy drawing, writing, making music, reading, go do it! Whatever draws you in a positive way, these forms of expression are imperative to better ourselves, and the world.

Wishing you the best on your journey!

- Jared


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