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Empathic Abilities Blessing Or Curse

Updated on November 12, 2010

How To Separate You From Them

I have always been an Empath. I think Its DNA more than `learned` Meaning Empathy has been said to be Genetic...If that`s the case then my family FINALLY makes sense! LOL sorry had to put that in there. Back to the Empathy, as I said I had this all my life and it was HELL growing up and feeling these moods and emotional fluctuations day in and day out. I was an angry child.

I didn't know what was happening and no one helped or even cared too. Yeah sucks but it did make me stronger and even as a teenager I remember thinking ``these aren't mine what's going on?" I always went through the same thing I'd get up feeling good then I go out side and see my friends, family and go to school and (snap fingers) I'm down, drained and angry. I felt like I was going insane. I will admit I did have a couple "rests" but I'm not crazy lol I remembering the doctors scanning my brain and doing EKG's and found zip, I remembering that meds never worked on me not even the anti-psychotic one's. This really confused me and I was still feeling like this day in and day out.

That's when Years later (in my late twenties) I was researching my "symptoms" I don't know what you'd call it but anyway I came across Empathic Abilities so as I read here's what I found that I can do ( I can put it into word's YAY finally)

1) I'm a mimic meaning I can act Exactly like you emotionally (sometimes not even realizing it)

2)I cry for no reason. Picking up on your sadness even if you try to hide it.

3) I can read emotions that your feeling by how you text a word or wright a paper.

4)I can tell if your lying to me either in person on the phone or by text ( also I should note that since I was ignored as a child I hung around the farm animals, who taught me unconditional love and to read body language )

5) I can read your true intentions either in your eye's, body language and my gut.

6)I FEEL the pain emotionally of an animal or child getting hurt or has been hurt, I even get intuitional flashes with pictures and emotions of what happened to them (tho not accurate always but by the wounds I figure it out)

7) I have "flashes" of insite before they happen to me or a future even even what there really thinking about when it comes to me ex: I was in the hospital with family as an aunt was dying, Me and the guy I was with were going to Wait in the car. He was walking so fast and I was confused as he's normally a open-the-door-for-a-girl type of guy. As we walked passed this room in the hospital hallway I understood. I had an "intuition flash" I saw him grab me into this room and started kissing me. needless to say he picked up walking speed as he passed that door.

8) I get overwhelmed in public places like I'm suffocating (my husband knows what to do lol nothing like seeing a big Filipino man clear a hallway lol) but he has fun with it too and will ask me to read a couple.

9)I despise loud noises, strong perfumes and yelling as it hurts my ears (Empaths are sensitive to things like that, some more than others)

10) I can go into a room (occupied or not) and instantly pick up energies if what's going on ( my husband hates this one as I will scan a room and watch people, I told him I don't feel safe until I know its safe and with no suppresses)

11)I usually know when you need something or what your looking for.

12) I knew when or who was calling.

13) I get nervous around people who are guarded or angry and when I am around someone who's mad I assume its about me. I try to call out a person on their moods to deal with it immediately. It makes them uncomfortable but I, usually I cant sleep at night due to the racing "brain energy" from the day..

15) I can pick up when someones thinking about me and HOW there thinking about me.

16) My first impression of meeting a new person is always right, even if it doesn't show right away... but it shows lol my husband says that's why we bearly have any friends lol

17) When I meet a couple just getting together I will ge a flash of good or bad in how there relationship will be even how long it will be!

18) When I'm alone I sense things around me and I get a "flash" of what it is or what it looks like (freaky)

19 )I get the urge to blurt out what someone wants to say when I'm next to them in a group convo.

20) I can put myself into a character of a movie or book and feel as if its me.

21) I also get feelings of being "drained" by toxic people and negative energy.

22) I see you for who you are even when you lie iI hear the true words in my head, I can also pick up your thoughts when in Alpha state(Ill show you what I mean)

This is mostly the list of what I can do, long when I look at it lol I will admit that I'm not as powerful as I could be due to suppression over the years. Now I can show you what Ive learned to help cope.

*Alpha state is when your totally relaxed not thinking about anything, you just are. Think of when you daydream its like that. that voice that comes out of knowear startling you out of you "zone" is your alpha voice. To train to listen to your alpha voice first you must meditate by breathing in through th nose, hold 4 counts and out throughthe mouth while visualizing a totem like mines the moon, it can be anything its goals to help you focus and learn visualization. This helps you get rid of the "mental noise" do this for 3 sets if you can. If you feel to dizzy then stop but try ok?

* I meditate everyday and ground,centre and shield myself before going out or even just being at home (which I do a lot ..stay home) after my breathing (above) I visualize glowing white roots going into the ground from my feet this is Grounding. Then I visualize the same light going from my feet to my heart this is Centre. Lastly I visualize the light in my heart expanding outwards till my body is surrounded and see it rotate clockwise, this is Shield. I say" Only what I want will entre" or you can say "Only love can enter.".. your choice really.

* Also during you meditation/visulization try to work on yous chakras just visualize a white light going from the root chakra up to your head. I even keep a Smoky Quartz with me as its known to absorb negative energies. You need to cleans the stone of previous energies and program it for you only. Take the stone and ither put it into salt (it's a purifier naturally) for a few hours or out in the sun for 2 days. After that you hold it in your hand holding your other hand above it saying something like " you will absorb any negative energies that enter me" I usually focus on the negative energy being a certain color and being pulled out of me and into the stone.

You can do this when someones negative energy wants to get to you, say Sara for example is draining to be around, in your mind you see her color say black coming towards you, just shield it and send it bouncing off your shield back to her.



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    • Mystique Scorpio profile imageAUTHOR

      Mystique Scorpio 

      8 years ago from Edmonton Alberta ;)

      Yes definetly, sounds like you are its a lot on gut feelings which is intuition telling you about something going to happen or has like you mentioned. I hope thoe that you don't absorb emotions like I do. Its hell to separate them.

      Thank you for commenting :)

    • Alison Graham profile image

      Alison Graham 

      8 years ago from UK

      This is really fascinating, thank you for sharing this. Is my feeling whenever something has gone wrong with either of my grown-up children or the feeling that something bad has happened/is about to happen related to being empathetic, or is it something else?

    • Mystique Scorpio profile imageAUTHOR

      Mystique Scorpio 

      8 years ago from Edmonton Alberta ;)

      thank you its what I was going for :)

    • 4elements profile image


      8 years ago


    • 4elements profile image


      8 years ago

      That is a really good explaination. Very simple to follow. When i clear my stones, I usually run it under water and to ' Charge it", I will put it in a window to collect sun energy and then moon energy roughly 24 hours and then i am ready to use it again.


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