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Empaths for Christ. How can I use my ability for God's Kingdom?

Updated on September 15, 2014

God is the creator of all things.

Empaths are those who have a “sixth sense” or a deeper knowing about others’ emotional needs and/or the ability to plug into the energy realm sensing things others do not. For some, it may be a catastrophic event around the world. For others, your dream world is as real and telling as your awaken state and sometimes you cannot tell which one you are in.

Some Empaths can communicate with animals, plants, environment while others can understand the pain, emotions or needs of others even when they cannot for themselves. There are many articles on Empaths that are very informative and good tools for gaining insight into this world of being. I would suggest reading some on hubpages.

For the purposes of this article, I would like to focus on how to be an empath for God's Kingdom. There is much information out there on how to get in contact with the spiritual realm or energies through New-age “of the old age” since nothing is new under the sun. These things can be ways of communicating through tarot cards, palm readings, mediumship, psychic work and such...but we as followers of Christ, know, not to attract ourselves to such things. God explicably states that we are not to dabble in such witchcraft.

I will admit, I was naturally drawn to the paranormal, and now I, understand why. Where there is work for the dark, there is also work for the light. Gods’ light. So in effect, you may be wondering how do natural abilities of an empath filter into God's world. It is quite simple really.

It is very clear in the word of God, we do not battle with flesh and blood but rather, our battle is with the spiritual realm and its principalities. Another words, we are in battle for our soul and whether you are aware or not, you are as well. Simply, you are for the dark or the light, whether you buy into it or not, it is that BLACK and WHITE. It is however, a good idea to know what part you play in this ongoing battlefield (spiritual realm) because as Christians we are given a RESPONSIBILITY with knowing how to protect ourselves, through the power and authority in Christ. For it is said, what is loosen on this earth is also loosened in the Heavenlies. The earth's inhabitants are in direct connection to the Angels in the Heavenlies. God made us both and we both have a specific part to play, one that is interdependent.

Here are a few groupings of gifts received from God to further his work on earth. If you focus on the spiritual gifts, you will see they all fall under the gifts of REVELATION. These gifts help correct others in the faith, discerning truth from lie all, while glorifying God in all we do. These gifts correlate with the gifts of Empaths as well.

Gifts of Revelation:

(1) Word of knowledge (1 Corn 12:8) that helps determine a lie from Gods truth

(2) Words of wisdom (1 Corn 12:8) when given understanding that only few have

(3) Distinguishing or discerning of spirits (1 Corn 12:10) good or bad within the spiritual realm.

These gifts also help us to see as God himself, sees (1 Samuel 16: 7); help us to see the true condition of the heart and ultimately helps us to be protected from deception (the enemies major player) as well as giving us insight into the problems of others so we can effectively help them move forward.

Gifts of power:

(1) Faith (1 Corinthians 12: 9) A knowing of God that despite the situation, faith will not falter.

(2) Workings of miracles (1 Corinthians 12: 10, 28) The ability to create miracles for others when in direct connect to the Holy Spirit.

(3) Gifts of healings (1 Corinthians 12: 9, 28). This can be in the form of physical or emotional healings.

There are various kinds of spirits that engage us in the Christian walk here are four:

(1) Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit

(2) Angels, both good and evil

(3) Demons or unclean spirits

(4) Spirit of man, the human spirit.

As you can see from above, God is the originator of healings, miracles, and such. The witchcraft age came from what was already here and accessible to humankind, but was turned into the dark. So, when physics or mediums are conjuring up dead people for you to communicate with, they are really lesser demons who have the capacity to be anything you want. This is all for confusion purposes (deception) to move you from faith in God to finding answers on your own.
The problem with this thought is when you go to the dark for your answers; you carry some of that dark with you. You will become slave to the dark side and therefore not protected from God's covering, period.
If you do not believe me, there are some book links at the bottom for you to gain more awareness of what God says about it all.
So in part, Empaths can be seen as special helpers for God's kingdom since we have a little extra sensing in the spiritual realm so that we can help fellow mankind follow the right path as well as ourselves. With much knowldege comes greater responsibility. So maybe we are those who have the traits to stand up for truth despite the otential consequences in doing so. Maybe we are the light bearers of truth a symbol of Bravery. I don't really know but I do know that God has brought me right tothis place of greater understanding and with it comes grave responsibility. I am willing to take that on, i've been doing it my whole life already, but now I am gaining the effective tools in doing it with ease.

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© 2014 Amy Casale Choisser


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