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Empowering Enlightened Forecast

Updated on November 22, 2014


11/23 - Today will bring changes and surprises! Be careful in traffic. Expect changes in what ever you have scheduled today! You will feel freer and more alive. Try something new or make an important change. You may move to a new environment or be recognized for past accomplishments. Contracts and travel are favored. Families unite and those looking for romance will enjoy their options.** If your arguing with family and friends today you are out of harmony with your prenatal agreement. Contact me for a review.

11/24 - This is a day to tend to the needs of close friends and family. Focus on the needs of others and being of service. Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you. RELAX!! The law of balance will rule. Today injustices are made right. Those on the side of truth prevail. Financial gains likely in business, law and family matters.

11/25 - It's time to take a break. Get some rest if possible. Do not over exert yourself. This is not the day for an aggressive approach. Spend time alone. Get in touch with your inner guides. If you have outgrown a situation, make plans to move. A great day for meditation, solitude, reflection and healing. Also great for writing, taking a class, joining a spiritual community, or contacting me...your personal Numerologist.

11/26 - Hope you got some rest on the 25th because today is going to be busy!! Dress for success, be prepared to deal with events that arise suddenly to test your resolve. All business and financial matters are favored today. Buying and selling included. Great day for partnerships and marriage! Dealing with problems effectively can lead to advancement and promotions. Those in the military get their marching orders today.

11/27 - It's time for endings and completions today! Endings are often simultaneously a new beginning! It's a day requiring tolerance and selflessness. Visit the sick and shut in. Give to charity. Help someone without thought of return. Under today's influences, secrets are revealed. Don't be depressed over issues you can't control. In an unpleasant relationship or situation? END IT TODAY!!.

11/28 - If you' been thinking about a new venture, living space, job or relationship...then today is your day!! It is a day for making major decisions. Be aggressive, go for it! Anything started today has great potential! Of course new beginnings often mean endings. today's energy can bring culminations, congratulations, and on to the next challenge!!

11/29 - A day with special potentials. Artist experience a burst of energy. People are very sensitive today. Commercial opportunities may bog down if you allow dishonest people to bring you down. It's a day for diplomacy and discretion. Keep your eyes on the prize the log jams will be broken and things will get rolling merrily along!.

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