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Empowering Enlightened Forecast December 7 - December 31

Updated on December 3, 2014

DECEMBER (cont.)- The month of December will be about new beginnings, fresh starts and more energy! Take a class, ask for what you want, be decisive.Be cautious and finances grow. Placing too much trust in others is not wise this month! Ethical, honest values are rewarded. Great month for Real Estate.

12/7 - Be prepared for changes and surprises early today. After noon, things will slow down. It's prayer time. Money, finances, promotion, business expansion are possible today. Inheritances likely. Whatever isn't completed before noon will be brought to conclusion after 6 pm. Today, the job gets done if you keep your faith.

12/8 - Today's energy gives us the opportunity to demonstrate selfless giving by helping others with their problems and by showing sympathy for others. Be tolerant in the face of today's DRAMA. Keep your eyes on the prize. There maybe seperations and endings today, they are necessary to prepare us for tommorrow's new beginnings.

12/9 - Today is a great day for taking the initiative and moving forward with personal plans. There may be some lingering emotion from yesterday. Help can come from family and friends. Move forward. Business prospers under today's enfluences. If your looking for love, a new interest can emerge today.

12/10 - Positive vibes continue today and we can be overwhelmed by BLESSINGS. Today is a day of reaping! Have you been looking for a new job, a promotion, or waiting for a ruling? Well, people in high positions are feeling generous today.Yesterday's love vibe continues. If romance has been missing, today's energy will fill the void. Great day for meditation and/or Spiritual awareness. Today, our cups "runneth over".

12/11 - The love vibe continues and may result in triangles today. It' time to commit. Trust the inner voice to guide you today. It's time to join with like minded people to promote a goodwill project that will benefit others. It's a day for helping the children. Love isn't put in our hearts to stay, love isn't love until we give it away.

12/12 - Today the rose colored glasses come off and we get a peep behind the curtain. Don't get it twisted, all suffering is self emposed. Use today's newly acquired insight to make plans for the future. It's a great day for getting work done. Building a home and/or a business indicated as are endings, breaks, and seperations.

12/13 - The winds of change, release, and transformation are blowing. Don't resist. Creative "dream come true" energy abounds today so take a risk. Joy, contentment, new opportunities, romance what a great day. Things will not go as planned, they will go better than planned.

12/14 - Today's key words are love and cooperation. Slow down and feel the love. Today is great for marriage, and settling agreements that have been pending. It's a great day for meeting on common ground. and for win win negotiating. Those with an artistic inclination will blossom under today's influences.

12/15 - If faced with a decision, choose virtue over vice today. Have faith...what we have been waiting for will be ours today. Healing, financial increase, promotion, business expansion, harmony and peace in relationships all are favored. Great day for spending time alone in thanksgiving.

12/16 - A flash of insight leads to illumination. Do you like what you see? This is a volitile day that can lead to financial gain, prosperity and fame or total loss and destruction. The key is to put others first in your concerns. Does someone need some advice? Ego arrogance and pride will lead to a fall TODAY. Secrets are revealed. Is it time for new plans??

12/17 - The key to navigating today's drama is to learn the lessons from the past and then being willing to LET IT GO!!. There's no need to cry over spilled milk. Even if you could get it back in the would not want to drink it. Tolerance, forgivness live and let live. Great day for visiting the poor, sick and shut in. Give, volunteer.

12/18 - The push for new begginnings is strong today. Expect people to be impatient and aggressive in traffic. The old becomes the new. Take advantage of opportunities. This is a day for achieving goals. Great day for starting an exercise program!

12/19 - This is a high energy day. Values matter. Vanity, fame, ego, jealousy, frivolity, glamor are illusions avoid them and success can be yours. Get in touch with your true self and radiate your truth. Like energy will respond. Making the right choices today can lead to a happy marriage, material prosperity, and spiritual peace.

12/20 - Many will be showered with material blessings today. After the celebration, it's time to think of others. Use your gains for humanitarian and philantropic projects to uplift the planet. Feed the hungry, house the homeless. Buy that computer for your kid.

12/21 - It's time to get things in order. If there is work to be done, get to work. Great day for business, working on the land, fixing and mending around the house. Health can be effected by over indulgence in food or drink. Look before you leap! Are you jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?

12/22 - The work theme continues today and it pays off. This is the day to take the leap of faith. Expect happy changes and peace and harmony in the family. Past efforts are rewarded under today's energy. Expect tidings of joy, happiness and contentment. If you have been looking for a new relationship you could meet Mr or Miss RIGHT!! If things don't go as planned today go with the flow.

12/23 - Somebody rocks the boat today. Will it be you? There's a fight brewing, put on your spiritual armor today. Justice will prevail today. Legal dealing may arise. Be positive and vigilant. Listen to the still voice within. Those who are fighting for the right will be victoriuos.

12/24 - Things slow down today so expect delays. Spend some time alone in prayer and thanksgiving. Distance yourself from the materialism. See beneath superficial appearances. If you experience a seperation today it indicates the need for self examination. REST.

12/25 - Expect some sudden surprizes today. Someone or something may enter our experience and test our ability to judge fairly. Things can be quite intense. Take charge of your destiny, have the courage to express your convictions. Business, finance and the law may be involved in today's activities. Keep the faith and success will follow any difficulties.

12/26 - Practice forgiveness today and your trespasses will be forgiven. The truth emerges and secrets are revealed. Successful conclusions can be reached today despite the drama in the air. Eat well and allow time for rest. When we do something for someone and they don't thank us, God does to the tune of 10 fold more. REJOICE!

12/27 - New beginnings require letting go of the past. Some times weare unable to let go of negative influences in our lives, today...God will do it for us. Many receive honor today for a job well done. Today's culminations and triumphs for prolonged effort bring an end to relationships that we have out grown and the beginning to something new!

12/28 - Balance and cooperation will be needed today. Decisions have to be made. This is not the day to rely on others. Some may not be truthful. If you find yourself in a dark situation, be the light. Project love, harmony, peace to get things moving in the right direction. Great things can be acheived.

12/29 - There can be emotional ups and downs today. False friends are revealed. When we forgive others our trespasses are forgiven. Delays are likely. Great day for artistic expression, working with children, and emotional growth.

12/30 - After spending time with children and close friends it's time for some alone time. Rest, convalescence and retreat from the world are the order of the day so, be still and know. Solitude gives us the opportunity to focus on the details of our lives. Use today for introspection. Gather your strength.

12/31 - Party Time!! People tend to be restless and spontanious today. Be careful in traffic. There will be a variety of opportunities and activities today. Excitement, travel and romance are in the air. Be responsible and stand up for what you believe.


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