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Empowering Enlightened Forecast - February 2015

Updated on January 26, 2015

The Month of partnerships, overcoming and harvest.

February will be a number one month. The energy we will experience in February will encourage and present opportunities for moving forward with new ideas, plans, people and places. Number one energy encourages us to focus on our goals and to be self reliant. This month fortune favors the bold...think number one!

Feb. 1 - Today's vibration will reveal the rewards that are possible if we are willing to make and or adapt to change. Be ready to make a quick decision. Today we will come to a fork in the road. Super bowl info on my face book page (

Feb. 2 - Today is a great day for singing, painting, dancing, writing speaking and working with children. Financial abundance is possible. Expect change and surprises noon - 6 pm. New vistas are revealed.

Feb. 3- Today is all about planning your work and working your plan. Great energy for manifesting inner dreams and goals. Building and mining activities favored. International activity spot lighted. Avoid get rich quick propositions.

Feb. 4 - Nothing goes as expected today so be flexible and don't stress. It's all about new partnerships and new beginnings this month and today.... things are a changing. People in high places are willing to help.

Feb. 5 - Today is a great day for family and friends. Think in terms of the need of others. Being of service brings great joy and reward. Remember, we can't beat GOD giving and what we give to others we give to our selves.

Feb. 6 - Today's key word is FAITH. Things may not go smoothly today...there may be delays. Keep your eyes on the prize. It's a great day for spending time alone in prayer and solitude, changing your living space or getting a check up.

Feb. 7 - All financial matters are favored today. Apply for a loan, buy, sell, ask for a raise. If learning another language will enhance your life experience, do so. Great day for partnering.

Feb. 8 - Today's fertile vibrations favor entrepreneurs, inventors, romance, and all things positive. Selfless giving today is ultimately rewarded ten fold. God smiles on us today!

Feb. 9 - Trust your own judgement today. If things go wrong or not as you expected, someone maybe opposing you behind the scenes. This is a great day for starting anything new.

Feb. 10 - Listen to the still voice within. Today is about enlightenment. False friends are revealed. The truth sets us free. Great day for business. Many will be recognized for their achievements today.

Feb. 11 - High energy today along with great joy. Happy, happy happy. Spend time with children , write, speak, create! It's time to "kill the fatted calf". Rejoice in a job well done and the rewards that follow.

Feb. 12 - Play time is over...time to get to work. Great day for getting affairs in order and catching up. Legal dealings can conclude today in a win win fashion.

Feb. 13 - Today's energy favors all who are in transition from caterpillar to butterfly. Keep your faith, God is bringing in changes. If you are chosen to be an agent of change today, know that "the force" is with you

Feb. 14 - Happy Valentine's Day (Compatibility Reports Available at Love is in the air. It's a day of giving selflessly and standing up for what we believe in. Family obligations may interfere with romantic plans.

Feb. 15- A great day to chill out and rest. Great for spending time alone in prayer. Events that we postponed yesterday move forward today. He loves you after all. Great travel day!

Feb. 16 - Be careful in traffic today. Secrets are revealed. Great day for business, promotions, getting loans and receiving material goods from others.

Feb. 17 - Today's powerful energy brings help to the poor, sick and disenfranchised. Truth and justice prevail. Don't give up the fight. Let go of the old.

Feb. 18 - If we have accepted the truth and let go of the old. We can begin anew today. If we have not let go of the useless, we can expect drama today. Family matters come to the fore.

Feb. 19 - Today reveals the results of our efforts. If we have planted good seed, fruit multiplies. If not, we have no harvest. Great day for material gain, physical satisfaction and Spiritual expansion.

Feb. 20 - The love energy is strong today bring us together as one. Harmony within seeks to manifest in the material world. Today the planet is elevated.

Feb. 21 - Obstacles today precede the break up of the old order. God is putting things in order. A new foundation is being established and the old is washed away. Follow through.

Feb. 22 - Today's new energy offers the opportunity to make dreams become a reality. Take a risk. Step out on faith. Great day for sales and promotions and romance. Expect global changes.

Feb. 23 - Today is all about love peace and harmony. Marriage is favored. Professional artist get inspiration to create. Great day for contracts, marriage and partnerships.

Feb. 24 - As the month ends, we can reflect on what has come into manifestation this month. Relax, heal, give thanks.

Feb. 25 - Today take time to focus on rewards and effort. Are you getting what you think you deserve? If's time to make a new plan.

Feb. 26 - The past is revisited today. Don't cry over spilled milk. Today is about learning from the past and letting it go.

Feb. 27 - It's all good today. New changes are in place and we are positioned to make new discoveries, grow and prosper we are for the next 13 months.

Feb. 28 - We end the month on a high note. Truth light and wisdom are the order of the day. Emotions run high as truth is revealed. The truth will set us free. Great day for marriage.



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