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Empowering Enlightened Forecast January 1 - 31, 2015

Updated on December 31, 2014


2015 will be a number 17 year and 1+7=8. The number 8 is a symbol for money and power. It also is a karmic number indicating what goes around comes around. In the #8 year, we reap what we have sown. It's a great year for financial advancement and material improvement through loans, buying and selling, promotion and business expansion. Things move forward under the influences of the # 8. The number 17 is dramatized in scripture by the charecter Moses ie., M = 4, O = 6, S= 1, and E=5. (4+6+1+5+1= 17). The spirit of LIBERATION is in the wind. The name Tubman and Rosa are 17 vibration words and reveal why Harriette and Parks are known as LIBERATORS. During the course of the #17 year, people will seek justice!! This year GOD's will is favoring rewards, great fortune and Spiritual assistance in over coming great odds. It will be a year to remember!!

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January 2015 will be a # 9 month. This indicates the need to finish up details from last year. It's time to slow down and get organized. Clean up your home and your office. Exercise, rest, write down your dreams. Visit the sick and shut in. Wait til next month to enter contracts. Those who express the dark side of this restful,healing vibration will proliferate war and revolution. On the positive tip, humanitarian causes are favored and windfalls are posible this month.

1/1 - Happy New Year!! Partnerships, love and marriage are highlighted under todays influences. Great day for planning new moves. Stay focused of being of service and personal losses can be avoided and obstacles over come!

1/2 - Today is decision day. Weight the options and act decisively. Do not resist the need for change. Today marks a turning point so exercise good judgement.

1/3 - This whole month is about endings so today we get a glimpse of new vistas. Plans already in motion reach successful completions. Travel, change, and rewards are the order of the day. Family obligations are a BLESSING today...enjoy!!

1/4 - Fun time is over...time to get ready for work. Also time to catch up on the work that didn't get done over the holidays :-). Make sure your ready to make that pitch on monday morning.

1/5 - Expect challenge and change. Be flexible, go with it. Protective forces abound today and can result in contracts, marriage, and favors from those in a position to do so.

1/6 - Today is all about love and gain. Business prospers and family and the home front may need attention. Be available to those who need you. Be of service. Avoid petty arguing.

1/7 - Today there may be trails to face, they are test of faith. Hang in there and keep your eyes on the prize. Attend to health issues. Change residence. Great day for prayer, meditation, and spending time alone reflecting on Spirit. Expect delays.

1/8 - Today what we have been waiting for is in hand. Check out all details before entering agreements. People we meet today may play an important role in our future. Expect the best!

1/9 - Today is a great day to launch any project, business, or partnership. Under today's fruitful vibes success is assured.

1/10 - Today it is better to be self reliant. Expect surprises/contradictions. Events today will test our ability to make proper assessments. Honesty and ethics win the day!

1/11 - Great day to tune in to inner awareness. ESP experiences are likely. Today's energy favors the bold. Test your talents, start your business, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!

1/12 - The arts get a boost today .. singing, painting, dancing and speaking. It's a day of celebration, a day of enjoying the fruits of a job well done. Very romantic vibe out for triangles.

1/13 - Today there may be obstacles and competition meet them head on. It's ime to get the work done. An argumentative nature could lead to isolation. Legal dealings and or settlements are possible.

1/14 - Today's vibration brings good news, rewards and victory. It's a blessing to be used as a channel of God, don't gloat! Freedom and change are in the air. Be careful in trafic, expect changes and surprises all day. In a good way :-)

1/15 - It will be important to have self confidence today. We may be asked to walk our talk. Home and family may require attention. Be of service but do not be a martyr. Happy birthday MLK.

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1/16 - Today's energy favors communications of all kinds. The messages we receive help us to advance toward our goals. Log jams break and things move forward. The truth is revealed, that which has been hidden is brought to light.

1/17 - Business, promotions, inheritances, buying and selling, all financial matters are favored today. So, more responsibility and discipline will be required. Get the job done!!

1/18 - Endings are likely today. The old is making way for the new. Energy is available for inventive approaches, selfless service and creative solutions.

1/19 - It is time to begin again. Great day for new plans, new partnerships and new love. Spend time with family and show your love.

1/20 - Love, marriage, visions...toady our cup runneth over!! Many advantages come our way. Use gains to help others.

1/21 - Today will be a fun day. A great day for spending time in leisure or romantic activities. Children are a focus today. Join with others to improve our communities.

1/22 - Time to plan our work and work the plan. Success on a global scale is possible today. Building a business, a home or both is favored. Today, obstacles are a blessing and any endings are needed to make way for something better.

1/23 - Today's vibe favors love, children, change and prosperity, Be prepared to alter old patterns. It's a great day to take a risk. Faith moves mountains today...go for it!

1/24 - This is a day for artist and creative types to express them selves. Love and harmony rule the day. Win win settlements are possible under today's loving vibrations. Hug your family.

1/25 - It's time to rest. Be still and know. This is not a day to push events. It is a day of harvest when healing, promotion and financial increase are experienced as a result of work already done. Chill and enjoy!

1/26 - What goes around comes around today. Let us give thanks for our blessings and resolve to set new priorities if we feel unappreciated or under compensated.

1/27 - Today it will be important to learn from the past and to LET IT GO!! There's no need to cry over spilled milk.

1/28 - This month has been about completions. Today, the changes are in effect and everything is new. New opportunities are now possible and things are in harmony with our desires.

1/29 - Today is a mystical magical day when dreams can com true. Avoid distractions, be true to your values and faith prevails. Super day for marriage and partnerships.

1/30 - There is a happy festive vibe in the air. People are friendly and social today. Great day for travel and fun. Give to someone in need today and all that you give will encourage others to be more humanitarian.

1/31 - Hard work is rewarded today. It's a great day to get the work done that we have been putting off or don't want to do. Eat right and in moderation. Marriage and partnerships favored. Legal settlements bring financial security.

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    • profile image

      Ivory E. Mobley 

      3 years ago

      Thank you, for the insight and guidance.


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