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Empowering Enlightened Forecast - May 2015

Updated on April 30, 2015

5/1 - Those in a position to know will be open to being helpful today Seek the out. Great day for contracts and marriage. Expect surprises, travel opportunities and changes. Avoid extreme/impulsive behavior.

5/2 - Today's focus is on family, love and responsibility. Today's energy is one of harvest so money and gain are probable. Be there for others today, being of service is paramount.

5/3 - Today is a day of rest and retreat. Go slow, don't push. Those who love to write, paint, dance will have time to do so. Expect delays and trails that test our faith. And, expect to succeed after difficulty.

5/4 - Financial dealings are favored today. Great day for getting long awaited good news. Partnerships formed today will prove beneficial.

5/5 - Things are blossoming, blooming, and bearing fruit today. Great day for starting a new venture, business, and getting married. Fortunes will be made from today's beginnings.

5/6 - Be prepared for unusual, surprising and contradictory events. There is a possibility of loses through placing too much trust in others. Be prepared to go it alone today.

5/7 - A very SPIRITUAL day. ESP experiences are likely. High energy and excitement are in the air. Great day for entrepreneurs. A day of recognition for the worthy. False friends are revealed in the nick of time.

5/8 - Today is a day when rewards flow in abundance. What we have been waiting for will be ours today. Break out the bubbly.

5/9 - Legal matters require attention today. It's time to get to work. Save, budget and follow through. Arguing will be counter productive so avoid being stubborn.

5/10 - Happy positive changes and new beginnings are likely today. It's a day that will restore our faith in GOD and each other.

5/11 - Today we will have to express our true values and stand up for what we believe in. It's all about community, family and love.

5/12 - Stalled matters will begin to move forward today. Messages abound. Travel is likely. Great day for meditation and or prayer. Expect and accept final settlements.

5/13 - Today's energy requires our dedication, responsibility and follow through. Promotions, inheritances, loan approvals and major purchases are likely today. Out with the old and in with the new.

5/14 - Avoid extreme reactions to surprise endings today. It's time for letting go. Be tolerant, loving an forgiving. Great day for visiting the sick and shut in.

5/15 - It's a great day to spend with family and friends. Business prospers and new beginnings and fresh starts are likely. Those looking for a new mate may do so today!!

5/16 - Love, marriage, dreams and rewards are favored today. Our cups runneth over with joy and happiness. Those who are operating in a negative fashion will be AWAKEN today. Secrets are revealed.

5/17 - People are feeling friendly and social today. Messages and invitations are likely. Join with others involved in goodwill projects. Help someone in need. Great day for a romantic retreat!

5/18 - Back to work. Today's energy favors building a business and/or a home. Obstacles will be a blessing today as they reveal past procedures that require updating. GOD is establishing a new order today so breaks and endings are likely.

5/19 - Obstacles are over come today. Expect positive happy changes. Today our wildest dreams can come true, so take a risk and go for it. Children born today will be leaders.

5/20 - Love and cooperation will be needed to make the best of today's highly favorable energy. Contracts and marriage are favored. Musicians and artist are in rare form.

5/21 - This is a day of abundance and healing. What we have been yearning for will now be ours. Celebrate in moderation. Spend a few minutes in Thanksgiving PRAYER today.

5/22 - Today is re-evaluation day. If you don't get a raise or receive what you think your worth today, it's time to think about setting new goals and making a new plan!

5/23 - Today's changes will bring an end to unwanted circumstances. Learn from the past and LET IT GO!! Gains may not be up to expectation but they will be enough for making a new start.

5/24 - Today is for new starts and new beginnings. Expect things to change today. New opportunities bring success. People come together and results are great!

5/25 - A very high energy day. Values will determine success. Make wise choices today and dreams will come true. Avoid vanity, ego and frivolity.

5/26 - Today is a great day for focusing on helping others, especially children. Travel, fun, and celebration are the order of the day.

5/27 - Today's energy favors hard work and orderliness. Healing forces are at work. Plan your work and work your plan. Avoid overeating today. Marriage is favored.

5/28 - Today's energy favors spending time with family and friends. There will be some changes and surprises, go with the flow. Honors and/or gifts today are the fruit from seeds planted in the past. Some receive public recognition today for a job well done.

5/29 - Stand guard today. There may be confrontations, arguing and in extreme cases assassination attempts. Today the truth will be revealed and those standing in the way of justice will be defeated.

5/30 - Today is a day of rest and retreat when we may feel alone or lonely. Changing conditions cause us to awaken our intuition and spirituality. Great day for a retreat. Know thy self and to thine own self be true.

5/31 - Sudden events test our courage today. Expect intense energy and high pressure situations that test our ability to judge fairly. Toady troubles come and then they go just as quickly. Don't panic. Great day for presenting your reasons for a raise or a loan.

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