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Empowering Enlightened Forecast Nov. 30 - Dec. 6

Updated on November 22, 2014

11/30 - This will be a very social day with lots of spontaneity. Great for spending time with children and all creative activities. You may be away from your sweet heart today. Triangles are revealed. And there maybe other emotional situations today that test our ability to exercise integrity in the face of deception, disappointment and or delay. Use the experiences for growth. Someone needs kind words and an understanding friend.

DECEMBER - The month of December will be about new beginnings, fresh starts and more energy! Take a class, ask for what you want, be decisive.Be cautious and finances grow. Placing too much trust in others is not wise this month! Ethical, honest values are rewarded. Great month for Real Estate.

12/1 - The month starts with a forward push. Clarity aides in expressing independence and making decisions. Separate from the crowd and blaze your own course. There will be learning opportunities, commercial openings, partnership opportunities and public recognition. False friends are revealed under today's intense purifying energy.

12/2 - Patience is rewarded today. Be receptive, cooperative, diplomatic and don't gloat too much when your long awaited ship comes in. FINALLY!! What we have been waiting for is in our hands. Super manifestation time is noon-6 pm. The work is done! Rewards are plentiful. Home is happy and romance is in the air. It doesn't get much better.

12/3 - Although the joy from yesterday is still in the air, it's time to get back to work. Business mixes well with pleasure today. spend a little more time in the mirror today. How you look will be important. Today's influences favor legal dealings and contract settlements. It's a day to catch up on work that has been pending long enough.

12/4 - Changes associated with work, building and finances are highlighted today! Goals are reached today. Difficult situations are over come. This is the day to dare the "impossible"!! Do not allow pride, arrogance or ego to ruin things. It's not you, it's Universal Energy working through you to bring about VICTORY to the just.

12/5 - As new beginnings manifest, change is in the air. Travel is likely as are new interest. Have the courage to express your convictions. Compassion for the needs of others should be expressed. Today home, family and community concerns should over ride personal desires and ambitions. GIVE.

12/6 - The love theme continues today. Marriage, family and home are the focus. It's time to travel.Log jams break and stagnant conditions are revived. Love is in the air. Air travel may be required to bring things to a conclusion. Things are progressing, Avoid quarrels and rash impulsive behavior. Today p u s h means Pray Until Something Happens!!


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