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Empowering Enlightened Forecast for August 2019

Updated on July 29, 2019
Craig Wright profile image

Dr. Craig Wright is a Professional Numerologist with 30 years experience. He holds a PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.

Let the LIGHT Shine

August 2019 is NUMBERED 8+2+0+19 = 29, 2+9=11.The #298 indicates August will be a month of high energy revealing truth and enhancing wisdom. The LIGHT of truth penetrates the darkness this month. Great month for business expansion.


1st - Fun day! Ask for favors, take trips (leave credit card home), have a party. Today is great for celebrations and completions. Rewards flow abundantly. A day of joy, harmony, and peace. Romance is favored but avoid triangles. Artistic and creative expression enhanced. Reach out to children.

2nd - Play time is over. Time to get work done and put things in order. See your lawyer, make investments. Positive action opens doors, arguing closes them. Competition and opposition can be expected today. Finances can improve through partnerships and/or legal settlements. Fight for the right!!

3rd - A day of overcoming and victory! Goals are reached and positive changes occur. Be humble in all accomplishments made. Be sure to acknowledge others and to give GOD the glory. Happy Birthday USA!

4th - Today is best spent on domestic issues. Give of your time and resources. Help the poor, sick, and disadvantaged. Stand up for your beliefs. It's a day to put the needs of others ahead of our own. Avoid heated arguments over petty issues.

5th - Today is a great day for spending time alone in prayer. Great day for meditation, and study. Avoid surgery. Expect delays. Don't be assertive. Things will develop on there own. Expect a clarifying message. Be prepared to travel.

6th - Today is a money day! Business expansion, major purchases, raises and promotions...all financial matters are favored. Get the job done. Inheritances can also occur under today's influences. It's a day of reaping what has already been sown.

7th - Do research. Complete projects. Expect releasing energy that brings endings to those events and relationships that are no longer beneficial to our over all well being. Honesty and an optimistic attitude lead to favorable results. This is a day to invent and uplift. Visit shut ins.

8th - New moves and alliances are favored. Great day for business travel. Finances improve today with a little help from our friends. If your looking, finding new love is possible today and existing relationships are strengthened.

9th - Today our cup runneth over. Love, marriage, partnerships, favor, rewards, abundance along with spiritual insights/confirmations. Give of your time.

10th - Love is in the air! It's time for fun, relaxation and travel. Great day for artist and communicators. Partnerships that uplift community are possible today. Spend time with children today. Give to youth projects.

11th - Today will bring change release and transformation. The focus is on establishing a new order in our lives. Solving problems will turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Building a home and/or business is favored. Out with the old and in with the new!! Today favors new birth.

12th - The vibration of change continues today. Don't be impulsive. Weigh all options. Today also favors new birth. If your looking for love you could meet a great candidate. Don't be self indulgent. Temperance is the key. Transformation takes place today.

13th - Artistic and creative energy day. Great day for weddings and win/win business contracts. Look for ways to express more love and cooperation at home and in community. The caterpillar becomes the butterfly today!

14th - The gate way to our inner selves remains open today. Flashes of insight possible for those who seek. Stay humble or be humbled. It's a day of reaping. Today, prayers are answered. Let the celebration begin! Healing, finance, relationships all get a boost. Eat drink and be merry in moderation not overindulgence.

15th - Intuitive vibrations allow us to assess our lives and, if necessary, make new moves. Inner connections are strong giving seekers contact with the spirit within. The truth will set you free. Togetherness is the key to success.

16th - Strong emphases on endings and letting go. Learn from the past and let it go. Postpone major surgery. Long distance travel favored. Be loving and kind. Live and let live.

17th - New beginnings. Opportunities for success. Stay positive and pursue your goals with confidence. Expect positive life enhancing changes. Think number 1.

18th - Be alert!! High energy day. Ideas are taking form and coming into manifestation. Dreams are becoming reality!! Refrain from fanatic behavior. Our values are being tested.

19th - Goals are being met. Travel, celebration and financial abundance are favored. Use material rewards to help others in need. Have fun. Seek new horizons.

20th - Today get the work done that you have been putting off. Hard work gives results. Be careful about the type and amount of food you eat today. Wealth is in the air. Great day for marriage. Medical treatments and routine surgery favored.

21st - Great day for a get a way! Take loved ones out for an adventure. Expect many happy changes and some surprises. Be flexible. Some will meet the love of their life today! Others will be recognized for a job well done.

22nd - True and false are separated today and justice prevails. Drama on a global scale is possible today.

23rd - Today will emphasize solitude, stillness, separation and meditation. On the seventh day GOD rested. It is time to rest. Great day for a retreat to the mountains or or seashore or your closet for some soul searching. Seek the kingdom within. Keep your faith

24th - Great day for finances and business. Trouble comes and trouble goes. Don't sweat the small stuff. Be of good courage today you can handle whatever pops up. Great day to tell the boss why you deserve a raise. A great day to become your own boss.

25th - Today the truth emerges. There can be endings and completions. Keep your faith and remember "no weapon formed against you shall prosper". Today is for giving. Takers loose out. Exercise, get rest.

26th - The theme of endings continues today in the form of attainment, fulfillment and culminations. Honors will be given to the deserving. It's time to start something new. Children born today will bring LIGHT to the world.

27th - A day to heed the inner voice. Discernment will be needed to see things as they and are not as they appear. Respond to dishonesty with understanding and affection to bring about peaceful settlements.

28th - The frailties of human nature may cause emotional situations. Emotions can be expressed positively through the arts. Sing, paint, dance, write work with children. Avoid having a pity party. Join a cause. Someone needs a kind word and a gentle heart.

29th - It's a great day for getting our thoughts organized. Rest, retreat and convalescence is the order of the day. Seek guidance from within. The "war" ends by noon today.

30th - Stay true to responsibilities. Acting impulsively can cause accidents under today's volatility. Positive changes are possible today after careful consideration.

31st - Today's energy favors resolutions and settlements. Legal element indicated. New home environment favored. Be of


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