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Empowering Your Candles for Magick - Custom Candle Magic

Updated on July 22, 2016

Candle magick is one of the easiest, fastest and most effective ways to practice magick. Whether you use traditional taper candles, jar candles or scented candles from the store, lighting a candle with intention is a great way to manifest your goals. Dressing a candle adds even more intention to your spell, and melting down candles to fill them with oil and other dressings related to your intent is the next step.

Disclaimer: As always, be careful when working with candles, stoves and be aware that anything you add to a candle could create a fire hazard. Never leave a candle to burn unattended.

I commonly use jar candles for spells and devotions. In fact, my personal altar always has at least one jar candle going everyday. Sometimes these candles don't burn down all the way. For example, one candle I burned to the archangel Raphael melted only halfway before it just would not light. I became frustrated since this can sometimes be a sign that you need to start over, before I realized that the candle had stopped burning just underneath the list of intentions I had written on the side of the jar in marker. In hoodoo and many candle burning traditions, this is a very good sign. In my case, this meant that archangel Raphael gave me all that I had asked!

What do you do with a candle that doesn't finish burning? Well, it depends. Reading candles is a Hub for another day, but in most cases a candle that won't burn because something has blocked your magick should be disposed of. In the case of my prayer candle, the wax can be reused and makes a powerful candle already loaded with good energy that can be carried on to another spell.


Before beginning, wipe away any marker and remove any dressings on your jar. You will need a large pot to submerge your candles in under high but not boiling heat. You can melt multiple candles at once. At this point, many witches choose to color white candles for a specific purpose using crayons. Once the wax is melted, the crayons will melt in with it and change the color.

You should tie off the top of the wick somehow because it is likely to sink in once the wax melts. I use a skewer on most occasions but here I've used a straw. There are better ways to do this, but you get the general idea.

Empty Glass Containers

If you have extra wax from a jar candle, a smaller glass, jar or candle holder from a candle you've burned makes a great new container. Here I have a repurposed Glade candle, but I've used Mason jars and even tiny glass containers, depending on the purpose.

Magickal Archangel Raphael Oil

Herb Mixture for Spells and Candle Dressing

Infusing Your Candle

The best thing about homemade candles is that you can add pretty much any magickal oils you want. Rose oil for love, cinnamon oil for money and success, oil associated with a specific angel or deity, etc.. The sky is the limit. Here I have my oil for work with archangel Raphael in a fun little jar, since it's also my go-to for any creativity-related spell.

Once your candle is dry, you can top it with herbs or leave the candle partially melted so the herbs sink in. This seems to be a popular option, but it's really up to you. remember that the more herbs you add, the more likely it is to affect the way the candle burns.

Dressing Your Candle

Again, there are plenty of materials on how to dress a candle, but once I have a nice new candle from my repurposed wax, I like to dress it with herbs and other things for my specific intent. Your imagination is the limit but I always try to make it relevant to the oils the candle is infused with. Remember, many herbs pose a fire hazard so use your judgment when dressing your candle. You can also charge your candle with a prayer or ritual as you would any other magical implement.

Freshly Dressed Candle Still Drying


Once your new candle is dressed, let it dry, trim the wick and you're ready to go! Before it dries, this is a good time to make sure your wick is on center. Off center wicks are the leading cause of candles that stop burning or burn improperly. If you're reading candles, this can make it very difficult to get an accurate reading.

Empowered Homemade Magickal Candle


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