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Enchantment - The Reality of Mind over Matter

Updated on February 13, 2016
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Matter = Energy = Consciousness

Why do I believe it is possible to effect a significant change in the affairs of the physical and political realm with nothing but the pure power of intention, love and empathy?

Here is why: The evidentiary value of my personal paranormal experience would only be anecdotal here. But as a result, I have studied the lore of scientific and non-scientific literature about the role of consciousness in the manifestation of reality and topics of parapsychology such as telekinesis, telepathy, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, and their time-transcending variations of precognition or retrocognition for the last 30 years.

Since the current, but crumbling ruling paradigm in physics excludes the existence of any non-local influence of mind or consciousness in the material world, scientific studies concerning these subjects are mostly particularly accurate in their procedure, to be able to refute the inevitable critique of established science concerning the methods or the subject altogether. It was this accuracy, together with my personal experiences, which convinced me that phenomena of extrasensory perception or ESP/PSI are real and that consequently consciousness has a much larger potential than usually accepted.

The "current ruling paradigm" in physics apparently overlooks the fact that out of the core of physical science, namely quantum theory, which concerns itself with the fundamental constituents of the material world, the insight has emerged that consciousness must be a critical factor in the manifestation of material reality. Countless and ever more accurate experiments have meanwhile established this assumption as an irrefutable scientific fact.

©Andrew Ostrovsky /
©Andrew Ostrovsky / | Source

Just one example of many physicists recognition of these facts is a statement by physicist Bernard Haisch in an abstract for a presentation at the 27th Annual SSE Conference:

"Quantum mechanics is now telling us unambiguously that consciousness creates reality. And since quantum physics is at the root of everything, this has profound consequences for the interpretation of our own nature, the universe, and, yes, even why it may make more sense to trace everything back to a conscious intelligence rather than inanimate fields and forces."

In addition to serious tomes, comprehensible only to the initiates of quantum physics and higher mathematics, there are countless accessible books on the subject. I particularly liked the book "A Self Aware Universe" by physicist Amit Goswami, in which he postulates how consciousness condenses the structures of material reality out of the transcendent ocean of potentiality. In the coming posts, I will highlight a few more favorite books concerning the relation between the human spirit and the material world.

When you think about it, it is after all not such a foreign concept. Consider that everything that exists, exists only in your mind and the minds of others. Even the proof that there is an independent reality outside of you exists only in the mind. Sir John Eccles, Nobel Prize winnerin physiology has formulated it thus:

"I want you to understand that there are no colors in the real world, that there are no textures in the real world, there are no fragrances in the real world. There is no beauty, there is no ugliness. There is nothing of the sort. Out there is a chaos of energy soup and energy fields. Literally, we take that and somewhere inside ourselves we create a world. Somewhere inside ourselves it all happens."

But even the "chaos of energy soup and energy fields" is a concept existing only in the mind. Unless consciousness actualizes any state of existence by being aware of it, nothing has reality.What we consider being "independent reality" is nothing but the universal agreement of collective consciousness about what is real.Except beingness itself, name one thing or aspect of reality that can be proven to possess absolute existence, you will find none.

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The most radical theories concerning the formative capacity of consciousness are even suggesting that all of reality, all of history, all of the artifacts seeming to prove that there was a world in existence before man entered the scene are created by consciousness as soon as a sentient being formulates concepts and theories about them. By becoming aware of ever further expanding space, and ever further unfolding pastime and by developing mathematical concepts that describe reality, consciousness molds the malleable primordial substance of all that is into conformation with such theories and concepts, thereby consecutively creating everything as consciousness becomes aware of it. Neurologist Robert Lanza had this to say:

"I think its science and physics are just starting to learn from all these experiments. These experiments have been carried out hundreds and hundreds of times in all sorts of ways that no physicist really questions the end point. I think that these experiments are very clearly telling us that consciousness is limitless and the ultimate reality."

Most compelling are experiments which include a larger number of individual human consciousnesses. By the way, the plural here may be wrong. There may be just one consciousness in which we all share and of which we represent individual instances. Most notable is the Global Consciousness Project ( in which someelectronic devices called random number generators (RNGs) are continuously and quietly churning ahead and doing what they are supposed to do, namely generating perfectly random numbers. A computer connection allows direct evaluation of the RNGs output. These RNGs are distributed around the globe, and their output is collected in a central database. Based on the assumption that consciousness can influence the material world, the idea is that events, which invoke an intensive emotional response in a larger numbers of individuals, can trigger a deviation from the normal distribution of randomness in the output of these RNGs. For example, the 9/11 events and the funeral of Princess Diana correlated significantly with a departure of the RNG output from the expected, entirely random baseline.

The GCP website explains it as follows "in the smallest nutshell":

"The behavior of our network of random sources is correlated with interconnected human consciousness on a global scale. There is a highly significant overall effect on the GCP instrument (more on that below) during particular times we identify as "global events" when great numbers of people experience shared emotion. The effect is a tiny statistical deviation from an expected randomness, but the patient replication of tests has gradually created very strong statistical support for the reality of a subtle correlation of human consciousness with deviations in random data. The probability that the effect could be just a chance fluctuation is less than 1 in a trillion, an impressive bottom line statistic that is composed of small effects accumulated in more than 450 tests....."

Even more impressive is the fact that in the case of the 9/11 event, deviations from the standard distribution of RNG output started 4 to 5 hours BEFORE the first plane hit the North tower. A paper titled "Coherent Consciousness and Reduced Randomness: Correlations on September 11, 2001" by Roger D. Nelson, Director of the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, describes this fact in much detail.

RNGs were also installed and analyzed at the Burning Man Festival and showed once more strong evidence for non-local influence at the time of the "burning of the man", which marks the ecstatic culmination of the festivities. To find more relevant information refer to

The Burning of the Man

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Courtesy of | Source

In his book "Some Science Adventures with Real Magic", Dr. William A. Tiller provides striking evidence for successful "impregnation" of small electronic devices with focused intention delivered in a state of meditation and the subsequent effect such devices produced in their target environment in concordance with the previously impregnated intent.He describes how meditators concentrated with the intention to raise the pH value of water a certain amount and imagined to store such impulsion in an electronic device.

Then the device would be transported to a remote site where experimenters recorded the intended effects beyond any doubt.

In a foreword to Dr. Tiller´s book, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell stated:

"...By demonstrating that intentionality can be stored in physical devices, transported to remote locations, and used to cause an alteration in the properties of physical matter, they have made a major scientific breakthrough that will have not only technological applications, but also provide a path for research into deeper aspects of the consciousness enigma...."

Kim A Jobst, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine commented in the same foreword:

"...What this work demonstrates is that intention is a process which can be cultivated, nurtured, concentrated, directed and measured. It is a tool, a process and a state more paradoxically powerful than almost any other in life, for it is something that we can be conscious of, that we can have control over and that we can use both for an infinity of reasons and in an infinity of ways...."

The reality of the dominance of spirit over the living and non-living material world entails staggering implications. If it is possible, as was unquestionably demonstrated in Dr. Tiller´s experiments, that the power of the mind changes the pH value of water or increases the thermodynamic activity a particular liver enzyme in in-vitro materials, then the perspectives of focused intention are extremely favorable. In one of the experiments, even living cells of fruit fly larvae were demonstrated upon intention, to change the ratio of certain chemicals which would improve the larvae´s vitality and reduce the duration of their chrysalis phase.

©Andrew Ostrovsky /
©Andrew Ostrovsky / | Source

Consider that the "normal" functioning of the mind requires a very subtle balance of intracranial chemicals. Only micrograms of certain substances are capable of altering the subjective reality of users of such substances profoundly. Hence, it appears possible to project positive intentions towards the mental state of individuals or groups of individuals with the expectation of a significant result.Another very impressive treasure trove of information on man´s spiritual powers is Dr. Dean Radin´s book "Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities". In it, Dr. Radin explores deeply the plausibility of superhuman abilities which find their compelling confirmation in the synthesis of ancient Buddhist lore and modern scientific research.

The most compelling work I found in my search for authentication of my inexplicable personal experience was, however, Dr. Radin´s compendium “The Noetic Universe.”

I have yet to find a more exhaustive presentation of the reality of psychic phenomena. If you are motivated to investigate further, you may start with this book. The following quote from this work aptly describes what you may walk away with after reading it:

“….So far, we learned that the effects observed in a thousand psi experiments are not due to chance, selective reporting, variations in experimental quality, or design flaws. They´ve been independently replicated by competent, conventionally trained scientists at well known academic, industrial, and government-supported laboratories worldwide for more than a century, and the effects are consistent with human experiences reported throughout history and across all cultures.”

These are just four out of a voluminous amount of books and papers which, using stringent scientific rigor, substantiate the existence of a super physical force connected to human consciousness. As this blog progresses, I am going to mention more books and papers which are based on methodical experimentation to show this fact. I include all these references to scientific research to provide an introduction to those who are new to this subject and to give the skeptics something to chew on.

The ultimate realization of the transcendent realm has to be be a result of personal experience. One way or the other, nearly all of us have experienced some instances of extrasensory perception or other paranormal events. Think of the sudden feeling of having to turn around, just to find out that somebody was staring at you. Or the well-known sentiment for a particular person, whose telephone call then promptly occurred. Or the “telepathic” connection between faithful companions, where one thinks of something, and the other immediately verbalizes it. How often have I heard, when something bad happened: "I knew it". Many of us have had these foreboding feelings, particularly when dramatic events took place. Or, if you have a pet dog or cat, you may have realized that the animal foreknows reliably when you are coming home. Or it may have occurred to you that if you wish for something in the right way, then inevitably your wish will be realized.

Some of us see symmetrical number patterns all the time, like 11:11, 02:20, or 03:33 on clocks, or any other symmetrical patterns on number plates, theater tickets or receipts. Eventually, you may start to see them after you read this, which will be an indication of synchronicity in action. My personal call for attention this morning was 5:55:55. There are countless other anecdotal examples of paranormal incidents; the challenge is to invoke them at will and to focus this power towards a worthy and ethical objective.

In conclusion, if in addition to personal experience there is scientific proof for psychic phenomena and if focused and directed intent can influence hard, dense matter, if the mind can transcend the limitations of material reality, then we can certainly assume an impact of convergent volition in an area as insubstantial as the consciousness of other human beings.

One ingredient to a successful mental working is in any case the emotional charge behind the intention and a stance of spontaneity, of will-not-will. As we continue these hubs, we will explore this important aspect in more detail.

Therefore, I believe that we can make a difference by a conscious act of projecting loving emotions towards subjects in need.

In the next hub, I am going to introduce the art of meditation as a tool for focusing and directing an intention towards a particular target and outcome. The key to this kind of contemplation is bodily relaxation and an appropriate mental technique to achieve detachment of the mind from the 3-dimensional neural matrix, from thought structures and from the illusionary ego concept, to all of which the EGO is desperately clinging.

© 2016 Dhyan Shahid


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