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Enclosed In A Rule

Updated on March 26, 2011

Surrounded In Safety

It is impossible to live without rules. Everything that we do works because of regulations found within a rule. Lets look at the definition of the word rule taken from Webster's New World Dictionary:

1. An established regulation or guide for conduct, procedure, usage, etc.

2. custom

5. Ruler, ruled, ruling/ 1)to have an influence over, guide. 2)to govern. 3)to determine officially, etc.

If we look at definition one, we see where rules make up, cultivate and transition our lives as time continues. There are of course customs within rules that bring about trials and tribulations that have tortured us spiritually and phusically in history up to this very dispensation. There are also regulations put into place to try and cuff wickedness and control those who are out of control because this society has adopted and embraced the ancient, abominable slogan of disobedience that says, "Do What Thou Wilt." Seeing that evil has been made attractive, we have flirted with and even courted depravity to the point of nonchalance, "there is no heaven or hell, there is no God and no devil. Do whatever makes you happy no matter how a person feels or what they think of you. Laziness, procrastination, passivity, sluggardness and the like. This dosen't even include the heinous thoughts and deeds of mankind that continually plague humanity and will do so until the end of time as we know it. It is the degeneration of our society and the temporal work of Satan that prompts the need and the longing for a hero, a redeemer, a savior and that we have in Jesus Christ!

Enter, rules!

Jesus' work at calvary and the custom of god's grace utterly ripped apart Satan's lease on the earth and gave mankind back his rightful, God-given authority to have dominion over the earth and all that it contains wrapped up in his unconditional love for us and a covenant of rules!

Let's use the human body as an example. It is a rule that when you exhale you have to inhale, to not do so means certain death. It is a rule that when you go to sleep you have to wake up or your life has ceased to continue. It is a rule that your heart has to beat so many times per second and that it cannot stop beating or once again death is on the horizon. It is a rule that your major organs all have to work in unison in order for your body to function properly. If foreign matter enters your body the host of cells that are housed inside of you have to go to war to fight off the intruder or your health is compromised. Your eyes, ears, mouth etc. have a right and specific obligation to your body and if they don't work properly automatically, they become of no use unless surgically they are once again restored to proper use. God's word, his rule, also works in the lives of his people bringing about healing, peace and so much more.

Next lets look at the world itself as proof that rules are mandatory and necessary. It is a rule that the sun can only come so close to the earth or the heat alone would cause catastrophy that no one would survive. The earth's water by God's rule of creation can only come so far onto the earth and then it recedes back into its proper place. Gravity consists of a rule that it must hold us to the earth's stratosphere. It is a rule that the light rules the day and the darkness rules the night. It is a rule that the earth rotates around the sun so often and it is a rule that the earth is suspended in space along with other planets and billions of stars and matter that we will never know about until God makes it known! God spoke the world into existence and by his word alone the world has to follow his commandment and his rule to just be! God's rule and his order within his rules is the conduit that holds everything together. Everything conforms to his will as he speaks it!

I am amazed at how people can say that they don't like rules and that they refuse to live with them. To live outside of rules, especially the rule of God and his plan of salvation for us is certain calamity, destruction and ultimately life apart from and outside of his will, resulting in destruction that is neverending.

In closing I would like to say children listen to and adhere to the rule of your curfew that says be in before the street lights come on. Be in by ten o'clock or twelve o'clock or whatever your time may be. Give in to the rule that commands your respect of your parents and adults in general who are not causing you harm or danger, do your chores without grumbling. Remember there is health, life, good success. strength, peace, intelligence and so much more as a rule, in the arc of obedience. For adults you also should govern your life as a rule, in righteousness, obedience, love, understanding, patience and the like. As you can see, to live apart from rules is to not exist!

Look at it this way, you are in the middle of a dangerous and life taking jungle of just about every vile and murderous animal, creeping things, crawling things and evil unimaginable. You are surrounded on all sides and there is no pushing past this scenario that is your life at the moment, your circumstances, situation or actual immediate danger. Even though you are blocked in at every angle you can still smile and be confident and fearless, because all around you is a cage with bars that are impenatrable! The bars surrounding you in the midst of all of this calamity is the word of God, his promises, his protection, his grace, etc......

You realize that you are encased by rules. The rule of protection, the rule of no weapon formed against you shall prosper, the rule of the the lord is my shephard!......

Lord let me live in your RULES, surrounded in your SAFETY!


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