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End to End, Life....

Updated on February 26, 2017

Different but the same

For everyone who is sad, someone is happy. For everyone who loves, someone hates. No two people on this planet are exactly the same. Think about that, billions of people and no one the same. Everyone has a different goal, everyone has a different opinion. That is what makes us all so fascinating. Only two things lie in common with us all, we are born and we will die. The bit in the middle is up to us and the choices we make along the way. We will all come to cross roads in life, we will meet other people at these cross roads and decide whether to lead or follow.


In a sense our entire lives are a combination of millions of choices. Tea or coffee, buy or sell, car or jeep, country or city, and so on and so forth. And as we are but mortal beings we are prone to making good and bad decisions. Personally, I think I have made more bad than good, but they have still brought me to where I am today. I’m still here plugging along making little decisions all the time. Will I stay up late or go to bed early. Will I watch television or go straight to sleep. In searching various online resources it can be read that the average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes each day is in the region of 35,000. For young children the total is about 3,000 decisions each day.


So we can now say that the decisions we make have an impact on our overall life. So how do we know the difference between a good and bad decision? Well, our lives are mapped out for us before we even get here, That is to say, A to Z is sorted but we have to fill in the B, C, D, etc. That is exactly where the decisions we make every day come into play. There are no good and bad decisions really, just decisions that take us down a different path and on-wards to another decision. If we are careful watch where we are going even the wrong path can lead us back in the right direction. Decisions are perceived to be good and bad based on the individual morals and ethics of the person making the decision. that is to say that a good decision for one person may be a bad decision for another.

What is it about?

Some people may say that life is about money, some say Love, some say family. That is again related to opinions and decisions. Our overall opinions influence the decisions we make. We make decisions based on what matters to us and what motivates us as people, our values and the values that have been bestowed upon us by our parents, friends etc. The wall street banker is generally motivated by power and money. The nurse is motivated by kindness and love. This is not to say these professions are only motivated in this way, it’s merely an example of how it looks from the outside.


Life is about doing the right thing and getting out the other side unscathed. It’s about the unconditional love a child has for his or her Mother and Father. It’s about the beauty that we can see in each other and all around us. Life is about Compassion, forgiveness and love. It’s about choosing to say good morning to the stranger at the bus stop. It’s about doing and being the best we can for everyone around us. And it’s about not looking for anything in return.

So there it is, another opinion. You may agree, you may disagree, but that is your opinion and we are not the same!!!!!


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