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End violence and restore harmony in humanity!

Updated on April 19, 2017

Three qualities that govern the mind.

Three predominant human qualities!

There are three qualities which govern human life, the pious, the active and the dull are the three categories mentioned in the scriptures. But peculiarly, every human being is a mixture of the three qualities, but one quality will be predominant at a time. We have seen many characters in the world and all of them could be divided within the three major qualities. Even during previous aeon, there were demons that were predominantly active but their pious qualities do not come to the fore. If someone is asked to explain about the demon king Ravana, the main that comes to the mind is his abduction of mother Sita, the queen of Sri Rama. All other characters are drowned in the one grievous sin. Hence none will honor Ravana. At the same time people revere the character of Rama, who sacrificed everything to uphold the vows of his father Dasaratha. He willingly relinquished the kingdom and entered the forest with his queen Sita and brother Lakshmana! As soon as the name of some historic character is pronounced, we react differently. When we hear the name of Hitler or other dictators, we remember his atrocities. When the name of Kamsa is brought to memory, we develop anger since he usurped the Kingdom from his father forcibly and imprisoned his parents. He jailed his sister and brother in law when he heard a voice from the sky that the eighth child born to the couple will kill him. From that time, he imprisoned them and tortured them but fate has a iron grip over the lives of human beings. Exactly as per the warning, the eighth son Krishna killed Kamsa during a function held in the capital.

The Ego bred by qualities.

Human life is continuous and each one undergo the past effects!

How these three qualities are part of human psyche? Our lives on this earth are not an isolated affair. It is a continuous process and we exist in different bodies in each incarnation. We commit both good and bad deeds during each birth. The effects of those deeds become the cause of our further births on earth. Till we settle all the previous accounts in various births, there is no release from the cycle of births and deaths. As we watch in the world innumerable babies are born all over the globe, some in affluent families, some babies in middle class families and yet other babies are born in a very poor environment. This is the foundation on which the future life is woven. Naturally, babies born in poor environments find it difficult to come up in life. As we sow, so we reap is the proverb. Outwardly it may seem that god is cruel and he inflict sufferings on many and keep some in comforts and luxury. In fact, god has nothing to do with our past deeds. Out of our own volition, we engage either in good and evil deed. But the effects will pursue us even after many births. In one single birth, we cannot undergo all the effects of the past. In addition, in each new birth, we commit many more deeds which await fruition. Hence it seems that freedom or relief is beyond our reach. But the sages think otherwise. If we sincerely repent for our past deeds and beg the mercy of god, he will mitigate our sufferings to an extent and show us a way to follow the spiritual path through a preceptor. Once we know that our own deeds have brought misery on our head, we will become careful not to repeat evil deeds any further. We must implant the aim in our heart and pursue the path with one pointed focus. Hence the saints and prophets advocate repeating the names of god with love and faith to divert our mind from mundane efforts.

Arthur Conan Doyle said...

Rationalist believe that there is no God!

Some rational persons will question the validity of god in human life. They are ignorant. We look at a palatial building of great height on the ground. The basement and foundation is hidden below the ground. Can the rationalist affirm that there is no foundation for the high building, since it is not visible? Similarly God is the basis for all creation. Since he is not visible around, how can one assert that there is no god! Linguists all over the world are aware that there is no word without corresponding form. If the word ‘god’ is spoken in many languages, is it without any base? Sages and Saints have performed penance for thousands of years to know about the secrets of creation. Finally, they intuited that there is a great power behind the entire creation, sustenance and annihilation. Though it is not seen, it is the base for whatever is perceived by us through the senses. This is the conclusion of all Prophets in every major religion. But today people use the religion and the scriptures for their own advantage by imputing various meanings to their texts and affirmations. Thus the terrorist today quote his religious text as the basis for their fight. Nowhere in any religion, has violence been advocated. All scriptures teach about love, brotherhood, tolerance and non-violence.

Spiritual reality.

Those who take up swords will be killed by the same!

It is their distorted mind which invented reasons for the perpetration of violence! God is Love and Justice and he will not tolerate violence against any section of society. It is the decree that those who take up knife to kill other will be ultimately killed by the knife! Nowhere in history has violence solved any problems of society. Let them use their intellect and wisdom and avoid further massacre of innocents everywhere!

Everyone must try to cultivate pious qualities!

Do you believe that each action produce equivalent reaction?

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