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Energy Purification and Protection Visualization -- Calling Upon The Violet Flame And Archangel Michael

Updated on December 22, 2012
Violet Flame
Violet Flame | Source
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael | Source

As someone who is quite sensitive to (and fussy with) the energy vibration in my environment, I have long practiced daily energy cleansing and protection techniques. Over the years, in order to make life easier, I have started to combine the various techniques together into one routine, so I can actually have a life instead of spending all my time meditating (although I have been there and done that too). I have gathered the various techniques over many years from many varied sources; therefore I do not claim anything as my own and I will try to give credit where it’s due. But really, most of what I am about to show you is very much part of our spiritual inheritance and are not owned by any one individual.

First, read through the visualization a few times to familiar yourself with all the steps. Then I recommend finding some quiet time and a quiet place to meditate. Visualize everything as clearly and as vividly as you can. You might get some feeling on your body as you start to activate the energy. It’s normal and a very welcoming sign. As you become very familiar with the entire process, you will be able to do a faster version when you don’t have as much time on your hand.

If you have a sanctuary, a meditation room or treatment room, you could use it to purify the energy of that space.

  • Sit quietly and comfortably with a straight back.
  • Become calm and still with a relaxed and rhythmic breathing.
  • “I call on Saint Germain’s Violet Flame to transmute all negative energy in through and around me.” Imagine violet colour flame covering your entire body and the entire space you wish to cleanse. Spend some time visualizing this. I sometimes imagine violet flame coming out of the palms of my hands, from the bottom of my feet, then growing bigger to cover every inch every cell of my body. For the room, I imagine the violet flame on every wall, floor and ceiling, covering every window and doorway and eventually engulfing every empty space. I often get a lot of physical sensation in my body during this, for me it’s just a sign that energy is being transmuted. During this time, you could increase the intensity of the flame by decreeing, “Violet Flame, Violet Flame, Blaze, Blaze, Blaze; Violet Flame, Violet Flame, Erase, Erase, Erase.”
  • If you have been feeling unwell at certain area of your body, you could spend some time concentrating the flame on this particular area.
  • If certain area of your room/house feeling a little “off” to you, concentrate on this area with the flame also.
  • Call on Archangel Michael and His Legion of Light to surround you or the entire room with their wings outstretched to provide you with protection. I would imagine Archangel Michael’s Blue Sword right above me or above the center of this room. I imagine the great Blue Sword gives out a blinding light much like a flash of lightening that instantly gathers all negative energy in this sacred space around you into itself. A flash of light shoots out from the top of the sword all the way to heaven where all negative energy is transformed into pure light.
  • Imagine a crystal clear "Twin Pyramids Of Light" up down and around you. Above ground is a right side up pyramid, below ground is an upside down pyramid with you in the exact center.
  • From heaven comes a great pillar of light that pierces through the apex of the top pyramid, through you, and exiting out through the apex of the upside down pyramid, all the way to the center of Earth. The Pillar Of Light is large enough to cover your entire person so you are totally submerged in this divine Light.
  • Within this pure and divine Pillar of Light, you are grounded in the heart center of Mother/Father/God/Great Spirit. From there, you can receive all healing and God’s Truth for you.
  • Sit quietly and enjoy this exqusite energy. If you have any worries or concerns or questions, here you could surrender it all into the hands of God, Who’s The Knower Of All Things and The Doer Of All Things.You could even imagine yourself lying snugly in the center of God's palm like a pure and much protected infant, knowing that you are loved beyond measure and you are never alone.
  • After a while you could end it with a prayer of your own or simply decree: “So Be It. Amen, Amen and Amen.”

You can change and adapt this meditation to suit your own personal system or to include your favorite angels and personal guides. Make it your own. There are a lot of information out there on the internet about Saint Germain, The Violet Flame and Archangel Michael. The Archangel Michael and His Legion of Light visualization came from my faithful following of Ronna Herman’s monthly channeling material many many years ago. The more you utilize this routine the more you will find yourself having a personal tailored relationship with Archangel Michael and The Violet Flame. Should you find the need to purify your larger work place, Archangel Michael and The Violet Flame are all for it! I was an international cabin crew for over 12 years and asking The Violet Flame and Archangel Michael to help purifying and protecting me and "my plane" was all in a day's work of this particular flight attendant.

The following is just a little real life example of how I used it one day at work, 35000ft in the air:

We were on our way from Auckland to San Francisco on a Boeing 777. It was a 11 hrs 30 mins flight. After the dinner service and before the breakfast service, we had around 6 hours during which we split the cabin crew into two team, each team had 3 hours rest in the bunk beds. I along with a few other crew were on the watch while the other team was on the first rest.

A girl who I had never flown with before were sitting on the jump seats in the back galley. We small talked for a little then she announced that she was going to the Business class to fetch some supplies. She took around 20 minutes, which was quite a long time to leave one’s station, but it happens.

It was a quiet night as most passengers had settled in for a little rest or a quiet in-flight movie. I was enjoying the peace and quiet and didn’t really mind her absence. But she was quite apologetic as she came back.

As soon as she returned to the galley, my gut felt “wrong”. It was how negative entity normally affected me. I felt it in my gut as soon as she returned that she had somehow brought back negative energy. Immediately I started running Violet Flame through my whole body for as long as I could. Soon it was our turn for a few hours’ sleep in the bunks, and as I lied in my small private bunk bed, I continued to run the Violet Flame throughout my body and my entire bunk space. I called for Archangel Michael’s protection as well.

I had a very restful sleep, even though it only lasted three hours. Yet as we were getting ready to leave the bunk room, I heard a few remarks from other crew about some terrible nightmare.

After further investigation, out of 5 crew having second rest, I was the only one who slept well and didn’t have a terrible nightmare. Two crew dreamed that we were having a terrible plane crash. One girl said someone was trying to suffocate her with a pillow. I had forgotten what the fourth crew’s nightmare was, but it was something equally as ghastly. It was very unusual to say the least.

After we finished the busy breakfast service, I finally found time to have a quiet word with that particular girl. She was also feeling sick in her stomach at the time. I explained the negative energy I picked up after her visit to the front cabin. Sudden realization dawned on her. She said she started to feel unwell after that. She also told me that the reason why she was delayed up in Business Class was because she was talking to a passenger who just lost his father and had his urn with him under his seat.

When it wasn’t at all unusual to have passengers traveling with the ash of their loved ones on international flights, somehow in this particular incidence a negative spirit become involved as well. As I was not a Clairvoyant nor a Medium, I was not able to identify the spirit involved. But thanks to the help of the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael, I was spared the disturbing nightmares that suddenly befell all my other co-workers.

If you start noticing an increase in disharmony in your environment, use this energy purification and protection visualization. Pay close attention to your own agitation. When in doubt, evoke the Violet Flame.

After working with the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael for so many years, I have great faith in them. The trick is to remember to call on them as soon as possible. Practice makes perfect. Do not give in to fear or anxiety when you sense or feel negative energy around. Call on the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael with great confidence and profound faith. Love conquers fear, Light dispels darkness, always.

Please feel free to comment and to share your experience with us!

Written by Violet Flame

I found the following beautiful decree on and was told it is copyrighted to The Summit Lighthouse:

Violet Flame Is

© The Summit Lighthouse

Breath of God inside each cell
I AM the violet flame
Pulsing out the cosmic time
I AM the violet flame
Energizing mind and heart
I AM the violet flame
Sustaining God's creation now
I AM the violet flame
With all love, With all love, With all love

Shimmering in a crystal cave
I AM the violet flame
Searching out all hidden pain
I AM the violet flame
Consuming cause and core of fear
I AM the violet flame
Revealing now the inner name
I AM the violet flame
With all peace, With all peace, With all peace

Flashing like a lightning bolt
I AM the violet flame
Stretching through the galaxies
I AM the violet flame
Connecting soul and Spirit now
I AM the violet flame
Raising you to cosmic heights
I AM the violet flame
With all power, With all power, With all power


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    • PositiveThoughts profile image

      PositiveThoughts 6 years ago from Facebook Noetic Alchemy

      Hi Violet Flame, Thanks for your response. Actually no, the tripod site is not correct. This mantra was given by Saint Germain to Elizabeth Clare Prophet who published it. It is copyrighted by The Summit Lighthouse. I'm hoping that you will correct an error on the attribution for this here so that you aren't spreading the error. :) Violet flame blessings to you.

    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 6 years ago from Switzerland

      I love to spend some of my time in a quite moment to relax.

      The energy purification is interesting. I will find time to try this. Thanks.

    • profile image

      MMC 7 years ago

      NICE ARTICLE, summarizine VF.

      The decree you have there is actually a Summit Lighthouse decree.

      I have some VF videos on youtube, search AOZXRAY if interested.


    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 7 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Thank you Positive Thoughts xo I just rechecked and it seems the copyright is at the bottom of each piece and not above, so it is still temple of the presence. hope that's correct....

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 7 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      That sounds very interesting Nicole! Would love to hear more! I wonder whether you've writen a hub about your experiences. Please keep me posted!

    • PositiveThoughts profile image

      PositiveThoughts 7 years ago from Facebook Noetic Alchemy

      I love your comments on the violet flame! Also, a correction. "Violet Flame Is" (found on is copyright The Summit Lighthouse (, not Temple of the Presence.

    • profile image

      Nicole 7 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your kind wisdom! I have been saved from unsafe situations by visualizing Archangel Michaels blue sword many times before and his strength is amazing! I'm very grateful for everything he does for me! :)

    • haikutwinkle profile image

      haikutwinkle 7 years ago

      I found you through a question and I thought one of your poems felt familiar.... sometimes I wonder if there are reasons to coincidences.

      I'm very sensitive to negative energies as well and I never thought prayers like yours could work so well to protect yourself from those negativity.

      your poems are beautiful...

    • bladesofgrass profile image

      bladesofgrass 7 years ago from The Fields of Iowa

      Violet..I definitely do combine a few techniques together and I can honestly say, it works. Like you said, everyone will have their own way of doing it and doing it the way that they are more relaxed and comfortable with, is the key. The "angels" just might be up to their tricks again, because reading your reply put a huge smile on my face too. LOL Have you tried "Tea Forte?" It comes in a wide variety of flavors and I must say I'm not really a tea drinker because I usually can't taste the flavor of it all that much, but when I tried the Tea Forte, it was really good. By far my favorite. :) Yes, I definitely agree, it is times like these that would be absolutely wonderful to sit and share a cup of wisdom ;)

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 7 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Hi bladesofgrass,

      It made me smile when I read your wonderful and kind comment here. As when I was reading your angel hub and your profile, I have the strongest feeling that you and me have a lot in common, lol. So when I later read this comment, I just had to giggle. It's the "are the angels up to their tricks again" kind of smile.

      I am guessing you are probably doing what I am doing: combining a few techniques together into one daily routine. That's the only way isn't it? Or we will be clued to our chair all day just to get all the meditation and visualization out of the way before sun sets! lol

      It's at times like this one can't help thinking: "gosh, wouldn't it be nice to chat for real over a cup of coffee (tea for me please)...?"

      hugs and blessings xo

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 7 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Hi elayne001

      I hop into your site and you are indeed a beautiful artist and a prolific writer!! I will sure explore more when I have a bit more time. Hubpages is like a great universe with endless hidden (human) treasures. Thank you for finding me! ^^

      For me, writing and painting seem to go hand in hand. It goes like this: whenever I start to write, soon I will be filled with strong desire to paint pictures as images start surfacing into my mind so out come the canvas; Whenever I start to paint, I will start getting words popping up into my head, then I need the frequent dash to the computer to write it down! Ha ha ha, it's probably the right brain thing. When one part of the right brain starts stirring, the other parts rub their sleepy eyes and start to wake up also.

      And good on you for the daily positive affirmation practice. It is indeed something that needs to be done with regularity, very much like a daily shower, to keep your mind squeaky clean. I use the cleansing and protection technique very regularly as well, even much more now that I am a massage therapist.

      Many blesssings xoxo and Aloha xo

    • bladesofgrass profile image

      bladesofgrass 7 years ago from The Fields of Iowa

      What a wonderful, inspiring Hub. I am familiar with the meditation and techniques you have described, although mine were done a little differently, it has the same effect. I definitely will be following you. Take care :)

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Love your art and writing too. I wrote a similar hub about positive affirmations. I seem to need it regularly to keep myself going instead of just surviving.

      Here's my hub if you are interested:

      Wishing you much success and aloha!

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 8 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Thank You sandieganliz xo I am glad you've found some useful information here to use. Spirituality is really very practical, opposite to what some might think. Many years ago, it was also out of sheer need that saw me seeking help from Violet Flame and Archangel Michael. I was quite sensitive to energy and found that negative energy always make me feel "queasy in the stomach". Luckily I was able to tell whether the technique was working or not by how my body was feeling, most of the time. Another important factor of evoking protection is the fact that you will be choosing love/light over fear. By using energy cleansing and protection technique you are enforcing and emphasizing the light and the good. You are identifying yourself with LOVE/GOD instead of resigning to the fate of victim. By choosing to stand strong along with your heavenly helpers, darkness is defeated in that splitting instance of your choice. What our mind choose to believe is what manifests for us.

      There are many and numerous ways to clear negative energies from one's system. Cleanse and purify your body, cleanse and purify your environment. Cleanse and purify your mind. Cleanse and purify the companies you keep. And protect yourself in a bubble of heavenly divine white light, always.

      Another wonderful way The Violet Flame and Archangel Michael could help is to sever unwanted energy connection. We frequently exchange energy with our environment and sometimes we might get people's energy cords stuck in our system (and vice versa) as some people's energy are a bit like sucking tubes and they can really drain your energy if you let them. In this case, imagine a figure 8 with yourself inside one circle of the 8 and the person in the other circle. Ask Archangel Michael to please help you sever the ties or energy cords between you (even with our loved ones it's not a good idea to have energy cords in the other person). Imagine Archangel Michael effortlessly severs the cords with his blue sword. Then ask Violet Flame to thoroughly cleanse you both of any residue. You will feel cleaner and lighter afterwards.

      Seek and You Shall Find. You are a seeker sandie, I know you will find your answers.

      many blessings xoxo


    • profile image

      sandieganliz 8 years ago

      This is great hub for someone trying to find answers. I am trying to find out how to clear negative energies from my system. I am trying to discover how to overcome fear and evil. I am trying to find sources of protection. Great hub!

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 8 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Hi Ethel xo Thanks for hopping in and for commenting xo I really appreciate that. Meditation is such a valuable practice. It brings us out of our chattering monkey mind into the larger, deeper sense of the Self. We become more centered, more intuitive, more aware of a higher purpose in life. Science has long proven that we live in a world of energy vibration. Anyone who has meditated long enough to experience the energetic vibrational humming of his entire being will attest to that. I am a massage therapist now and I regularly experience the releasing of old trapped energy of my client during massage as waves of vibration. But I first needed to learn about energy cleansing and protection all the years back when I first started to meditate more then 10 years ago. The more I meditated the more I became sensitive to energy. Negative events often trigger some rather important lessons/learning in our lives. After a few incidents of negative energy attacks, I was forced to search out ways to protect myself, my family and my environment. This visualization/meditation was the result. It is my hope that it might be helpful for someone out there. Even if it helps just one person, it makes my own learning worthwhile. It is with this humble wish that I release it here to the cyber void. Many Blessings xo Namaste

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Well I am open to anything I suppose. I do believe in the power of great relaxation techniques and meditation.

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 8 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      the thing is....if you want your life to stay same ole same ole, you might want to stay away from the Violet Flame. It transmutes old energy, old negativity, some said even karma. Are you ready to shed some old skin and to take on the new?

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 8 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Thank You thevoice God bless you too my brother xo I just loooooove your profile photo. I am a real lover of Jesus and The Holy Spirit, in fact, I am about to write my next article "My Jesus Story", it's all about how He continues to guide me in the only way I could understand. Blessing xo

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 8 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific great love hub God bless thanks

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 8 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      For those of you who meditate, I highly recommend this purification and protection visualization before you meditate; or other equivalent technique to ensure you are meditating in a pure and safe environment. Be prepared to be amazed at how your meditation become more power and the messages you receive become clearer as a result. Blessings xo


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