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Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred

Updated on September 7, 2016

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transferred.

Nikola Tesla once said that we don’t require fossil fuels nor do we need lines to transport our electricity and light up our town, he claimed he could put a rod in the ground beneath us and produce electricity from it. It’s all around us, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the soil we sow, in the dust we come from. From the earth’s core to the million galaxies above us. It’s all around us and in us. Don’t believe me? It’s your job to keep reading and it’s my job to convince you!

We humans always find the need to discover things that are already present. Nothing in the physical world is actually created but simply discovered, improved and utilized. On one of my recent travels to Vattakanal, a tiny village a few kilometers from the far more commercial and recognized Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, India it finally hit me. All my life I’ve been told nature can teach you everything you need to know, far more than what any sort of degree even from the most prestigious university in the world could educate you with. And it’s true! I cannot stress how much can be learnt from travels and scenic natural beauty. I was born into a Christian family and if I could put a certain tag on the beliefs that surround my mind twenty one years later, trust me I would! But something's just cannot be put down into words and is better experienced. The deeper we trekked into the jungle, the more it made sense. Places not touched by the hand of man was left peaceful, just is it possible that we’ve corrupted our minds so much with technology, lust, money and just about any materialistic thing that we ourselves have created with our own hands that we’ve forgotten what actual peace is? Let’s take a step back and rewind our life, be it the sixty years you’ve lived thoroughly or the forty or the twenty one years I’ve lived for..We come into this world with no bad intentions and infinite tolerance, into a family whose religion is imposed on us regardless of the fact that we lack the capability of even pronouncing our own name let alone knowing what the hell religion is or the beautiful values it preaches..from there on we trust whatever we’ve been taught is the ultimate truth. Is it fair to impose and feed beliefs into a one year old? Yes and no. Religion gives values, values that the world cannot run without forget what the ‘atheists’ say. Values, manners and discipline has come from somewhere and there’s no way that a human being is capable of interpreting what any of that could mean millions and millions of years ago without it coming from either a book, scripture or from our own Yahweh, God, Allah, Brahma, Zeus or whatever you want to call Him, the energy, light, our ulterior force. We then move into institutions where we’re taught to not back answer our mentors in the classroom without doubting a word of what they teach, even when we’re now capable of interpreting and discussing the information taught to us in our own way, even when we now have not only the right to but also the frame of mind to go against the information we’re being fed with. We are slowly but surely turned into programmable beings and before most people realize it they are thrown into the rat race that evades all common sense. We are taught to become competitive men and women, leaving no room for mercy and compassion or room to explore things left unexplored in this unimaginably huge world.

The very point of this article is to help and encourage people lost in this fast paced, merciless world to stop and realize the consciousness we breathe. We have heard a lot of enlightened minds repeating time and again how important it is to realize that we are conscious beings but do we really realize the meaning of consciousness? There are only so many things Science can explain. It might be able to explain the way a car runs on fuel but can it really explain how energy is ever present in all these fossil fuels we’re rapidly exhausting? A quick search on Google will give you this – “All the energy in oil, gas, and coal originally came from the sun, captured through photosynthesis. In the same way that we burn wood to release energy that trees capture from the sun, we burn fossil fuels to release the energy that ancient plants captured from the sun.” Again where is this energy in the sun coming from? Sure its because of nuclear fusion and the byproduct of this produces this energy, again doesn’t explain where this invisible energy is generated from. Science could maybe explain our sense of touch by narrowing it down to the neurons in our body but can it really explain how we feel, perceive and think? Let me make it a little easier for you’ll. We all agree that there was once a time when man used to slaughter wild beasts to fulfill our need for food and the energy that gives us. Slowly the early man educated himself by discovering things already present, recording the breakthroughs found in books and writings. Fast forward time a little, man then uses earlier writings of scientists, lecturers and professors to educate himself and invent something new from a background learnt from those books. Wait, what? Can Science explain how we form new thoughts in our head? Sure you could say our brain processes information and produces these new thoughts but how and where do these NEW thoughts and ideas come from? Inventions and discoveries are made from new thoughts.Albert Einstein’s equation for energy,Sir Isaac Newton’s law of universal gravitation, Thomas Alva Edison and the electric light bulb, don’t you agree that these are new thoughts behind their discoveries and that is why they are known as DISCOVERIES themselves? Agree? Now, can Science explain how a human being educating himself with books and all the material in the world written by such people form a new thought or discovery? Technology advances by the day but the thing that separates most multi-million technological corporations is their discoveries and ideas and how they improve on a product already produced out there in the market. But this still doesn’t explain how improvement is made does it? How is it possible that we are capable of thinking of new ideas just with a base on someone’s previous idea? How do we improve? Where do these new thoughts originate from? Speaking on a much broader perspective, where does a thought actually originate from and what is the concrete base of it? Science can only explain so much..can it?

We are beings capable of things that we still cannot imagine. Trust in a force, energy, God or just your soul. Again my atheist friends are going to jump on this..soul, really? Yes really. If you don’t feel a soul that is ever conscious that helps you see and make decisions either right or wrong, that is the voice behind those decisions taken which in literal terms is a conscience but then again a conscience can only be possible cause of a conscious mind that is fully aware of its surroundings.

Now coming back to the first paragraph of this rant…if you don’t believe that we are energy and everything around of us is simply energy and conscious, then you have been lost by the materialistic world that we live in. I am neither perfect nor a completely learned being, we learn more and more every day until the end of our days and its time we encourage everyone to really realize our potential. We are very powerful beings capable of forming, designing and producing anything we require or need. Humans in today's world are very rarely satisfied and always want to convince themselves of surety by either being or climbing on top of both the food, power and money chain but little do we realize that there really exist no chains. We are as equal to the smallest atoms that make up for everything around us to the largest possible creature. We are all conscious with energy all around us. It’s up to us to realize and accept it finally and only then can everyone lose the sense of an ego as in the end we are all made up of the same atoms, the same energy in each of us regardless of our skin color, intellect, nationality, degree, profession or success in this material world and then finally can we be at peace.


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    • profile image

      Akhil 13 months ago


      Nice article! I'd like to point out a few things that came to my mind. It's true that science cannot explain everything right now. But note that a 100 years ago, science could explain even lesser and a 1000 years ago even lesser things. Extrapolating into the future, we can hope that someday science could explain how thoughts form or how consciousness works. But as of now, it is not very clear.

      But let me give you a analogy. Think of a new discovery or invention like solving a puzzle. If I give 50 people the same puzzle and put them in the same room so that they can discuss it while they try to solve it, you wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up solving it right? Most (scientific)discoveries happen in a similar fashion. It isn't a single human who has solved something out of nowhere but there is usually lots of people who build the necessary background and think about similar ideas before one person makes a breakthrough and gets all the credit. If you look at it in this manner, breakthrough discoveries no longer seem mysterious but it is something that anyone can make with the necessary things.