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Enjoy the Present Moment!

Updated on December 12, 2011

Time is the concept of the Mind.

The "Present" is the most valuable term in human life. I was not aware of its hidden meaning until I read about it in a beautiful book written by "Eckart Tolle". For the benefit of those who have not read that soul stirring book, I would like to share the Joy, the "Present" confers on mankind. Every body is aware of the general meaning of the term "Present" explained in grammar books. But there are deeper meanings more than what is conveyed in the grammar and dictionary.

In a rough way, we can mean it to convey the meaning, "this very moment". As we are living in this Universe where every thing is explained in terms of "Time, Space and Causation", for convenient sake we term certain events as "Past" and certain programs as "Future". The reality is that past and future are only concepts of the mind which thrives only in the past and future. If you can remain focused only in the "Present moment", you will perceive that the mind can never survive in the Present. We have to explain a little more to understand this riddle. Mind is nothing but thoughts. Bereft of thoughts, there is no mind! Thoughts rise and subside just like the waves in the Ocean. Bereft of the waves, the ocean is by and large calm. It is only the roaring waves which hide the reality of the ocean. In the calm conscious which lies in the background, the mind produce turbulent never ending waves which are cascading. These are nothing but the continuous thought pattern which vitiate the otherwise calm conscious!

Having said, all that about mind and thoughts, let us deal individually, the "Past" and "Future". Whatever that has happened in the world has happened only in the Present(particular moment). When referring to such events, we say that such and such thing has happened in the Past(it is a wrong concept). Likewise, the future events also happened only in the Present(particular moment). Hence both the above concepts are real only with reference to the Present and they have no independent existence and we can treat them as not real. Most of the people in this world either live in their past memories, mistakes and guilt and many more are always planning about the future or worried about the outcome in future. By these meaningless activity, they loose the precious "Present" which is a gift to humanity from God!

Many psychologists and psychiatrists counsel their patients to live in the Present by making them engaged in some meaningful activities. They may give some needle work, or making toys or any such useful engagement. During the time of their engrossment in the work, they temporarily forget their problems. Hence they advise them to become busy with some work, be it typing or gardening or some such interesting activities. This advice not only applies to their patients, it is meant for the so called normal individuals like us. We consider ourselves as 'normal' since we had no appointments with the psychiatrists. But all suffer bouts of depression when their plans go awry. The cases where the depression prolongs seek the psychiatrists. Resolve yourself not to dwell on the past any more and not to worry about the future. Attend to the tasks at hand, one at a time without worrying about the outcome. Just be on the task and do it sincerely. The outcome will be a success if you have not bothered about it and only concentrating on the task. Take one step at a time. Do not leap like the monkey. Take one step. Be firm on that step. Then you can proceed to the next step. In a way, this is living in the Present. Dale Carneige has said in his famous book, "How to stop worrying and start living", "Live in water tight compartment". The meaning is "Just focus on the task at hand! If you are really concentrating on the task at hand, you will find that your thoughts won't stray. When there is no thought, then it means there is no mind too. Hence it is said in the above paras, "Mind can never survive in the Present" Saibaba has said, Live in the Present and this Present is Omnipresent(God). Time is only a concept of the Mind. In reality there is no time at all. When there is no mind to perceive, there won't be any time concept at all!

Absorbed in the Present!


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