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Eradicating Karma Mission Accomplished

Updated on April 18, 2015

Sir, I Have No Place Else To Go

I Just Found Out Something!

Yes, my child, why have you come? Said the room, that was filled with only Light.

I replied, sir, I had nowhere else to go but to thee.

I continued to explain. Sir, although you are not a sir exactly, nor male or female, and there is only this Light that I have entered now which knows me better than I know myself; I say sir, to give respect as I would to a lifelong friend the same. This Light was, to me, like touching base, coming home after a long journey through rain, sleet and snow, and now it was cozy and warm and I had received a welcoming feeling.

And I went on and on, knowing in my heart I need not say a word by way of why I was there, for this Light already knew why I was there, because this Light was what had sent me forth into density of being in the first place. So all knowing was the Light, that It even knew why I had to speak to It, so that it would ask me why I had come, to give me opportunity of self expression which would make me more aware and yet still closer to this Light. It is a wise parent that allows a child to babble and still will retort, well done, my child. Well done, so that the child is heartened further whether or not it’s work was indeed well done. God is the only One who can tell little white lies with such efficiency of purpose.

I remember I felt a smile radiating as if there was a being in the Light, if I had an eye to see it, which I did not, but I was well nigh satisfied to bask in the Light, and though conversation was not necessary, the Light knew I had a need to talk to it, and to receive direction also. The patience with me that I felt radiating was perfect patience to allow my thought into form.

Lord, It Is Done! Right?

Sir, I said, I am finished here! I have died and learned I must find you. Did you see me zipping upward at the speed of Light itself to find you? Why, the journey towards you was without effort even, as I am so light weight that a current brought me to you. I had closed my eyes and wished I could find God, and I tell you, the world held not a bit of enchantment for me, and so I said, sir, I have no place to go and I need you to tell me where I belong now. Furthermore friendly Light, if it is to be so that my spark is now annihilated within your mercy, I am ready for that and shan't feel any pain from my unknowing of it's occurrence I presume.

I continued on talking to the Smile. The smile in the Light. It was God that placed the current there for me to sail forth unto and into the Light. I felt safe on the current which took me to God although for the life of me I didn’t understand my sudden death and my arrival here. Not completely. I had to close my eyes on the ride, lift my chest up and allow this current and I to become One, hoping the current was intelligent enough to know where to take me. It could be like sky diving. Pure trust that the parachute will open, which it did.

Sir, I asked, did I do OK? Why this death if so, and why did I forget you?

Electric Journey

The 5th Level Placement

Why did I forget you and wander in the lower astral for a bit, as a lonely gypsy in search of a place to lay my head?

If the Light had words it would have spoken thusly: My child, of course you have done well! You have burned your karma remarkably! The death is but a symbol of transition to another plane of consciousness now that the karmic debt has been paid.

For a moment I allowed the joy of accomplishment to sink in even as the Light smiled benignly upon me sharing this incredible finished feeling, of mission accomplished after more than 50 yrs of struggling with the karma I had taken on before birth.

The loveliness and strong feelings of joy finally caused me to become overwhelmed and for a nanosecond the Light and I blended into One, where my identity was not, and surely the karmic debt had given me much identity all these years. Now the identity was what died. I was not missing so much my former identity that had died, as I was longing to begin a new mission. I truly spoke the truth when I’d told the Light, I had no other place to go but to it. After all the talking that I alone mostly did I had blinked out, seemingly dissolved into the light, reabsorbed as a drop of water returns into a river. When I was revived from my brief slumber I understood later why I was placed on the 5th level, for all there were exactly like patterns of myself, we were as One in intentions and harmonious as well.

Lord, What, Pray Tell, Is Death?

When I’d drifted in the lower astral, closest to the earth plane of physicality, I’d discovered there wasn’t much to me, although I had one asset I discovered. I was of an adventurous nature; it carried me quite a ways, until at last, I was awakened to the fact I had died, and all that was left was this adventurous bundle of energy. Once knowing I had died, it was then I knew I didn’t belong on the lower levels, a mirror of the earth plane really. I was getting first hand experience what it’s like to die and drift homeless. I’d always thought upon death I would automatically know where to go, and where I was, and I would have all my earth memories. There was none of that information in my being when at first I’d drifted in the lower astral; there was just this thought, well, here I am, now where shall I go? A positive feeling of freedom had assailed me though, along with the adventure about to unfold. I had poked my head into a lot of rooms looking to root myself mentally it seemed and being called but a ghost talking too much and belonging not a bit.

Then the Light seemed to speak that I’d asked to know how the ordinary person feels once they die. The Light was quick to answer by allowing me to see what death was like, when you are unaware that you’ve died. It was a compellingly confusing feeling with my one redeeming feature of this adventurous streak in my soul. The Light knew I wanted to be a better retriever, and that I had to find out how the average person feels after they die, so that if I did lend a hand within further retrievals I would know exactly how they feel in their confusion.

Retrievals Are For The Heart

School Of The Heavens

What I was learning, no school on earth could teach, but in the heavens it could be taught so it could be practiced on the earth plane.

Then the Light showed me how Love saved us from anguish and confusion. This was what retrievals were about. Retrievals to me had always been about us reaching out to one another, lifting one another higher and higher, far from the drudgery of spiritual poverty. Simply Love, love which declared we longed to be together and never parted again. I saw family love operating and the family of man being extended, enjoined and embraced by all that was good and true. It was Love, kinship which awakened me that I had died, sufficiently enough so that I could now go and find God, and thereby build a new identity, and like a Phoenix bird, arise from the ashes of my karma, to feel the feeling of being truly alive once more.


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    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 2 years ago from Arizona

      and thank u for your response.

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 2 years ago from east coast,USA

      Beautiful and enlightening. Thanks.

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 2 years ago from Arizona

      thanks for reading. peace to you too. let's hear it for continuing!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Very interesting experience. May the Mother's Peace continue in your life.