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Essentials of a Spell

Updated on May 24, 2015
Essentials of a spell
Essentials of a spell | Source

Essentials of a Spell

The intent of this page is not to discourage or scare wiccans away from ever casting any further spells. It is intended to make anyone of us think before we act. The whole reason most of us have chosen this path in the first place is to be able to make changes for the better in our lives, but we can sometimes become complacent or greedy. Some of us may forget ourselves and start thinking that the universe owes us, or maybe we 've taken the gimme, gimme, gimme type of attitude. We must not forget that we as wiccans have a responsibility to nature and our fellow man. Whatever decision or action we take should be met with an understanding of the possible ripple effects they will cause.

What do you desire out of live ? Casting spells for some of us wiccans is a tool we use to effectuate positive changes in our live, but are we really considering all the effects that can occur when we choose to make these changes happen, and if so at what cost to the universe.. Just because we as wiccans have it in us to effectuate positive changes through the action of casting a spell doesn't mean we should take this power for granted. The effects, and changes that can occur through the casting spells although sometimes beneficial to us and loved ones should not be taken lightly. The are a lot of things we should objectively consider before hand.

Essentials of a spell page summary :

  • The Motive of a spell
  • The Intent of a spell
  • The wiccan rede
  • Asking Permission
  • The Actions we Take
  • The Desired effect
  • The Outcome

The Motive of a spell

What is the motive of the spell, in other words what in it for me? Why I am casting a spell, am I doing this to impress someone, to extract some kind of revenge, or do I genuinely wish to try to improve or change certain aspects in my life. These are but a few things to keep in mind prior to choosing to cast a spell. Casting any spell without a pure and clear motive can sometimes have disastrous, or unintended results. Your motives must as much as possible stem from a clear and genuine purpose, otherwise all you are doing is just releasing random energy in the world.

The Intent of a spell

The intend of a spell, you must first be willing to ask yourself, is this intended spell really what I want, or will it fulfill more of a need. Will casting this spells really give me what I need? Am I casting this spell for selfless reasons? Is my goal to force someone I desire to be in love with me, should I instead be asking that my intended love to be revealed to me. If you are constantly casting spells solely for your personal gain in these and other matters, then the universe often grant you little or no results in the way of happiness, or love.

The Wiccan Rede

Harm none, the Wiccans prime directive. You should ask yourself does the spell I wish to cast have the potential to harm or hinder someone else. If the answer is no then excellent carry on . In this world its worth noting that for someone to gain , another must first lose. Keeping this in mind should not prevent you from casting any further spell. It is simply the way this world functions.. This is why it is so important to genuinely know that your goal is the best thing for you to pursuit, and that it is consistent with the path you are on.

Casting a Spell

Asking Permission

Perhaps the most important, and yet very often overlooked step to consider when choosing to cast a spell on someone is permission. Whether this person is a loved one or a complete stranger they must first be aware of your intentions, and you should have their permission? Whether you are fueled with good intentions,or not you still have to take the time to consider what that other person wishes to happen. Everyone has a different way of seeing things. What you may think is right for that person may not feel right for them. This is why it is so important to ask permission from someone before you decide to take matters in your own hands and cast a spell on there behalf without there consent.

Take action


The Actions We Take

Your actions in the steps prior to, and after casting a spell will have a great impact on when, if or how your spell will come to fruition. Often times It it not enough to cast a spell, sit back, and wait for the changes to happen. Casting a spell is only a small step towards achieving what you intended to be your goal. You also need to do anything and everything that you can possibly do to help, or at least make thing move forwards.

The Desired Effect

The desired effect of a spell, in other words what do you wish to accomplish with your spell. Are you hoping to see drastic changes in your life with just one spell, or do you have a more complete picture of what changes you would like to see work for you. Sometimes having a too broad of a goal is to much for the universe to handle. Your spell may not work or take quite a while to take effect. You just can't cast a spell with a broad intent and hope for the best. That's why it is better to have smaller objectives, and work towards getting them active, before moving forward with other goals. Baby steps as they say.

Waiting For Outcome


The Outcome

Sometimes the desired effect of a spell doesn't happen or is not what we had ever intended. Not all spells will work 100 percent of the time, nor will the spell happen exactly as desired, when these events occur you may want to first reexamine you whole process, or have faith in the spirits that this wasn't they had in mind for you on your path. Remember the gods, and goddesses are wiser and far more advance that we are, you have to thrust in them, that they have your best intention in mind.

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