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3 Essentials Oils for Protection Magic

Updated on December 11, 2015
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Danielle Lopez is a published author, freelance health and medical writer, biochemistry student, and certified doula.


Essential Oils & Magic

Essential oils and magic are not often spoken about within Pagan circles as being used together, but it isn’t such a new concept to combine the two. The Wiccan author Scott Cunningham mentioned in many of his books about practical implications of ‘herbal oils’ in a magical setting.

Using essential oils with magical herbalism provides the ease and convenience of powerful herbs already prepared for the Witch, while also retaining the scents that Witches are used to encountering when practicing magical herbalism.

Protection Magic

Occasionally a Witch may encounter the need to practice protection magic, either for themselves, or for someone they know or care about. Sometimes the need for protection comes from within the Witch themselves, as they may be experiencing negative energies manifesting within them, either through illness or negative thoughts.

Protection magic has been practiced for centuries by many different groups of people. Some would even argue that the Christian religion’s use of prayer is a form of protection magic. For some Witches, utilizing herbs is how they prefer to protect themselves and the people around them.

Below are a few essential oils that contain properties, thanks to the herbs they are derived from, that are excellent to use when practicing protection magic. Do keep in mind that herbs and essential oils don’t work the same for everybody. While one herb may be a powerful hex removing herb for one Witch, it might not work well at all for another. It is also best to practice with different oils and herbs to get a feel of which ones work best for the specific type of magic being practiced.

Sage essential oil can help with wisdom and understanding of the unknown, banishing negative energies, and protecting areas in which it is present
Sage essential oil can help with wisdom and understanding of the unknown, banishing negative energies, and protecting areas in which it is present | Source

Sage Essential Oil

Sage has long been held, by ancient and modern Pagans alike, as being one of the most powerful protection herbs found on the earth. It has been used for centuries as an herb to aid in wisdom and understanding of the unknown, banishing negative energies, and protecting areas in which it is present.

Often times, sage’s use within a magical setting involves burning the leaves. For Kitchen Witches, utilizing sage is often a good excuse for making a large batch of pasta sauce with fresh or dried leaves. In this way, the Kitchen Witchen is able to provide his or her loved ones with the magical properties of sage as they feast on the homemade meal.

Even though the go-to method with magical uses for sage tends to be burning a bundle of fresh or dried herb, not everyone enjoys the smells of burning sage. With its strong, earthy scent, it can be a bit much for some, especially those who are still becoming acquainted with magical herbalism. For this reason, using sage essential oil magically can be a far easier application for those in need of sage’s powerful magical and spiritual qualities.

The best way to utilize sage essential oils magical properties would be to diffuse the oil (with a diffuser) into the air of the place in need of protection. A few drops can also be added to a spray bottle filled with water and spritzed throughout a residence or along the outer perimeter of a home in order to ward off negative energies.

Clove Essential Oil

In a magical sense, clove essential oil can be used to break hexes, clear one’s head of negative energy, provide protection over one’s home, and aid in overall wellness. Clove is a staple amongst Kitchen Witches, due to it’s protective and wellness-aiding abilities.

If you’re interested in using clove essential oil for protection, the best way to use it is to diffuse it (with a diffuser) into the air of your home to provide protection over yourself and your loved ones. When the trouble you’re dealing with is outside of the home, simply place a few drops of clove essential oil onto a cotton ball and keep the cotton ball with you.

Cloves essential oil can be used to break hexes, clear one’s head of negative energy, provide protection over one’s home, and aid in overall wellness.
Cloves essential oil can be used to break hexes, clear one’s head of negative energy, provide protection over one’s home, and aid in overall wellness. | Source

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is often associated with health and wellness and that’s exactly the context in which it works as a superior herb for warding away sickness.

When thinking of magic, people often forget that disease and ill health are forms of negative energy in need of protection magic. This is where eucalyptus comes into play. Eucalyptus is a powerful protection herb in banishing and preventing negative energies through the forms of disease, illness, and fatigue.

Now, this isn’t to say that eucalyptus and protection magic against disease is an excuse to stop taking one’s medication. Rather, utilizing eucalyptus’ magical properties is simply a way to encourage one’s spiritual side in finding peace and regaining hope.

Again, the best way to utilize this essential oils, like the previous ones mentioned, would be to diffuse the herb. A few drops can also be placed onto one’s altar as a gift to the spirits, or used as a prayer oil for the Pagan who utilizes prayer.

Where to Buy

Essential oils have become very popular as of late and are extremely easy to find. They can be purchased from health food stores, online from sites like Amazon, and even at stores like WalMart.

There are also people who sell essential oils through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies, much like people sell Avon and Mary Kay. Two very popular essential oil MLM companies are Young Living Essential Oils and doTERRA. Visiting either companies websites will provide further information about the oils, ways to order the oils, and also, how to join the companies for those that desire to begin selling the oils.

A Hedge Witch Explains Sage

Essential Oil Safety

There is much debate as to oil qualities and whether or not MLM essential oils are ethical. The biggest problem with most MLM essential oil companies is that the sales representatives advocate unsafe methods of utilizing essential oils, such as ingesting the oils.

Considering the context of this article is essential oils for magical uses, it is doubtful that any of the readers will be using the essential oils beyond diffusing and anointing altars.

That being said, here are a few essential oil safety guidelines to keep in mind when practicing essential oil magical herbalism:

  • Never ingest essential oils.

  • Never apply essential oils directly to the skin without first mixing it with a carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, etc.).

  • Avoid contact with eyes, ears, and other orifices.

  • Never apply essential oils onto young children (most essential oils are not safe for children under 2).

  • Research, from credible sources, before working with essential oils.

By following these basic safety guidelines when using essential oils, one can utilize the magical properties within the oils to their fullest potential, while also ensuring a safe place to practice magic.

In Closing

As mentioned above, not all herbs respond to each Witch in the same way. The same goes for essential oils themselves. A Witch might have a strong connection with the plant, but not the oil. While essential oils are a great way to save time when practicing magic, they might not be the best option for some Witches. It is best to practice with both plants and oils in order to gain insight as to which works best for the Witch and the type of magic being practiced.

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    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 2 years ago from California

      I have only a very basic knowledge of oils and herbs for healing -and that has been gained due to my need to be closer to the ground--if that makes any sense--I grew up with Eucalyptus leaves everywhere--and for me, it is the most comforting smell--I feel safe