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Atheism vs Spirituality

Updated on November 25, 2015


New Dawn
New Dawn | Source

Essentials of Spirituality for a Glorious future

Spirituality is referred to by different authorities in different ways. Are there some essentials of spirituality which is common to all and which is universally accepted? The answer is yes and which is the hope of future of mankind. An inquiry leading to it has brought out some very fascinating findings which are worth knowing.

The Essentials of Spirituality are:-

1. Spirit of Inquiry:

The beginning of every knowledge is inquiry. You seek and you shall find is the first essential of spirituality. All religions have categorically enjoined its followers to be seekers of Truth. Every religion has its own view of this Truth. Some call this Truth as God or Gods, which they call as hidden, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient reality and some describe Truth as nature and secrets of nature. The first category of people, who attribute Truth to Godhead, is classified as non-atheists and the second category is known as atheists. Modern civilization has majority of the people who believe truth to be both the Godhead and also the secrets of nature and therefore cannot be put into a straightjacket category of non-atheists or atheists. The people who call themselves non-atheists believe in spirit which is hidden to the ordinary human consciousness. To them, to know truth is to know the hidden Godhead. Their essential means is their belief in the existence of such a hidden Godhead. On the other hand the people who call themselves atheists seek the Truth in the physical which is not hidden but visible to human eyes. They seek truth in the physical nature and they explore the secrets of nature. The more they explore the more it becomes invisible to the eyes. Atheists who lend support to exploration of nature don't doubt about the existence of atom or the powers of atom though they are invisible to the physical eye. If the non-atheists argue that the powers not viewable are the hidden powers of a hidden Godhead the atheists disagree with them. The atheists content that the powers are of nature and the non-Atheist argue that they are powers of the hidden Spirit. The essential part is that both the atheists and the non-atheists have never found the essence behind the forces which they all seek. From this it can be concluded that one of the essentials of Spirituality is that one should be a true seeker, whether he seeks the spirit or the secrets of nature.

2. Sincerity:

A seeker of Truth must be sincere. He may adopt different means. Some may be harmful in finding the truth and some may be useful. He doesn't know for sure which the right path is. He has before him the teachings of all the religions, occult practices, different forms of meditation, Godmen, who may promise them to connect with the Godhead, all the different laboratories of the scientific world, the space technology and what else? You have come to a world which promises the Almighty with all its might. How shall the seeker find a way out? How shall he find God and know him and by knowing Him knowing everything. The only way is to have sincerity. Whatever the world or its people stand for, you don't care a bit, you care to know the One and his will for which absolute sincerity is the only means which will stick you to this spirit of Inquiry.

3. Patience

It is said that the greatest gift one can have is the gift of patience. Spirit of Inquiry leads to sincerity and sincerity leads to patience. As is said before, one is in the wilderness of this world and you have to seek in this very wilderness and darkness. People come with ideas one after another. All appears to be correct. We may experiment with one or the other. You approach one teacher after another. Your read one book after another. Everyone appears to be guiding us towards truth. One religion offers one path and another religion offers another. You are bewildered as to which is the true religion. In fact all are true and in our intention to find out the truth we tend to follow all the different paths. Yes you need considerable patience to wriggle through all the confusions created by the contending philosophies and faiths. Yes you need patience and patience and a lots and lots of patience to sail smooth through all the difficulties.

4. Humility

By being patient you tend to become humble. Among all the tall persons around you still you find the Truth elusive. No amount of advise, opinion, philosophy, experience, visions (even supernatural) is bringing you anywhere near that Truth. You may even develop supernatural powers like lifting yourself on air, fly through air, acquire healing powers, perform miracles and so on and so forth. You may find truth in every religion and also truth of every religion. But you see the world as before. The same struggling world. Your findings have no effect on the world. You advise people and people join in masses in your cult. You become a saintly person and there is huge following. But the world is as before. It is afflicted with poverty, diseases, ignorance and people still clamour for power, money and the rest. You grow humble. With all your spiritual capabilities you still can't make the people come around to so called right path you follow. You will see that there is beyond this. You might have seen God but the horizon is fast receding when it comes to knowing him. The only means is to become completely ego-less to know the Almighty in all his essence and also become the centre of his Spiritual action. In Bhagavat Gita there is a passage that the one devotee who knows me in all my essence will come straight to me. Here you seek and you find which is most difficult and then you have to strive hard to knock the door to open and know. After knowing the almighty in all his essence you will know that it is not just you but the entire mankind that should become the centre of spiritual action of the Almighty to bring about a new earth and new heaven. All religions prophesy about such a glorious period in future.


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