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Eternal Question 03: Why Religion Will Never Go Away?

Updated on December 20, 2012

Why Religion Will Never Go Away?

As an Independent Research Scientist, I research the nature of the human condition and mankind's connection to Spirituality. I do so by research and first hand experimentation.

(Please read the Eternal Questions and their answers in order, as the answers build upon one another in an ordered and sequential format.)

In Eternal Question 02: We discovered that we are in reality Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience.

Why do Atheists and Nihilists so hate and deny religion?

  • Atheists - dont believe in God or the spiritual nature of mankind.
  • Nihilists - don't believe there is any underlying purpose of life, that life is senseless.

The following answer(s) may perplex you.

Unfortunately, most people at this time in history are so disconnected from their true spiritual nature that they don't even have a chance.

Athiests and Nihilists are Totally Spiritually Clueless!

Karl Marx described the Religion of his day - as the Opiate of the Masses.

So again, Why won't Religion ever go away?

  • Because, some people as spiritual beings are constantly waking up to their true spiritual nature.

The process of growing up or Maturing spiritually, naturally leads to an increasing awareness of our spiritual nature.

  • The Reality is that: We are Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience!

False Religion may become a lot of meaningless ritualized behaviors, dominated by Power Hungry political religionists.

This is true of many modern, as well as most old religions (of any Brand name).

True Religion at the most basic level is the acknowledgement of the true spiritual nature of mankind and the developmental process of Spiritual Maturity.


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