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Eternal Question 07: What is the real distinguishing characteristic of a 'Cult'?

Updated on December 22, 2012

True Believers! ???

As an Independent Research Scientist, I research the nature of the human condition and mankind's connection to Spirituality. I do so by research and first hand experimentation.

(Please read the Eternal Questions and their answers in order, as the answers build upon one another in an ordered and sequential format.)

Cults may be Religious, Philosophical, Scientific, Political, or Ecological, etc. In short, a cult may be any group that has strong emotional belief, or Zeal! In some of these groups it seems rather unlikely to the average man on the street, but never the less is observably true.

It is said that most true cults have a 'charismatic leader', this is true of any of the groups listed above. But, this is true of any growing organization - they usually have someone who can pull it all together, who can motivate people in a powerful way. In that context - the President is a cult Leader who is considered rather charismatic. Is he a Cult Leader?

The followers of real Cults have one quality that is true in all cases - They are "True Believers"!

A True believer is someone who really believes what they are being told, (what ever that may be), and is willing to act on it!

From the position of a Scientist, and a Trained Hypnotist, it becomes clear that a 'True Believer' MAY BE someone who can be Influenced at a very deep level psychologically.

From the position of a Hypnotist - Most 'True Believers' are people who are called 'Somnambulists' - people who can very easily go into a deep state of hypnosis where they can be powerfully influenced by Post Hypnotic Suggestion. This is a defining issue.

  • What we are talking about is 'Mind Control'.

So lets get down to brass tacks -

  • A 'True Cult' uses Subliminal Mind Control on its followers!

Now don't assume all True Believer's are victims of Mind Control. There are Two (2) Types of True Believers!

1) There are Real True Believers who by Free Will deeply Believe something and Act on their beliefs.

2) The 'Cult - True Believers' we are talking about are Mind Control Dupes - who have had their Free Will violated, usually against their Free Will - and usually by trickery!.

In this age, it is particularly dangerous to be hypnotized! You never know who is watching and how deranged they may be.

Any Group is potentially a cult. IS your Church a Cult? Is your Political Affiliation Cult-ish?

  • The Question is really - 'Are they using Undue Influence on you?'

Most Real Cult members DO NOT Realize they have been PROGRAMMED!

We are Talking about SUBLIMINAL Mind Control!

Subliminal - means Below the level of Conscious Awareness!

The favorite means of Subliminal Mind Control, by the oldest Cults, is to get a hold of the children at an early age and raise them in the Cult Teachings!

Real Cults don't like their teachings questioned! They will become Threatening if challenged or deeply questioned, about inconsistencies in their teachings! If you find yourself entangled in such a group - Don't just walk away - RUN!

Real groups - non-Cults will usually encourage you to research and study for answers that are paradoxical or they can't readily answer.

Real Groups encourage Free Will, Inquiry, and Study.

Real Cults discourage Free Will, Independent Inquiry, and Outside Study.

The worst Cults require absolute obedience without questioning and are truly the Most Dangerous!

The worst Cults are the most dangerous to yourself (spiritually) and to others - because they are capable of ANY EVIL!


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